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Project Life Mastery Review

Project Life Mastery review

This Project Life Mastery review (including a K Money Mastery review and Affiliate Marketing Mastery review) is intended to help you decide if Project Life Mastery’s courses are for you. Will they really help you “master every area of your life,” and help you get started in online business?

We will endeavor to answer that question, and others and present an unbiased opinion based on our findings.

Project Life Mastery review

What Is Project Life Mastery?

Project Life Mastery (PLM) was created by web entrepreneur and millionaire Stefan James Pylarinos (who now goes simply by the name Stefan James). His desire was to inspire others to “master every area of your life.”

The PLM site https://projectlifemastery.com/, is a forum that includes James’ blog, information about PLM’s courses, resources, James’ video and podcast links and PLM events info.

The premise behind PLM is that if you can master ALL areas of your life (physical, spiritual and mental health, time management, work-leisure balance, finances, family and education) you can increase your chance of business success.

There are seven stand-alone courses offered by PLM. They are:

K Money Mastery 2.0:

Teaches how to make passive income through publishing on Kindle. (Read more in our “K Money Mastery review” section.)

Cost: $97

Affiliate marketing mastery:

Teaches how build an online business from scratch and make money through affiliate marketing.

Cost: $1997, or three payments of $767

Life Mastery Accelerator:

Not a typical “course.” Rather, it’s a membership-based format that includes a monthly online mentorship session with Stefan James. If focuses on general self-development strategies to improve your overall quality of life and work performance.

Cost: $29 per month or $297 for an annual membership (saves you $51)

Online Business Mastery Accelerator:

Another membership-based product. Teaches the most up-to-date online business strategies and includes access to monthly live online tutoring sessions.

Cost: $97 per month

Morning Ritual Mastery:

You’ll learn how to discipline yourself with a morning ritual that will increase your overall daily productivity. You’ll be able to implement James’ tips and strategies in just 7 days.

Cost: $37

How to Write a Book in Less than 24 Hours:

Even if you’re not a natural writer, this course teaches you how to write a book in a day. It’s everything you need to know about writing, plus how to find topics that will sell.

Cost: $27

K Optimizer:

This course will help you maximize the sales potential of your new Kindle publication. It includes software that helps you manage all of your Kindle publications. A membership-based product with three options: Basic, Advanced and Master. Each level offers greater benefits than the previous one.

Cost: $27.77 per month (Basic); $37.77 per month (Advanced); $77.77 per month (Master)

History Of Project Life Mastery?

Stefan James grew up poor, had poor self-esteem and lacked motivation to work hard. That changed when he turned 17. He became committed to the idea of mastering his own life and taking charge of his circumstances.

He began a journey of self-improvement. This ultimately led him to start his first online business in his early 20s. By age 24, James was earning a six-figure passive income.

He started PLM in 2012 as a way to inspire others to master their own lives. He believes that true business success can only be achieved when all parts of life are in balance. This includes physical, spiritual and mental heath, leisure and work/business time, learning, financial management and more.

How Does Project Life Mastery Work?

There is a lot of beneficial information and many resources available on the PLM website that can be accessed for free. However, our Project Life Mastery review will be looking specifically at the value of the various courses. It will include a special focus on a K Money Mastery review and Affiliate Marketing Mastery review.

Students can opt to take one, a few or all of the courses. (Some of the “courses” are actually membership-based and require you to pay a monthly membership fee.) There is no obligation to take more than one course.

Project Life Mastery isn’t just a self-improvement course. Its real selling point is its online business “how to” component.

Of course, anyone can benefit from the various PLM self-improvement courses, whether they want to have an online business or not. However, our Project Life Mastery review will be looking specifically at two of the online business courses PLM offers: K Money Mastery and Affiliate Marketing Mastery. These are PLM’s two most popular courses.

K Money Mastery Review: What is K Money Mastery?

The “K” in K Money Mastery stands for “Kindle.” The course teaches you how to make passive income through selling books on the Kindle platform.

Not a writer? That’s okay. The course teaches you how to find a professional writer to create your material for you.

In fact, there are 21 lessons in the course. The lessons include topics like:

  • How to research keywords
  • How to promote your book
  • How to boost your Amazon keyword rankings
  • How to achieve long-term profitability from your books
  • How to deal with negative user reviews
  • and more.

The course is delivered in DVD format. It features more than 30 videos in addition to instruction.

Students can work at their own pace. There is no timeline in which it must be completed.

However, there is a small catch to that. There is a money-back guarantee if you don’t find the course useful. It is only valid for 30 days after purchase.

Affiliate Marketing Mastery Review: What is Affiliate Marketing Mastery?

Affiliate Marketing Mastery teaches how to make money through affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is all about selling someone else’s product for commission.

