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Nu Skin Review – Is Nu Skin A Scam Opportunity?

Nu Skin Review

Before anyone decides to get involved with this company, it is vital to read a comprehensive Nu Skin review. This will provide important information about the company and what someone can expect when they use or sell their products.

This review will also help people to see if there is a Nu Skin scam or Nu Skin pyramid scheme. Getting the facts about what the company has to offer and what it takes to sell the products is vital before making a commitment.

Nu Skin review

What is Nu Skin?

Nu Skin is a multilevel marketing/direct sales company that has operations throughout the world. They sell an array of over 200 personal care, anti-aging and nutritional supplement products.

This company is based in Provo, Utah. However, they have locations in areas throughout the world, including China, Netherlands, Korea and Japan.

The products are sold by distributors who sign up with the company to gain access to the products. The sales tactics differ a but in China compared to the other countries where becoming a distributor is possible. In most cases, people are independence contractors, but in China people sell the products in stores and sellers are employed by the company.

The company has more than 50 markets. The products are mostly the same throughout all markets.

History of Nu Skin

The company was founded in 1984 in the United States. It was 1990 when the company started expanding internationally. The first international expansion was Canada.

From there, they went to Hong Kong and numerous other countries. They also listed themselves on the New York Stock Exchange in 1996.

Their multilevel marketing practices were investigated by the Federal Trade Commission in the 1990s. The complaints were associated with deceptive advertising and being dishonest about how much money distributors were making selling the products.

Following the FTC investigation, the company paid out $1 million in 1994. They also signed a decree that would prevent them from making any unsubstantiated or dishonest claims regarding the products that they sell.

The FTC got involved again. In 1997, the company paid out $1.5 million more for additional allegations about unsubstantiated promotional claims.

The Chinese government said they were investigating the company in 2014. This investigation was done to look into a possible Nu Skin pyramid scheme. China sued the company and Nu Skin paid a settlement of $47 million.

Another investigation determined that the company bribed a top Chinese official. The bribe money came from the company’s charitable division. This cost Nu Skin $750,000.

Are Nu Skin Products Good?

Nu Skin has developed numerous products aimed at promoting health and wellness. There have been allegations regarding a potential Nu Skin scam due to an alleged lack of efficacy of the company’s products.

The product categories include:

  • Powerlips Fluid lipstick
  • ageLOC LumiSpa device
  • ageLOC products
  • Epoch Essential Oils
  • ageLOC Me
  • Spa Systems
  • Tru Face Targeted Treatments
  • Tri-Phasic White
  • Nu Skin 180
  • Nutricentials
  • Peels, Masks and Scrubs
  • Moisturizers
  • Clear Action
  • Dr. Dana Nail Renewal System
  • Body Care
  • Men’s Care
  • Hair
  • Epoch
  • Sun Protection
  • Cosmetics
  • Oral Care
  • ageLOC Youth
  • ageLOC R2
  • ageLOC Vitality
  • Weight Management
  • LifePak Family
  • Cell Protection
  • Pharmanex E2
  • G3
  • Energy and Stamina
  • Heart Health
  • Men’s Health
  • Immune Support
  • Mood Support
  • Bone and Joint
  • Women’s Health
  • Specialized Needs
  • Memory
  • Nourish the Children
  • Introductory Packages
  • Digestive Health
  • VitaMeal for Consumption
  • ADR Packages
  • Beauty Boxes
  • Nu Skin Logo Gear

There is no peer-reviewed science behind the products that this company offers. The reviewers are generally poor regarding the efficacy and value of the products.

It is largely unknown how the products are supposed to work Nu Skin claims everything they sell is effective, but they do not provide studies or other information proving these claims.

How Does Nu Skin Work?

When someone becomes a distributor for this company, they sell the products and earn a portion of the costs. They can also grow their downline.

The company does not appear to provide any support to their distributors. They do not provide sales and marketing materials. They also do not offer training to help distributors learn how to sell the products or grow their downline.

To sell the products, distributors have to first purchase them. They get them at a discounted rate. The company has a guide for how to price them, and distributors make the difference between the purchase price and the sale price.

For example, if a distributor buys a bottle of supplements for $50 and they sell them for $60, they make $10 in profit.

How Much Does Nu Skin Cost?

When someone wants to become a Nu Skin distributor, they can sign up as a business entity or an individual.

To become an individual distributor, the company requires that you buy a minimum of $100 in products and that you provide your social security number.

To become a business entity distributor, the company requires that you pay a fee of $1,495 and that you provide a federal EIN.

The company recommends that all distributors join the Automatic Delivery Rewards Program. However, those who are not active distributors cannot access the details of this program. It only states that every month, this would cost the distributor “over $100.”

The company does not provide marketing materials to their distributors. Instead, they expect them to purchase these. They can buy 10 product catalogs for $10 or buy them individually for $1.50.

Distributors who want to use retail receipts from the company can buy them in packs of five for $2. There are also different product brochures that people can buy for $5 to $6 for packages of 20 to five, depending on the product type.

Distributors will also need to provide all of their business materials and products, such as their office supplies.

How Much Money Can Be Made with Nu Skin?

