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ABOUT THE COMPANY: is a website and mobile app which consumers can use to earn points for completing online activities. They include filling out surveys, watching videos, playing games and other miscellaneous activities. Each activity that a user completes is worth a certain number of points. A user’s points can be redeemed for gift cards to popular chain retailers and gaming sites or cash payout into a PayPal or Skrill account.

“” has been around since 2014, but is actually a rebranded and repackaged version of an older GPT (“get-paid-to”) site called Our Grabpoints review is intended to help you decide if you may want to join that membership base.

OVERVIEW: operates as a liaison between brands and their consumers. Companies that want to promote their products and brands hire Grabpoints to help them reach their target audience and get them to engage with their advertising (in the form of surveys, videos, games, etc.). To do this, Grabpoints offers members of the general public the opportunity to earn rewards for engaging with those products and brands. Since many people are already spending a significant portion of their leisure time online watching videos, playing games, etc.,Grabpoints entices people to become members by rewarding them for doing the things that they are already doing online. It’s a partnership that everyone benefits from: the advertisers benefit by gaining exposure to their products, consumers benefit by getting rewarded for the time that they spend online, and benefits by getting advertising fees and commissions.

To become a member, you must be at least 13 years old. (Note: certain surveys, games or videos on may be restricted to people 18 and older.) To join, you need only to create an account by creating a username and password. (Alternately, you can also create an account through your Facebook or Google+ account.) Initially, this is all the information you will need to provide. However, in order to participate in some of the activities within Grabpoints, you will later be asked to provide other info. This may include (but may not be limited to) name, address, date of birth, gender, consumer preferences and other basic personal info. uses this information to determine things like which surveys for cash you may qualify to fill out and what kind of activities might appeal to someone in your demographic.


Once you become a member, you’ll be offered a variety of online activities to choose from (we will detail those later). Each activity is worth a specific number of “points.” (Each single point translates into the equivalent of about .01 cent.) You can trade in your points for a reward. There are a wide range of rewards available in the form of gift cards to popular retailers (both online and brick-and-mortar stores), or you can redeem your points for their cash equivalent. (You must have a PayPal or Skrill account to take advantage of this option.)

How Many Points is Each Activity Worth? It varies, depending on a number of factors. Those factors include the type of activity, the estimated length of the activity (i.e. how long it will take a user to complete it) and the company making the offer. Some activities are worth as little as one point, while others can get you 1000 points or more. Generally speaking, you should expect that the higher the reward value, the longer the activity will take you to complete.

Ways to Earn Points: Activities that you can get points for include:

Watching videos:


These videos are typically short, between two and ten minutes long. However, there are sometimes longer ones (between ten and 30 minutes). There may be videos longer than 30 minutes but the majority are fairly short. The number of points you can earn from watching varies, but generally speaking, the longer the video, the more points you earn. You must watch the entire video, beginning to end, in order to be eligible for the reward points.

Completing surveys:

grabpoints surveys

Brands and companies depend on the public to help them shape their advertising efforts, improve existing products and create new ones. One way they reach their consumers for opinions is via surveys. acts as a liaison between those advertisers and consumers. You get points for completing surveys. The amount varies, just like with the videos. You must fill out the entire survey to receive the points.


grabpoints games

Choose from dozens of different games, from categories like card games, word games, arcade-style games, puzzles, quiz games and strategy games. You get one point per minute that you play, but you must complete the whole game to receive any points.

Downloading apps:

grabpoints download apps

You can get points simply for downloading apps to your smartphone. There are dozens to choose from. Some are well-known, others less-so. It’s the app’s creator’s way of promoting their app in the marketplace.

“Share and Earn”:

grabpoints share and earn

This section gives you the opportunity to earn points by referring others to Grabpoints. You can get points for simply referring, and then more points if the person that you referred becomes a member.

