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MOBE Review – Is MOBE By Matt Lloyd A Scam?

mobe review

This MOBE review was complied after close to 20 hours of research. My team and I scoured the internet for information on this program including the Better Business Bureau, news sources, SiteJabber, TrustPilot, other MOBE review websites, and the MOBE website to learn all we could about the company. This also included watching posted videos that were posted by MOBE. We hope this MOBE review will give you the answers you’re looking for.

mobe review


The story goes that in 2011 as Matt Lloyd was sitting in his  Perth, Australia office, he had an idea. He had created several information products which were all priced below $300.

This was the beginning of MOBE.

At that point Matt was making between 5k to 10k per month.

He decided to start his own affiliate program so other people could promote his products. It started slowly until he gave away a free Ipad which started his affiliates to promote his products.

It didn’t take long and Matt had 1,000 affiliates.

As things grew he wanted to raise the stakes so in 2013 he offered a cash prize of $50,000. This lead to explosive growth in his program which today (according to the MOBE website) has paid out over $103 million.

This push by affiliates has lead to the growth of MOBE over the past 7 years.



MOBE (My Own Business Education) formerly called “My Online Business Empire”, is a training company that offers a wide selection of online training services, products,  and live events. They also offer exclusive masterminds aimed at helping entrepreneurs and small business owners succeed.

It’s basically an online platform that provides educational courses to people looking to succeed in business.


From the perspective of someone wanting to learn more about business, you may hear about MOBE from someone you know, an affiliate, or you may see some marketing material for their program.

Once on the MOBE website, you will see that the main focus is on what they call their “CORE TRAINING PROGRAMS”. The Core Training is MOBE’S main educational platform. It is their goal to get you into one of these programs.


MOBE Core Curriculum

The MOBE Core Curriculum takes you through the 5 stages of a successful business from thinking about your business to selling your business.


The Silver Masterclass is stage 1 of the MOBE core curriculum. According to the MOBE website referenced for this MOBE review, the masterclass teaches this concept: “Build A Strong Mental Foundation”.

This is an 8 module, 15 topic, online educational program which will show you how to choose the right business model. This is all based on your strengths and weaknesses. You will also be taught how to select the correct niche for your business.

These 8 modules include:

  • Learn to work smarter not harder.
  • Discover how to reprogram your mind.
  • How to overcome “learned helplessness“.
  • How to apply the “Pareto Principle“.
  • Learn to become laser-focused to get more done.
  • How to get more done in less time.
  • Business leader case studies.
  • Learn to set long and short term goals.
  • Applying the 7 habits of successful people.
  • Identifying your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Interact with a community of peers.
  • Learn to attend MOBE Masterminds.

The main purpose of this course is to get you to become strong mentally. This means you will need to learn how to get your thinking patterns and daily habits in check before you can truly move forward.

Access to bonus coaching and material is also made available by certified Silver Masterclass Coaches.

You will also gain access to the Silver Inner Circle, a monthly publication put out by MOBE for Silver Masterclass members.

Once finished, you will need to pass a quiz so you can get certified at the Silver Level and then you can move on to the Gold Masterclass.

COST FOR MOBE SILVER MASTERCLASS: $2,497.00 plus $27 monthly membership fee.


The Gold Masterclass is stage 2 of the MOBE Core Curriculum. According to the MOBE website referenced for this MOBE review, the main focus of this program is to “Create A Customer Acquisition Process”.

Like the Silver Masterclass, this is also an 8 module training program which is accessed online.

The Gold Masterclass includes these lessons:

  • How to target the right customer.
  • Learn to master conversions.
  • Creating an effective sales funnel.
  • Choosing the best business model.
  • Picking the correct niche.
  • The basics of using paid traffic to generate fast growth.
  • How to create a successful ad campaign.
  • The details of properly using Solo ads.
  • Increasing conversions offline.
  • Executing a good front-end offer.
  • How to sell high-ticket offers on the back end.
  • Sending customers up the product staircase.
  • The ins and outs of email marketing.
  • Building an email list.
  • Learn what modern sales tactics are.
  • The basics of copywriting.
  • How to hire staff.
  • Building your customer acquisition process.

