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Team National Review – Is it a Scam?

Team National review

Before you decide to join Team National, you should learn a little more about the company. This comprehensive Team National review will provide the details and insight necessary for you to make an informed decision.

By the time you finish this Team National review, you will know if there is a Team National scam or if you want to pursue it further. You will also see what other people’s experiences were so that you can determine if working with this company is right for you.

Team National review

What is Team National?

Team National is a type of membership savings company. Their services help people to get cash rebates and save money. They say that they negotiate with many big-name companies to provide cash back and lower their prices via group buying power.

This company allows people to sign up to become Independent Marketing Directors (IMD). Once someone is an IMD, they can use the direct selling approach to sell memberships to other people. Check our blogs to learn more about direct selling approaches.

To become an IMD, you have to go through someone who is already in this position. This is due to the multilevel marketing format that the company uses when they recruit new people to join them and start selling their services and products.

History of Team National

Dick Loehr founded the company in 1996. A year after this, he showed his methods to a direct selling company. He officially formed the National Companies in 1999.

In 2000, Angela Loehr joined the team. She is the daughter of Dick. A year after this, Loehr decided to rename the company and this is when he started calling it Team National.

Angela became the president of the company in 2006. After Dick Loehr died from cancer in 2008, Phil, Angela and MaryLou Loehr continued to run the company.

Are Team National Products Good?

This company offers a variety of products and services that they say are discounted from the average cost. The group buying power savings products include:

  • Vehicles
  • Health discount benefit plans
  • Communication services
  • Travel insurance
  • Financial services
  • Rental cars
  • Business savings
  • Team National product line

The company’s product line promises factory direct items at a discount of 65 percent. These products vary and include things, such as jewelry and home furnishings.

Whether people save as much money as the company says depends on who you ask. Some reviews say that the services and products are definitely less expensive compared to retail prices. However, other people say that the prices are not much different than you would pay by going directly to a store or through the service company with Team National acting as a middleman.

The quality of the products also appears to vary. Some people say that they are happy with the services and products. However, other people believe that they can find better quality elsewhere.

How Does Team National Work?

Team National allows people to earn money when they sell memberships to others. Through the online marketplace, it is possible to earn affiliate commissions.

Another way to earn is to recruit new Independent Marketing Directors under you. The Team National plan says that it offers “unlimited depth” regarding your downline. No matter who recruited the IMD, if they are a part of your downline, you can earn money from their sales and efforts.

You can earn points based on sales. They break down in the following way:

  • A lifetime membership earns three points
  • A standard two-year membership earns you one point

At each leg of your downline, the goal for income is to earn a minimum of 10 points. This makes it possible to earn money via a progression bonus. This results in a bonus of $1,000 when your downline meets this goal. You get a bonus of $1,500 when you meet this goal.

In this Team National Review, we’ll rev Cost?

To become an Independent Marketing Director, there are no fees at the basic level. The company also does not charge any fees to get involved with the optional earnings program.

However, there are two membership packages that people can buy. The Premium Membership lasts for two years. It costs $2,195. With annual usage, this membership will renew automatically until a person cancels it. It covers parents, children, business, grandparents, grandchildren and five employees.

The Standard Membership lasts for two years. It costs $795. You can renew it for the same price once the two years is up. This membership level only covers the household.

The company offers a financing option for those who want to buy one of the memberships but are unable to come up with the full cost at once. The company says that people who are interested in the financing options should talk to an IMD to get more information about how to take advantage of this option.

How Much Money Can Be Made with Team National?

The company does release income disclosure statements that help you to see what IMDs are making at the different distributor levels. For 2016, the figures are as follows:

  • Representative: $0.30 for all of 2016
  • Believer: $60 for all of 2016
  • Achiever: $361 for all of 2016
  • Team leader: $476 for all of 2016
  • Rising star: $1,576 for all of 2016
  • Presidential: $2,827 for all of 2016
  • Bronze: $10,953 for all of 2016
  • Silver: $19,170 for all of 2016
  • Gold: $37,947 for all of 2016
  • Platinum: $75,381 for all of 2016
  • Double platinum: $272,240 for all of 2016

This information shows the average annual earnings at each level. The majority of active distributors (78.4 percent) were at the representative level in 2016. This means that most people are earning an average of $0.30 per year as an IMD for Team National. The high annual earnings for those at the representative level was $250 for the entire 2016 year.

