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38 Unique And Weird Business Ideas

Unique And Weird Business Ideas

Unique business ideas come in many forms. They can also help you to determine what business you want to start that may be different than what you frequently see. When you explore different weird business ideas and strange business ideas, this can help to inspire you to start a business that meets your preferences.

Aquarium Designer

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Most people enjoy looking at fish live their lives in an aquarium. However, getting the perfect design is not easy. Most people with an aquarium are not well-versed in the items and layout that certain fish prefer. You only need to spend a little time learning about the habits of common aquarium fish and you can easily turn this into a business. While this business idea works best locally, you can also offer consultations online.

Cheese Sculpting

If you love cheese and you are artistic, you might consider becoming a cheese sculptor. You can create original designs or take requests from your potential customers. Of course, you will need to make sure that you ship it properly according to the weather since cheese can melt. You can choose to focus on using one type of cheese or let your customer decide. Only buy the cheese once someone orders and this is an affordable business to start.


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Some people love clowns and others fear them. However, when it comes to weird business ideas, few things fit this description better than clowns. You can choose to attend a clown college so that you can learn more about how to be a proper clown. However, this is not absolutely necessary. Once you are ready to work as a clown, simply book gigs for birthday parties and other events so that you can provide entertainment.

Confidence Trainer

People need confidence to be happy in life, but confidence is not something that comes naturally for everyone. One of the most unique business ideas is working to help people to find their confidence. If you are confident and you have a knack for helping people, this is the ideal business for you. You can choose to provide your services in person, or you can create an app or website where you will help people to build their confidence.

Cookie Dough Chef

People love cookie dough to eat as is and to make cookies. Yes, you can buy a few types in the store, but if you offer extended flavors, this could be one of the weird business ideas that really takes off. Consider offering classic favorites, such as peanut butter and chocolate chip for people who are traditional. However, you should also offer at least a dozen varieties of less common flavors too for people who are more daring.

Create an Escape Room

Definitely not in the top five of unique business ideas, but it is still something you do not often see people doing. If you have access to a small commercial space, you can easily use it to build an escape room. The startup costs are relatively low, especially if you are able to design the escape room yourself. Once your first room gains momentum, it is easy to add more of them so that your customers have variety.

Dead Flower Delivery

People often send flowers when they want to tell someone they love them, or they want to congratulate them for something. However, flowers can also work when the opposite is true. Consider collecting dead flowers and plants so that people can send them to an ex or someone else they are not a big fan of. You can usually get dead flowers from local florists and similar places, so the overall investment is low.

Doll Doctor

When kids are playing with their dolls, they can accidentally damage or break them. Not all dolls can be replaced by going to the store and buying another one. This is where you come in. You can have people to send their dolls to you so that you can repair them. This ensures that kids have their favorite doll and that parents do not have to scramble to replace something that their child needs for comfort.

Facilitate Pet Adoption

This may not seem like one of the strange business ideas, but it is a niche with very few businesses. Because of this, you can easily market yourself and attract a client base. You will connect pets that are up for adoption with new loving homes. You can charge a small fee for people to list their pets to earn money. Simply create a website or an app for this and you will not have to do much work to earn a living.

Faux Date

Some singles are constantly asked why they are still single and when they plan to get out there and meet someone. To help reduce these questions, you can provide your services as a faux date. For example, someone can hire you to go to a wedding with them and act like you are their girlfriend or boyfriend. You can choose to charge per day or per hour, depending on how much money you want to make.

Freelance Workspace Host

Do you have a large space and no idea what to put in it? Create a freelance workspace. You can keep the space open and add in some seating and desks. It is also ideal to add a small kitchen area for when people want to take a break. Then, just charge a membership fee for people to come in and use the space. You earn extra money with a business that has little maintenance, and freelancers get to mingle with like minds when they work.

Glitter Bombs

Glitter is great until it explodes everywhere and is nearly impossible to vacuum. You can start a business where you will send out glitter bombs to people. Create a website where people can order these bombs. Your customers will tell you where to send it and you just need to add glitter and drop it in the mail. This is a business where your only initial investment is a website, glitter and envelopes.

Head Lice Remover

Head lice happens and few people get excited about removing it from their child’s hair and throughout their home. You can pick up the necessary tools and products and actually go to people’s home to eradicate the head lice from items and people. This is certainly not the most exciting job, but there is a good market for it. Let parent organizations and schools know about your business and the clients will find you.