This part of this Nu Skin review looks at how much money distributors make on average. The following distributor earning’s information is for United States distributors in 2017. This is the annual commissions earned at each level:

  • Active distributor receiving commissions: $432 annually
  • Qualifying executive: $1,488 annually
  • Provisional executive: $672 annually
  • Executive: $5,772 annually
  • Gold executive: $10,944 annually
  • Lapis executive: $18,072 annually
  • Ruby executive: $33,576 annually
  • Emerald executive: $63,900 annually
  • Diamond executive: $111,024 annually
  • Blue diamond executive: $519,576 annually

The majority of distributors are in the first four levels, so they are earning $772 per year or less selling Nu Skin products.

These totals do not take the costs of being a distributor into consideration. For example, these totals are calculated before a distributor buys their marketing materials, receipts and other necessary items to sell Nu Skin products.

What Other People Are Saying in Their Nu Skin Review

Seeing what other people have to say about this company provides valuable insight into any possible Nu Skin scam or Nu Skin pyramid scheme. The following websites provides reviews from former and current consumers:

  • Glassdoor.com
  • Facebook
  • Better Business Bureau
  • Indeed.com
  • TrustPilot
  • Consumeraffairs.com
  • Blog comments


Glassdoor has a page specifically for distributors on their website. Out of 264 reviews, the company has 3.4 stars at the time of this writing.

The reviews are mostly mixed. Some distributors say that they have enjoyed their experience while others feel that making decent money is impossible. Those who like the opportunity say that they enjoy being their own boss.

Several distributors say that they cannot afford the products to sell them. They also state that the company does not provide samples, marketing materials or anything to help their distributors sell the products.


On Facebook, Nu Skin has 4.7 stars from 368 people at the time of this writing. Most reviewers appear to be people who are currently selling the products. These comments and reviews are praising the products and leaving links for people to buy them.

The few negative reviews are from people who purchased the products. They talk about very long shipping times and being overcharged.

Better Business Bureau

Nu Skin is accredited by the Better Business Bureau. They have an A+ rating on this website at the time we wrote this review. Four reviews provide five stars.

There are 12 customer complaints on the main BBB page for the company at the time of this writing. These complaints are associated with the company’s sales and advertising practices, warranties or guarantees, billing practices and issues with the products and services.

All of the complaints have been answered or resolved. There are no details available for the complaints.


The reviews on Indeed are from those who are employed by the corporate office. Out of 60 reviews, the company has 4.1 stars at the time we wrote this Nu Skin review.

The employees appear to be largely satisfied with working for Nu Skin. They say that there are advancement opportunities, and that there is a solid work-life balance with this company.

The reviewers say that while the work schedules are strict, the company offers holidays off, discounts at the company’s restaurant, benefits and perks and holiday company parties that are fun.


On this website there are 14 reviews. Nu Skin has four stars on TrustPilot at the time of this writing. Only four reviews are in English, and all of these are highly negative reviews.

One review says that the people who provide customer service are rude. This review also says that customer service is difficult to contact and hold times are long.

The second review also complains about the company’s customer service. They also say that trying to return products is difficult, and that the company does not provide a full refund.

The other two reviews are about poor customer service. They say that the customer service agents did not answer their questions and that getting a hold of a live person is difficult.


This company has 2.5 stars on this website at the time we wrote this Nu Skin review. This rating is based on 82 reviews.

One reviewer left one star for the company. This verified review states that a friend got her involved with using the products. The reviewer said she was recommended supplements to help with alleged nutrient deficiencies.

She says the products were very costly and getting a refund was difficult. She says that she was eventually refunded, but she was shorted $43.90.

Other reviewers talk abut not getting complete refunds. Many say that their credit or debit card was charged for amounts that they never authorized.

Other reviews state that they received faulty products. When they contacted Nu Skin for assistance, they were told they would not receive help and that they had to buy new products instead of getting a refund or a replacement.

Blog Comments

There are dozens of blogs that talk about Nu Skin products and being a distributor. Most of the blogs are negative, but the comments on these blogs are largely mixed.

Some comments are from active distributors. They mostly say that they are happy with the flexible work schedule, and that they enjoy being their own boss. Most of these comments appear to double as sales pitches since distributors are leaving their distributor ID codes.

The positive reviews do not say much about the money that people are earning. They are mostly telling others they love Nu Skin and to sign up under them.

The negative reviews in blog comment sections are far more prominent. Most appear to be from former distributors. However, some are from people who have only purchased the products.

People who have purchased the products frequently state that they are too expensive since they are no different than dozens of similar products on the market. Multiple people describe skin reactions that they have had due to the Nu Skin products. Some state that the product ingredients are poor and include things like inexpensive mineral oil.

The former distributors say that they did not make any money by selling the products. Some said that they were expected to meet monthly minimums to remain an active distributor. Others remarked about the high cost of becoming and remaining a distributor.

Our Nu Skin Review Verdict

This is the conclusion of this Nu Skin review. We cannot fully recommend this opportunity at this time. This may change as new information comes in.

It appears the company does pay what distributors are owed. However, the potential to make money is very low, and reviews from thousands of former distributors are unfavorable.

This does not mean this business opportunity will not work for you but be aware of this before you sign up.

Also, you can check our blogs on proven home based business opportunities.

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