The beauty of affiliate marketing is that you don’t have to have your own product to sell. You also never have to worry about shipping, handling or storing anything.

Think of it as going to a car dealership and shopping for a car. The salesman selling you the car doesn’t own the car. The dealership owns it.

The salesman merely sells the car on behalf of the dealer. When he sells a car, he gets a commission. The rest of the sale price goes to the dealer.

Affiliate Marketing Mastery demystifies this subject. Not only that, this 11-module course also teaches how to create your own brand, strategize, create website content and more.

Morning Ritual Mastery Review- What is Morning Ritual Mastery?

James believes that mornings set the tone for the entire day. He also believes that they can be the difference between failure or success.

Morning Ritual Mastery teaches you how to design your own morning ritual that will set your day on a path toward success. Within seven days, you’ll have developed a new morning ritual habit.

This inexpensive, simple course is great for anyone, whether they are in business for themselves or not.

What Others are Saying About Project Life Mastery, K Money Mastery and Affiliate Marketing Mastery review posts on the web.

There’s no better way to decide if a product is worth investing in than hearing what others who have tried it have to say. We researched several of our favorite consumer review sites to find out what people are saying.

All of the sites we checked out allow consumers to post their opinions about a given product or service (including courses). Many also give consumers the opportunity to provide a ranking between one and five stars.

The results we found were surprising:


No Project Life Mastery review, no K Money Mastery review, no Affiliate Marketing Mastery review.


No Project Life Mastery review, no K Money Mastery review, no Affiliate Marketing Mastery review.


No Project Life Mastery review, no K Money Mastery review, no Affiliate Marketing Mastery review.


No Project Life Mastery review, no K Money Mastery review, no Affiliate Marketing Mastery review.


No Project Life Mastery review, no K Money Mastery review, no Affiliate Marketing Mastery review.


No Project Life Mastery review, no K Money Mastery review, no Affiliate Marketing Mastery review.


No Project Life Mastery review, no K Money Mastery review, no Affiliate Marketing Mastery review.

It is highly unusual to NOT find a single online review on a given product. A lack of reviews may indicate that there aren’t many unhappy customers. (People are more likely to post a review if they have had a negative experience.)

In the absence of consumer reviews, we turned to independent reviewers for further insight into PLM’s courses. However, it was difficult to find an unbiased Project Life Mastery review, K Money Mastery review or Affiliate Marketing Mastery review.

A majority of such reviews we found were from affiliates of PLM. Many were former students who are now trying to market PLM’s courses for affiliate commission.

All of those reviews were positive. However, they all had something to gain from providing a positive review (affiliate commission). Therefore, we had to take these “with a grain of salt,” so to speak.

Our Experience With Project Life Mastery

To summarize, here are the things we like about PLM:

  • You can pick and choose the courses you want to take. There are many online business courses out there. Many of them don’t
  • Money back guarantee on every course.
  • PLM’s philosophy of mastering every area of life in order to achieve true success.
  • The fact that you can pick and choose courses; no obligation to pay for more than what you want or need.
  • Most of the courses are priced reasonably and competitively (with the only possible exception being Affiliate Marketing Mastery.
  • The Affiliate Marketing Mastery course is one of PLM’s most popular offerings. However, it is not the only one on the market. It is also one of the higher-priced ones. That being said, it is still priced competitively at $1997. We don’t think this is unreasonable. We just want you to be aware that there are courses with similar content that range from $1000 to $1500 on average.
  • We appreciate Stefan James’ philosophy. He comes off as genuine, humble and trustworthy.

As for the membership-based products, their value is going to be highly-dependent on the individual. If you value ongoing mentorship, they might be worth investing in.

However, we believe that you can choose just to take the PLM courses, skip the membership options, and still get enough information to start your own online business.

Our Project Life Mastery Review Verdict

We feel confident in endorsing Project Life Mastery and all of its courses/components. There are not that many unbiased Project Life Mastery review, K Money Mastery review and Affiliate Marketing Mastery review posts on the web, but we know from what we have learned that we can recommend Project Life Mastery.


green thumbs up

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5 thoughts on “Project Life Mastery Review”

  1. I disagree. I took some of the courses from Project Life Mastery and they were awful. The information was basic, outdated and whoever the founder is that offers the courses (Stefan) seems really insincere. He didn’t have a lot to offer and nothing from the courses helped me.

      1. Business people market their products through copywriting and marketing tactics –
        and I hate to say this in a negative way – they do use a host of psychologically manipulative tactics to sell you (overpriced) products. They (including Stefan) do NOT know who you are, your financial and mental capabilities to deal with failures and difficulties, yet they only tell you about success stories that probably do not apply to you at all. Do your research and get your mind clear of lust for money first.

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