IKEA Builder

IKEA furniture always needs assembly and some of the instructions are as clear as mud. If you have a knack for following directions and assembling furniture, offer your services as an IKEA furniture builder. This would have to be a local business since you will need to actually go to your client’s homes to tackle the work. However, even if you operate within a 100-mile radius, this could at least be a decent side gig.

Livestock Rentals

If you have livestock, you might as well earn a little extra money from them. As one of the weird business ideas, you can rent your livestock for things like parties or even events like weddings. You might also rent out cows or goats so that people can learn how to get milk from them. Just make sure that you check with your state and local laws regarding this idea since you could potentially need permits to start this business.

Lunch Marketing

Everyone needs a good lunch to power through the day. New restaurants need the exposure to help expand their business. This is where you come in. You will work with local restaurants to get samples of the best dishes and you will use them to create lunches for businesses. The people at the business get to sample great food and the restaurants get exposed to new potential customers. This is one of the weird business ideas that fills a niche that few are operating in.

Mannequin Rentals

There may have been a time in your life where having a mannequin would have been helpful. For example, you want to post some clothes on eBay, or you needed something unique as a party decoration. When stores close, they often sell their mannequins for a very low price. Pick up as many as you can and make sure to diversify the mannequins you have available. Then, you can set your rates for people to rent them.

Mobile Wedding Official

If you have your certificate to officiate weddings, you can offer a mobile wedding official service. People can book you and you will travel to them, help them with their vows and then go onto your next gig. This is an ideal business if you want to focus on working on weekends. You can use it as a side gig to earn some extra cash when you are not at work or working on your primary small business.

Mystery Gift Business

If you have access to a variety of inexpensive goods, consider starting a mystery gift business. You choose one price and when people pay, you send them a random gift. The item they will receive is a mystery. Ideally, you want to have your prices low, so make sure that you can find inventory that costs you a dollar or less. Once your business picks up, this can become a profitable venture and one that is easy to maintain.

Personal Paparazzi

Everyone wants to feel important. As a personal paparazzi, you can get hired to follow someone around, ask them questions and take their photo. This allows people to feel like a celebrity. People can book your services and let you know for how many hours they want you to follow them around. This is a neat idea for people’s birthdays, or someone may order it for a friend who needs cheering up.

Pet Dating App

People love their pets and animals are one of the best ways to bond with other people. One of the most unique business ideas is helping people to meet through their pets. With this business, people would post profiles for their pets. However, once two people make a match, it is the humans that will actually go on the date. This is a fun way to break the ice and meet other pet lovers.

Pet Hotel Owner

Most pet owners do not like leaving their fluffy family members alone when they will be away from home for more than a day. This is where a pet hotel comes in. You will provide lodging for pets so that they have care and companionship while their human family members travel. All you need is an extra room in your home where the animals will stay, so you can start this business for little money.

Pet Pictures with a Twist

This business idea essentially puts your pet’s head on a human body. It is a unique way for people to appreciate their furry family members. All you need is some basic photo editing software to start this business. People will submit a photo of themselves and their pets. You will take the pet’s head and your body and combine them with an editing software. This is a relatively simple business that you can do in your free time.

Plate Smashing

When stress starts to get you down, breaking something can often be an excellent stress reliever. If you give people some plates to smash, you could help them to let go of their stress. You can charge a fee per item that they want to break. Consider using plates since you can easily find inexpensive ones so that you always have plates in stock. A small space and goggles for your customers is all you need to get started.

Poop Scooping

People love their dogs, but no one loves cleaning up their poop in the yard. You can start a business where people hire you to do the poop scooping for them. This can be a full-time business or a viable side gig if you are looking to supplement your income. All you need to get started are some bags and a poop scooper, so this is a business that you can launch overnight. Advertise on local websites to make yourself available to clients.

Portable Potty Provider

Anything that is associated with using the bathroom falls into unique business ideas. Whenever there is a large event, especially at an outdoor venue, people need to have access to bathroom facilities. If you own five to 10 portable potties, they can rent them from you. Overall, the maintenance is minimal, and it is easy to book events and transport your potties to the events, making this ideal as a primary or a side business.