“Complete Offers”:

grabpoints complete offers

This section changes regularly and is a bit of a “catch-all” for activities that are time-sensitive (i.e. completing a Christmas-themed crossword puzzle), downloading a coupon with an expiration date, or any other offer that doesn’t fit into one of the other categories on the site. Points for completing these activities varies from just a few to a few hundred. Many of these links actually lead to external Websites affiliated with Grabpoints.

“Offer Walls”:

grabpoints offer walls

This is another section that contains “miscellaneous” activities, similar to the “Complete Offers” section. Almost all of the links in this section will actually lead to external Websites belonging to the companies making the offers.

(Note: As referenced previously, in order to access certain activities, you may be required to divulge more personal information than what was required of you when you first joined You won’t lose your membership if you don’t supply this info, but you won’t be granted access to that particular activity or section of the Website.)

What Can I Trade in My Points For?

grabpoints rewards

At any given time you’ll be able to find about 20 different rewards available. Gift cards are the most popular, and you can find all kinds, from restaurants to popular shopping venues to gaming site cards, including:

  • Starbucks
  • The Gap
  • iTunes
  • Xbox Live
  • Runescape
  • Minecraft
  • EA Games

and more. If you prefer cash, you can trade points for money, transferrable to a PayPal or Skrill account. You can even buy Bitcoin with your points. Denominations of cards vary, and gift cards start at about 2000 points and can go as high as twenty or thirty-thousand points. As you might guess, the more valuable the card, the more points you’ll need to buy it.


Because is relatively “new” (even though it’s really just a rebranded version of something old), there aren’t nearly as many user reviews available on it as there are for older GPT (“get-paid-to”) sites like However, we took some time to pore over what was floating around on the web, because one of the best ways to determine if something is good or bad is to check with people who have tried it before.

We began by checking with one of our favorite and most trusted consumer review Websites, There was only one Grabpoints review. This particular reviewer claimed that when he tried to cash in his points for a reward, he got the runaround. Our other favorite trusted consumer review site,, had no users that left a Grabpoints review. Yet another review site,, had no users who posted a Grabpoints review either.

We checked another lesser-known review site,, and found that there were over 100 users who left a Grabpoints review there. Reviewers are asked to rate the business/website between one and five stars (five stars being the highest and one the lowest possible score). Overall, from the people who posted a Grabpoints review, Grabpoints has an average of two and a half stars out of five.

One recurring theme among reviewers who designated two or fewer stars out of five on their Grabpoints review was difficulty in exchanging points for rewards. Another common complaint was that users would complete activities but then wouldn’t receive the points they were supposed to get. Yet another theme we found in these two and one-star reviews was that the number of points that are rewarded for completing activities were simply to meager to justify the time spent doing them.

Many of these users also reported that the surveys had issues. Some said they were difficult, if not impossible to complete. One user wrote that she would begin a survey (the surveys only show one or two questions at a time, so you can’t really tell how close you are to the end of the survey), spend several minutes on it, click for the next question only to be taken to a completely different survey related to the last question answered. “The surveys take forever because they don’t end!” she stated, and no points are rewarded for surveys not completed. Another problem users found with the surveys was that they would get several minutes and a dozen or more questions into the survey only to have the survey shut down because they “didn’t qualify” for that particular survey. (Once again, “no completion” equals “no points” equals “wasted time.”)

Of the users who actually did post a Grabpoints review, there were a significant number of three, four and five star reviews. One four-star reviewer called it “a really entertaining app.” One recurring theme with many of these reviewers was an appreciation for the Grabpoints app. Users report that the app interface is pleasant, entertaining, straightforward and simple to use, with very few bugs. Many users preferred accessing through the mobile app rather than through a computer or tablet.

However, when we began reading where users left a three, four and five-star Grabpoints review, we were a bit skeptical. The majority of these “positive” reviews went on and on about how the site works, what kinds of gift cards can be earned and how the points add up. There were actually very few comments about the reviewers personal experience using the site themselves. It seemed that most of the three, four and five-star reviews were really just descriptions of the site and the concept but not of an actual experience.