Once finished, you will need to pass a quiz so you can get certified at the Gold Level and then you can move on to the Titanium Mastermind.

You will also gain access to a Bonus Summit which is a 3 day live event where you can connect and network with other members.

Plus private mentoring is also part of the package. This includes three 30 minute phone calls with a Business Building Consultant.

One other bonus is access to the MOBE Marketing System



Stage 3 of MOBE’S core curriculum is called the Titanium Mastermind. This part of the program has a main focus of “scaling to seven figures and beyond” which is accomplished by “3 pillars of business building traffic”. This is according to the website referenced for this MOBE review.

Unlike the previous two masterclasses, this stage is not an online training program. It is a live 3 day 4 night business training event held in some 5 star tropical location.

Here are some of the things that are taught at the Titanium Mastermind event:

  • The 3 pillars of business building traffic.
  • Systems to allow “average” people to run your business.
  • Creating operations manuals.
  • How to delegate tasks.
  • Putting a management system in place to solve “people problems”.
  • How to bring sales on autopilot.
  • Dominating your market.

Extra bonuses including a free month to the Titanium Inner Circle a monthly membership program giving you extra monthly training. Of course this has a monthly fee after the free month. The cost is $199 per month for the Titanium Inner Circle.

You will also obtain Titanium certification once you have completed the mastermind program.

COST FOR MOBE TITANIUM MASTERMIND: $9,997.00 + $199 monthly subscription to the Titanium Inner Circle.


The MOBE Platinum Mastermind is stage 4 of its core curriculum. It’s a 5 day 6 night event held in a 5 star tropical location. According to the MOBE website referenced for this MOBE review it states that the main focus of this mastermind is “how to create passive income with investments”.

At this mastermind event you will network with very wealthy and powerful entrepreneurs. Over the course of the 5 day event you will learn things like:

  • Investing the cash flow of your business to create real wealth.
  • Tax-saving strategies to keep more of your hard earned money.
  • How to safely move your money to foreign locations.
  • Secrets of wealth attractions.
  • Building passive income through real estate.
  • Learn to get 10% return on the stock market.
  • Discover ways to protect your wealth

Bonuses include a free month to the Platinum Inner Circle a monthly training program for Platinum Mastermind members. It is $198 per month after the free month.

At the end of this stage you will get Platinum certification and be ready for the Diamond Mastermind.

COST FOR MOBE PLATINUM MASTERMIND: $16,667.00 + $198 monthly subscription to the Titanium Inner Circle.


The MOBE Diamond Mastermind is the pinnacle of the core curriculum and is stage 5 of their core. The MOBE website referenced for this MOBE review states that the main focus of this program is “selling your business”.

This is a 10 day 11 night event and an even more luxurious resort that the Titanium or Platinum programs.

At this live mastermind event you’ll learn things like:

  • Estimating the value of your business.
  • Increasing the value of your business.
  • How to attract potential buyers.
  • Selling your business for top dollar.
  • How to become a consultant and charge top fees.
  • Creating a million dollar sales funnel.
  • Building your core offer.
  • Learn to create sales videos.
  • Building a legacy for your children.
  • and much more…

On top of all you will learn you’ll also be networking with some of the world’s top business people.

After you attend you will be fully certified as a Diamond Mastermind member.



The total cost of all 5 stages of the MOBE core curriculum is: $64,155.00 plus any monthly fees.



The MOBE core curriculum is the heart of the MOBE educational system. However, they also have many other course offerings as well.

On their website we counted a total of 307 other courses. It seems they really don’t promote these courses and keep their main focus on the core curriculum.


MOBE affiliate

Although the MOBE educational system is created to help entrepreneurs become more successful, the real heart of MOBE is pushing their affiliate program.

MOBE affiliates are called “Consultants”.  This is a high paying affiliate program as consultants can promote the expensive classes and masterminds offered by MOBE. It seems that some consultants are becoming wealthy affiliates through this program.


Standard consultants pay a $19.95 monthly fee to join and maintain their consultant status. According to the email we received from their support team, we were told “the Monthly Consultant Fee is necessary to keep your membership active and to earn commissions on promotions. If you cancel your membership you can still promote but you will note be able to retrieve your commissions.” Standard consultants can make 10% to 50% commissions. Anyone can become a Standard Consultant.