Post-Party Cleaning

After a big bash, it is not uncommon to wake up hungover or exhausted. This makes post-party cleaning of the best unique business ideas. You will go to your client’s home the morning after a party and take care of all of the cleaning. You can also bring them some breakfast so that they can relax while you take care of the mess. Your clients will be able to book you before they even host the party to ensure the cleanup is taken care of.

Problem Solver

One of the most unique business ideas is dedicating your time to solving other people’s problems. There are several ways that you can use this idea too. You might have people send you questions and then you provide them with advice. Or, you could do something like create a monthly box that attends to daily needs. Dollar Shave Club is a good example because it gives people the shaving items they need for a month so that they do not have to physically shop for them regularly.

Professional Cuddler


This is an actual business that people have found success with. You will get together with your clients and simply cuddle with them for a predetermined amount of time. Many professional cuddlers charge for every 30 to 60 minutes that they cuddle with their clients. You can set your own schedule and you can go to their homes so that you do not have to worry about strangers having your address. If you want to learn more, check out our blog on how to make money with professional cuddling.

Professional Potty Training

Potty training a child can be challenging. Some parents are simply busy and unable to give their children the instruction they need to get potty trained. This is where you come in. If you are good at potty training children, you can start a business as a professional potty trainer. Having a background working with children can be beneficial, but this is not required. However, you should undergo a background check and make the results accessible to give your clients peace of mind.

Professional Wedding Guests

If you love a good wedding, you can get paid to attend them when you start a business to be a professional wedding guest. People may hire you to attend their wedding to inflate their guest count. Depending on the wedding, you may attend alone, or they may allow you to bring a guest with you. It is exactly the same as attending a wedding for someone that you know. The only difference is that you get paid. There are no costs associated with starting this business, except ensuring you have a few wedding outfits.


If you love being a mom, you might consider starting a rent-a-mon business. People will hire you to attend events or even just spend time with them. Not all people have a mom or one that they can count on. In these cases, they can hire you to step in and fulfill the mothering role. You can choose to specialize your services, such as focusing on being a rental mom at weddings, or you can diversify your services being a rental mom for any occasion.

Sea Salt Vendor

As more and more people turn to natural health remedies, the popularity of sea salt increases. If you live near a place that has saltwater, this is a relatively easy business to start. As far as strange business ideas go, the startup costs are minimal. Your supply of sea salt will be mostly unlimited and almost no cost, so it will be easy to give people great deals while still earning a profit.

Snake Massage

A good massage can melt your stress away. One massage trend is letting a snake doing the massaging. People have snakes crawl on them instead of having a human manipulate their muscles. You need to have a few snakes to work for you and a massage table. Check your local laws to see if you need to have any special permits to employ snakes. In some areas, you might also need to have massage training even though you are not doing the actual massage.

Social Anxiety Coach

This is certainly one of the strange business ideas, but it is a noble one. For some people, social anxiety can be crippling. Something as simple as going to the grocery store can cause severe panic attacks for some people. If you have a background in mental health, you can aid people by providing support and coaching for their social anxiety. You can choose to stay local and work with people in person or do this business via the internet to expand your potential client base.

Supply an Alibi

While not the most ethical of business ideas, this is a business that you will surely have an unlimited supply of customers for. When someone tells a lie, they often need someone to back them up. This is where you come in. People will pay you to essentially back up their story so that whoever they are lying to is more likely to believe them. You can adjust your rates depending on the degree of the alibi you have to provide.

Used High-End Jewelry

It is easy to find used costume jewelry, but used high-end jewelry is not easy to come by. For this business, you would buy high-end jewelry from others and then resell it at a profit. It is not difficult to find the jewelry since many people have at least one piece sitting around that they would not mind selling. Just make sure that you have a way to test the items to ensure that they are made of real materials, such as real gold and diamonds.

Virtual Dating Assistant

If you want to help people to find love, becoming a virtual dating assistant is a good choice. You will help people with their online dating profiles and give them advice about going on dates and communicating with their matches. You can choose to interact with your clients via email or using a service like Skype so that you can talk face to face. You can charge a fee for your service either monthly or per task.

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  1. Wow, so many weird business ideas in one place. I have not even heard of many of them, for example, sculpting from cheese was a shock to me. But I think since not many people are ready for such strange professions, there will be a great demand from consumers for one employee. I especially liked the idea with mystery gift business. It is so exciting and interesting to receive unknown gifts by paying a small amount for it. Thanks for sharing this!

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