We think it’s fair to point out that almost all of the users who posted a Grabpoints review we found on were from users from India. Therefore, these viewpoints may not necessarily represent the experiences of US-based users. Since there are so few other reviews available, it’s difficult to make a judgment.

A Few More Things to Know About Grabpoints: Many of the activity options available come from external Websites. That is, when you click on them, you will be taken to a different Website. Therefore, you may be asked to provide certain information that you may not have been asked to provide on in order to gain access to the activity. Know that, if you do, the information that you are sharing is not necessarily subject to the same terms that it is when you’re on the Website. In other words, Grabpoints might not sell your personal information to outside companies, but these other Websites may, so just beware of this.

On the flip side of the same coin, you may be asked to provide information on these sites that you have already given to External websites don’t necessarily have access to the personal info you divulged when you signed up for a Grabpoints membership. Thus, you might find that you are having to give out the same information or answer the same questions every time you do a new activity. It may start to feel redundant, but it’s the only way you’ll be allowed to access the activities on these external sites (who might then, in turn, sell your info to other companies).


On the surface, appears to be a fun and entertaining Website that offers the added benefit of making money for playing around with it. If you already enjoy killing time surfing the Internet or playing games, what’s there to lose by trying it out, especially since it’s free to join?

Only your hopes and dreams.

Okay, that might be a bit of an exaggeration. However, with all of the negative feedback from those who left a Grabpoints review (many with similar complaints), we felt like there was an overall theme of dissatisfaction with

We did try it out for ourselves. We created an account before we even looked at the online consumer reviews so we could approach our research with an open mind. Unfortunately, we had a negative experience almost from the very beginning. We experienced many of the very same issues we later read about from other users.

For starters, the site was glitchy and a lot of the activities seemed to take an excessive amount of time to download. Thirty to sixty-seconds download time may not sound like a lot, but when you consider the fact that you might have to then spend another 20 minutes to complete the actual activity in order to get your points, it’s not insignificant. To be fair, we didn’t try it out on the Grabpoints app, which we’ve heard is much better than than the desktop version, so if you do try out this site, you should skip the desktop version and access it through the app instead.

However, even the most flawlessly-functioning app isn’t going to prevent you from being booted out of surveys that you apparently “don’t qualify for.” While we don’t think it’s unfair to be disqualified to complete a particular survey because a user doesn’t fit the targeted demographic, we do take issue with the fact that you may waste one, two, three, five, ten minutes of your time or more answering questions before finding out that you don’t qualify and then do not receive any points at all for that time you spent. It amounts to wasted time, and we don’t think it’s fair to waste people’s time. At least with the games you know up front that you will only get your points if you finish the game so you can make an informed choice about whether to engage in the activity in the first place.

However, when it came to the games and videos, we felt like the rewards points were a little on the low side compared to the amount of time that they took from start to finish. In other words, they often gave low return for time invested. Additionally, a significant number of the games and videos we tried were glitchy: they took a long time to download and start, froze up a lot, and some froze entirely and wouldn’t let us finish. And remember, NO FINISH = NO POINTS. In short, we think that playing the games and watching the videos is a bit of a gamble.

One of the comments that was common with users who gave two stars or fewer in their reviews was that they were not being awarded the points they were due. We also found this to be true very early on in our experience. There were a few activities that we completed and then never received the points we were due. To boil it down to numbers, we only ended up netting about ten points per hour, thanks to glitches, freezes and disqualifications.

So, based on our own experience, as well as the majority of people who left a Grabpoints review, we weren’t impressed with this opportunity to make money. While you shouldn’t expect to get rich (or even make minimum wage) on any GPT Website, we recommend that you don’t waste your time with, since there are other GPT sites, such as, that perform better and pay out faster. In other words, if you’re going to blow an hour online, go where the payoff is better and more reliable.


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