Apparently you can sponsor other consultants into the MOBE affiliate program. The MOBE compensation plan document says that for every consultant that an ACTIVE MOBE consultant sponsors they will get 5% on the personal sales of that consultant. So in essence this is a bit like Network Marketing.


To earn higher commissions of 10% to 90%, a Standard Consultant must upgrade to become a MOBE Certified Consultant. To do this they must become a Silver, Gold, Titanium, Platinum or Diamond member. This provides the consultant not only with better commissions, but they also have the MOBE sales team selling high-ticket products for them on the backend. Commissions on these range from $1,250 up to $10,000 per sale.



Mttb which stands for My Top Tier Business is a 21 step online business training program offered by MOBE. This program teaches you how to make money online by licensing high converting “done for you” products.


As part of the program you get access to a personal coach who will be there to answer questions and guide you. Talking to your coach is mandatory and they will lock you out of steps until you speak to your coach.


Once you complete the MTTB (My Top Tier Business) program, you will gain access to their 30 day traffic generation that comes with a sales coach who will Skype with you.

When you have completed all of the training, all you need to do is send traffic to to the products and sales funnels.


The commission structure is set up so you can make from $9 all the way up to $15,000. This depends on what you actually promote.

If you sell a low priced product such as a $9.95 ebook, you will make a $9 commission but then on the backend you have the MOBE team trying to upsell the customer on one of their high-ticket products.


In summary, this is what you get with MTTB:

  • Done for you products and sales funnels.
  • Product fulfillment, payment processing, and customer service.
  • MOBE sales team follow up with customers to try and upsell them by email or phone.
  • 21 steps internet marketing training.
  • Access to personal coach you can call on Skype.
  • Daily webinars, calls, and coaching sessions.


At the time of the writing of this MOBE review, the cost for the MTTB (My Top Tier Business) program was $49.


MOBE License rights

There is also much being talked about online about MOBE License Rights.

This seems to be something you can buy into to get access to the best of Matt Lloyd’s courses and get up to a 90% commission.

It was somewhat confusing as the information about this program was different on the MOBE website, the MOBE Marketplace website, and Matt Lloyd’s website. There seems to be no consistent information about it.

From what we can tell the cost of the MOBE License Rights Program is: $2,497.00


To get a clearer picture of the MOBE programs, we investigated sites such as Site Jabber, TrustPilot, and RipoffReport where people can leave a MOBE review.


On the website called TrustPilot, there was only one MOBE review posted at the time of this writing. It was a one star review in which the users stated that he sent $70k and could not get a refund.


On Ripoff Report, there were several people that posted the same type of complaint. They said they were not able to get a refund from MOBE and one person stated that they filed a complaint with the FTC. There was one user who had some positive feedback but overall the feedback we saw was negative.


We also searched and read comments posted by people on websites that review MOBE. We found that there is much controversy surrounding MOBE. It is a very heated subject indeed.

This is not surprising since the MOBE programs are so very expensive. Anytime someone is putting that much money at risk there are bound to be people that are very unhappy if things do not go as planned.

Many people say that the program does nothing more than get you into a funnel where they can upsell you on high ticket items.

There are some who call it a Ponzi scheme.

Of course there are still some that have positive feedback and say the program is valuable but overall, the feedback we read was very negative.


When we originally wrote this review MOBE showed an F rating with the BBB. Now it shows no rating and the star rating has improved to 4 stars out of 5.

On March 24, 2017 the BBB even put out a warning cautioning consumers who may be thinking of attending any of the several workups put on by My Own Business Education (MOBE), or MOBE LTD. They stated:

Complainants to BBB said the company failed to live up to its financial promises, did not deliver ordered merchandise, pressured them into buying additional products and stalled on issuing refunds.


Since we have not joined any of the MOBE programs, we wanted to get some type of interaction with the people that work for MOBE.

On January 9, 2018 and 9:00 am EST we sent to support requests in from the MOBE website in order to gauge response times. The MOBE support team responded in 17.5 hours at around 2:35 am EST.