What Other People Are Saying in Their Team National Review

It is important to see what other people think about this company to see if there is a possible Team National scam. There are multiple websites where people leave reviews so that you can get some insight into the experiences that people have had. These websites include:

  • Better Business Bureau
  • RipOffReport
  • Facebook
  • Indeed
  • Glassdoor
  • Blog Comments

Better Business Bureau

This company is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau. Their overall rating on this website is A+ at the time we compiled this Team National review. There are 45 customer reviews at the time this Team National review was written.

In the last 12 months, one complaint was closed. In the last three years, 27 complaints were closed. The breakdown of the complaints are as follows:

  • Five advertising and sales complaints
  • 18 complaints about issues with services and products
  • Four complaints about billing and collections

Some of the complaints said that the company does not process rebates like they say they will. The company says that it takes a maximum of 90 days to process rebates. One complaint says that the person waited for more than five months and their rebate was still not processed.

One reviewer says that they had to pay a $50 fee to keep the points they had earned selling products and services and recruiting people into their downline. This person says that the contract they signed when they started did not say anything about this type of fee.

Other reviewers also talk about how the company came to them and said that they owe the company money. One review says that the company told them that they cannot access their benefits until they pay Team National $74.19.

The responses left by Team National on some of the complaints make it seem like the company does not take responsibility. They are frequently saying that refunds are not due despite complaints stating otherwise. Numerous Team National Reviews contradict the company’s’ position.


RipOffReport has several complaints on their website about this company. People say that they feel that this company victimized them. They say that the company makes promises that it is not able to keep.

One complaint went as far as to saying that this company is a scam. They say that when they tried to contact the company, they had a hard time talking to any person.


This company has 4.8 of five stars on Facebook at the time we compiled this Team National review. This is the result of 358 reviews at the time of this writing. Many of the positive reviews appear to be from people who are trying to recruit more IMDs for their downline.

Some of the reviews seem to be from people who were strictly consumers. They are mostly positive regarding how much money they saved buying services and products through Team National.

There are some team national reviews that say that there was no savings when buying services and products through this company. One review said that the company was not able to save them anything on their phone bills, insurance or any other service that they looked into.


On this website, Team National has 4.5 stars out of five at the time we compiled this Team National review. This is out of 15 reviews written by employees of the corporate office at the time this review was written.

Some reviews say that they are happy with management. They say that management is willing to work with people’s schedules and that they are friendly and supportive.

Some reviews say that there are growth opportunities with this company. They say the pace of the work environment is good and gives people time to enjoy their day.


The company has 4.6 of five stars on Glassdoor at the time we compiled this Team National review. There is a total of seven reviews on this website.

Two of the reviews appear to be from IMDs while the other five are from people who worked for the corporate office. One of the IMD reviews says that working with the company is no risk. They say that customer service is helpful and that they enjoy the compensation plan.

The other IMD review says that this is a website-based business. They further state that when people do well, they receive trips and bonuses for their efforts.

The people who were or are employees for the corporate office appear mostly happy with their experience. They cite a good work-life balance, salary, benefits and they seem to believe that the company has its employee’s best interests at heart.

Blog Comments

There are numerous blogs that discuss becoming an IMD with Team National. The comments are mixed. The positive comments seem to be mostly from people who are trying to recruit people for their downline.

The negative comments have a strong focus on transparency. Many people feel that the company is not honest about earning potential. Some reviews say that the company is also not clear about the different fees that may be expected when someone is an IMD.

Some team national reviews say that the company is not good about training those who become IMDs with the company. They say that once a person signs up, they are essentially left to their own devices.

The verdict of our Team National Review

This concludes this Team National review. We do not believe that there is any Team National scam. It’s a legit company. However, most of the IMDs are not earning much income. Because of this, we recommend with caution. Should you decide to become an IMD, just make sure that you have realistic expectations regarding potential earnings. See our reviews of potential direct selling businesses.

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  1. You’re completely off base with how the premium membership works. It is a lifetime membership for yourself and 5 other generations. It does NOT need to be renewed. The 2 year or Standard membership covers yourself and household and needs to be renewed after 2 years. THE 2 YEAR DOES NOT RENEW AUTOMATICALLY.

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