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Private Label Cosmetics – Success With Your Own Private Label Makeup Brand

private label cosmetics

If you want to get into the private label business, private label makeup is a great place to start. Private label cosmetics are products made by cosmetic manufacturers that you label and sell under your own brand name. You can sell as a salon owner or online. Makeup manufacturers that offer their products under a private label allow you to develop your own brand without spending a lot of money on testing and developing formulas.

Choose A Supplier

Private Label Makeup

The first step in starting your own private label makeup company is to choose a supplier. There are many reputable makeup manufacturers to choose from. The internet has made it incredibly easy to do the legwork here, but don’t underestimate the benefits of visiting a beauty industry trade show.

When selecting a supplier for your private label makeup, think about what you want to have.

  • Are you interested in only skincare, only cosmetics, or both?
  • Do you want a line that does not conduct animal testing?
  • Do you want organic products?
  • Should the products contain certain ingredients?
  • Do you want to target a specific age-range, such as anti-aging products or acne solutions?

Making a list of what you want your brand to consist of allows you to narrow down the field of makeup manufacturers.

When you are talking to potential cosmetic manufacturers you should have a list of specific questions to ask before making your choice. The most important is to ensure that their products are FDA-approved. Aside from that, there are some questions that can help you select the private label makeup and skincare company that makes the most sense for you and your business.

You need to know what their minimum order is, and what that consists of. Can you split the 500 product minimum up into several 200 unit products, or do the 500 items all have to be the same?

Do they provide packaging and labels or do you? If they do, how much customization is available? If you do, do you provide them with the packaging and labeling, or will the product be sent to you for completion?

Make sure you understand what all costs are involved with the product. Makeup manufacturers typically charge label design and packaging fees in addition to the cost of the product. If you plan to take advantage of these services, you need to work that into the budget.

Finding Suppliers

Most people find using online cosmetic manufacturers easier and less intimidating that visiting trade shows.

Google Search

A simple Google search will provide you with a long list of private label cosmetic companies in the United States.

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You will want to choose products from the US. Unlike other private label products, such as workout gear or kitchen gadgets, buying from US manufacturers is important when purchasing cosmetics or skincare for reselling.

Buying skincare or cosmetics from overseas to resell in the US can create a variety of problems. These products are not likely to meet all of the legal and purity requirements for products sold in the US, and the burden would be on you to prove otherwise.

Even if the initial order meets requirements, supply issues can cause a change in the formula without notice. To avoid supply problems and potential lawsuits, it is best to stick with US and Canadian-based cosmetic manufacturers.

Visit several of the websites to get an idea of what the different companies offer and how easy their website is to use. You can learn a great deal about the customization and ordering process by visiting the websites FAQ page, although you will probably still have some lingering questions before you are ready to order.

When you are just starting out, a company that allows you to make a low number of minimum orders is a great choice. You can offer more selection this way, and it is possible to launch a complete line for a relatively small investment.

Trade Shows

Visiting trade shows can be a great way to try a wide range of products in a short amount of time. You can actually see and feel the products before committing, which is important to many people. You will be able to discuss your vision for your brand with suppliers and will go home with plenty of information and samples to consider.

You can find trade shows by looking on cosmetic supplier’s websites. They typically have a section of their website with a calendar showing upcoming trade show visits. Find one close to you, then look up the organizer online and contact them to see what credentials are needed to visit.

Get Samples

Whether you visit a trade show or decide to choose a vendor online, you will want to sample the products you plan to sell before making an investment. Samples at trade shows are readily available.

If you decide to go with an online vendor, you should still select samples. There is generally a spot on the website to order a sample kit. These are inexpensive and allow you to sample a variety of the products offered by the vendor.

Test The Samples

Once you have the samples, you should try them out, see if they appeal to you, and see if they are what you want as a representative for your brand. You can make the choice yourself, but it never hurts to seek input from others.

You may be surprised at what you consider to be a pleasant floral scent is actually considered a heavy, old-fashioned smell to someone else. Likewise, something that seems too heavy to you may be perfect for someone with very dry skin. No product is going to meet everyone’s needs, but if you keep getting the same comments, either positive or negative, it’s a good sign that potential buyers will feel the same.

Decide On Packaging

Once you have decided on a private label cosmetics supplier, you will need to think about your packaging and labeling needs. Most private label suppliers will take care of the labeling for you if you provide your logo. This is the easiest way to handle labeling skincare and cosmetics. It allows you to provide your personal logo, while at the same time the company can ensure the proper ingredient list is on the product and it meets packaging requirements.

Many skincare and cosmetics companies offer templates that allow you to personalize your own label with them. If you don’t already have a logo in mind and want to avoid the expense of hiring a graphic artist to design one, this can be a good choice.

If you do want to come up with your own design, you can find affordable graphic designers online who will be happy to work with to come up with your own personal logo at an affordable price.

You can upload the graphic to the supplier’s website when you place your order. Make sure you understand the color and size restrictions and the type of file needed before you begin working with your designer.

Where To Sell Your Private Label Cosmetics

Once you are happy with the products you’ve selected for your initial line-up, you are ready to decide how you will make money. If you own your own spa or salon, you probably already have your answer. You can also sell your cosmetic line online, using your own website or social media accounts and on Amazon.

If you plan to do most of your business on Amazon, you may want to choose one of the private label cosmetics companies that is familiar with Fulfillment by Amazon. These companies will label and package your product for you and send it directly to Amazon. This allows you to concentrate on marketing and not worry about devoting storage space to your product.

Even if you plan for the majority of your sales to go through Amazon or your own salon, it makes sense to set up your own website and social media accounts. This allows you to further develop your business’s brand. You can also use social media for giveaways and other promotions. There is no need to get fancy when doing this. You can set up a basic no-frills website and social media accounts and send all sales to your Amazon page.

In-House Versus Outsourced Fulfillment

In-house fulfillment means that you will be responsible for packaging and shipping orders. Outsource fulfillment means someone else will handle this job. If the majority of your sales are going through Amazon, it makes sense to let them handle fulfillment as well.

If you are mostly selling through your own salon or spa, with occasional orders from your website or social media accounts, you can probably handle fulfillment yourself. As your shipping business grows, you may find it makes sense to hire a fulfillment center to handle this chore for you.

Order Products

Now that you have decided on your products and packaging, and have a good idea how you plan to sell your cosmetics line, you are ready to order your products. Double check your order, as well as any label or packaging uploads or customizations you have made before you submit it. Private label cosmetic manufacturers generally do not accept returns, so you want to make sure everything is right.

Also, keep in mind the shelf-life of your cosmetics before ordering. A smaller order may make sense, even if you pay slightly more per unit, rather than risk having to get rid of unsold stock. If you have any questions, talk with the makeup manufacturers before placing your order.


Private label makeup and skincare is a great way to add a second income stream to your salon or spa, build a brand as a beauty consultant, or make money online. Many people find private label cosmetics and skincare more rewarding than other private label products, due to the creativity and personalization you can put into developing your own product line.

Depending on your interests, you can develop a line based on specific skin needs, such as for individuals with rosacea, lines that cater to a specific population, such as vegan or cruelty-free, or lines that appeal to your sense of creativity or aesthetics.

By doing your homework, you can come up with private label cosmetics and skincare products that will sell, meet customer’s needs, and provide you with a steady source of income.

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