This is not too bad and it was nice to see that support did answer our questions. Of course we were asking sales  questions so we are not sure if the response times would be similar if we signed up for any of their courses.


It is quite clear that MOBE is a very controversial topic across the web. As we poured over the amazing amount of information about MOBE, one thing became very obvious, there is a huge amount of negativity about their programs and the way they’re promoted. This does not mean that the negative feedback is true as many people post negative comments and reviews even when it’s not true.

If you go to the MOBE website it talks about an educational system to help entrepreneurs learn how to make money.  On their website if you click the GET STARTED button it takes you to their core curriculum. This is great and we have no issue with this at all.

However, the more we dug into their system it seems the MOBE affiliate (consultant) platform is the main focus. Getting people to promote the MOBE products and sponsor others to promote the products seems to be the major focus.



From what we can tell the MOBE educational system can provide very valuable information to those seeking to learn more about how to run a successful business. Even their very expensive Masterminds may have very valuable information if you’re willing to shell out the money to get involved.


Interacting with other entrepreneurs is always a valuable thing to have. It appears that in the MOBE Masterminds that you will get to network with others and some being very successful business people. This can be a great benefit to anyone wanting to succeed in business.



While their are some lower priced products on the MOBE platfrom, we found that the vast majority of those that arxe promoted are very overpriced. Especially their core curriculum.

While this is great for affiliates because it helps to bring in high commissions, for the person just looking for an education in business it seems over the top. Much of the content they outline in their courses can be found elsewhere for much lower prices. However, they do have the right to charge whatever they want AS LONG AS THE PRODUCTS PROVIDE VALUE TO THE CUSTOMER.


While upselling is something most successful marketers do, the MOBE platform has many upsells throughout their programs. For example, if you take their MTTB (My Top Tier Business) program, you will get upsells from your coach to purchase the License Program for $2,497.00. (according to past members posting a MOBE review)

Now, there is nothing wrong with that. However, if you sign up for something that promises to give you certain results and then you’re told you need to purchase another upsell to get any real value from what you’ve already purchased, that is not right. We encountered several past members who left a MOBE review that stated they were told this. WE CANNOT CONFIRM THAT IT’S TRUE.


Another thing that really bothered us about MOBE was there seems to be a lack of consistency about their programs across their different websites. For example their MOBE License Program says it is $1,997.00 on the Matt Lloyd website and $2,497.00 on the MOBE Marketplace website.


One thing we could not overlook as we did our research for this MOBE review is that there is just so much negativity about this program. However, this does not make it true.


Combine the things we listed above including the large amount of negative reviews, with the Better Business Bureau issuing warnings about the workshops, the BBB saying there is a government action against the company, our overall view of MOBE starts to get a bit tainted.

Since we have no way to confirm everything said about MOBE by others, we CANNOT say that MOBE is a scam. However, based on everything we have found in our research, we do not feel confident recommending the program to our readers.

If we find new information that will shed better light on what we have learned, we may change our verdict but at this time we cannot recommend this program.


red thumbs down

(Learn more about our rating guidelines.)


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4 thoughts on “MOBE Review – Is MOBE By Matt Lloyd A Scam?”

  1. mobe had their first seminar in Ak New Zealand a week or so ago . the email about this workshop states you will discover everything you need to know to make a 6 figure income and quit your job for good. this was not true . when we got to the course we had great inspiring stories shared about how others have been successful , the value of earning great money and working for yourself or them, with a few pointers, and were encouraged to attend another 3 day event coming up which cost around $800 NZ and you can could take a guest . they said that success could be achieved with their programmes, for 5-10 hrs a week . I think the product material sounds great but I was told by my coach (when i asked about the hidden costs) would need to invest a min of $2500 eg for the silver programme ( which looks fabulous by the way ) to do well , so I appreciated his honesty. The prereading material required was more like2- 3 hours each step to achieve the first 5 steps before the 3 day event . I do not have the time for this right now ,. But if things change in the future I would definately look at it . Some of the info I asked my coach was after i saw the negative reviews on line , so I was glad I did my homework and know now what to expect.

  2. i lost $30,000 to this scam operation. matt lloyd should spend the rest of his life in jail for scamming people! i however DID get a refund of $2900

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