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Freedom Fast Lane


Brand Builder Boot Camp/Freedom Fast Lane


Ryan Daniel Moran


Ryan Daniel Moran was an average, boy-next-door college student who was, as are many students his age, struggling to pay his way through school, when he decided to start an online business. He didn’t know exactly what he was doing, but learned through a bit of trial and error about how to set up and run an online store. His business ended up paying for his degree, and it led him to change his original career focus to business. Upon graduation, he threw himself full time into entrepreneurial business. Some of his early ventures made him a regular cash flow, others failed. He considered both his failures and successes to be part of his business education. In time, he developed a successful business model, which he eventually developed into a course, Brand Builder Boot Camp.

Today Ryan Daniel Moran has a seven-figure net worth thanks to his many business ventures. Moran’s philosophy is “think bigger,” and to have an ultimate, greater goal in mind as a motivator for always moving forward. Moran’s big goal is to make enough money to one day purchase the Cleveland Indians, reputed to be worth approximately 600 million dollars. Moran is a popular speaker, author and blogger.


Brand Builder Bootcamp is an online training course offered by Freedom Fast Lane (founded by Ryan Daniel Moran), a group of elite networking clubs for wealthy business people. The course has the tagline, “The tested and proven blueprint to building a million-dollar brand, plus access to peers and mentors who can help you along the way.” It claims that those who take the course and apply its principles and techniques can expect to be able to reach one million dollars in income in the first year. The course material itself is designed to be completed over a period of several weeks.


The Brand Builder Boot Camp curriculum is based on Moran’s own philosophy of business. Moran believes that there is a distinct difference between what he refers to as “cash-flow strategies” and an authentic business that stands the test of time and remains strong. Cash-flow businesses, according to Moran, are largely dependent on making money on what is trending, or by capitalizing on what he calls “loopholes,” such as the SEO strategy of the day, traffic hacks and spamming your social media friend list. Such strategies tend to only work for a short time, usually until the loophole gets closed (such as with a Google algorithm change). Then the business crumbles or massive and costly changes must be made to keep the cash flowing.


Moran prefers building businesses with a solid foundation and lasting value. He believes and has found in practice that these are the businesses that have been built by entrepreneurs that are actually interested in their business (rather than just in the idea of making money).

The Brand Builders Boot Camp training is designed around the philosophy of building a lasting business and not just a cash-flow business. It is laid out in three “stages” (comparable to modules, each with lessons on multiple topics related to that stage), although you could say it is actually a four-stage process because there is also a stage zero at the beginning of the course. Stage zero is something like a prequel to the rest of the course. It is a brainstorming stage, where students toss around ideas and learn how to home in on the ones that have the greatest potential for profit and long-term sustainability. Students learn how to “validate” their ideas so that they don’t “pursue the wrong ideas.” Ultimately, stage zero will help students translate their ideas into tangible products.


Stage one of the course is called “Going to Market, Taking Sales and Staying Profitable from Day One.” This stage has five learning outcomes, including how to rally an audience and how to get on to Amazon.com. By the end of stage one, students are expected to have their first product ready for sale. The module ends with a checklist (“Action Items”) which must be completed before progressing to the next stage.


Stage two of Brand Builders Boot Camp is entitled “Scaling to the Million Dollar Level.” In this section, students are taught how to take advantage of the various sales channels that already exist (such as Amazon, eBay, Etsy and others). It also covers a variety of other topics related to online selling, including how to rank on Amazon’s first page, how to build, grow and take advantage of an email list, how to leverage social media to your advantage (without spamming your friends), how to stand out above your competitors, how to get endorsements from influential people and more. This stage is primarily about gaining a hold and maintaining a top position in your market, and Moran suggests that it’s possible by this stage to be growing so quickly you can’t keep up by doing everything manually or on your own.


Stage three addresses the “problem” of rapid growth and managing operations so that you don’t have to work as hard to maintain the operation as you did to start it up. It is entitled “Scaling, Automation and Retailing in Your Business: Building a Breakthrough Brand.” Stage three is divided into multiple segments based on the goals of this stage. Upon completion of stage three, students will be able to carry their brand and business in a variety of different directions, including setting up the business to be sold for millions, going from e-commerce to retail selling, or “creating an automated machine that grows without you.”

More course details can be found online at https://go.freedomfastlane.com/brand-builder-bc. The entire course curriculum is based on Moran’s successful business model and philosophy of business which, by all appearances, seems to have served him and many of his former students very aptly. Moran, the creator of the course (which used to be available only to “Tribe” members), guarantees a full refund on the course tuition if “you aren’t up and running, making sales, and developing customers within three months.” However, those who sign up for the course must be prepared to make an investment of at least $5,000 into their new business and have six months to fully devote to the start-up.


One thing that sets Brand Builder Boot Camp apart from other online business-builder courses is its access to an extensive community of like-minded entrepreneurs. This is included in the $2,997 tuition fee (which is supposedly a discount from its actual cost of $3,997. Students also have the option of paying for the course in two payments of $1,600, bringing the total cost to $3,200. For the price of the tuition, students receive the course material itself, a weekly coaching call, plus monthly group coaching sessions for one year. Each coach is a graduate of the course and has demonstrated personal success at starting and maintaining businesses with annual revenues of one million dollars. Students also receive access to the private Brand Builder Bootcamp Facebook page (and all of its networking opportunities) as well as Brand Builder Bootcamp’s exclusive library of video interviews with many of its successful millionaire graduates.

In addition to being a stand-alone online business course, Brand Builder Bootcamp also serves as a funnel for Freedom Fast Lane’s other ventures. Although not “business opportunities” in and of themselves, Freedom Fast Lane’s “The Tribe” and “The Backroom” are exclusive networking clubs for power players in the business world. Many are graduates of Brand Builder Bootcamp, although this is not a requirement for membership. However, it DOES require the ability to make and to pay a lot of money.


“Tribe” members must meet minimum income requirements and pay annual dues of $5,000. Membership requirements for “The Backroom” are even more exclusive. To be considered for membership, you must generate at least one million dollars in annual sales or have a net worth of one million dollars. Both clubs offer a variety of benefits and include free or discounted admission to various exclusive events throughout the year. Some of these include free or discounted access to Freedom Fast Lane’s “Total Wealth Workshop” and “The Millionaire Class,” admission to “Freedom Fast Lane Live” conference, periodic “Mastermind Sessions,” virtual meet-ups with other members, private Facebook group, strategic introductions to other big business players, investors and partners as well as other resources (products, books, etc.) and events throughout the year.

Brand Builder Boot Camp is one of the pricier online business courses available, especially if you consider the $5,000 investment requirement on top of the $2,997 (or $3,200) tuition fee. For this reason, we would caution that people who are only casually interested in the idea of starting an online business to explore other, less expensive course options before spending money on Brand Builder Boot Camp.


Another option is to take Moran’s free course, a mini-version of Brand Builder Boot Camp called “Zero to One Million in 12 Months.” It’s a great way to get a taste of what Brand Builder Boot Camp has to offer without setting down a large sum of money. If the course whets your appetite for more, Brand Builder Boot Camp will probably be worthwhile for you.

If you are serious about becoming a successful business entrepreneur and you can afford to spend at least $7,997, we feel that this course, although pricey, offers good value per dollar spent. Again, we recommend this course ONLY if you are serious about starting and investing in a business and have the time to commit to doing so.

One thing we appreciate about Brand Builder Boot Camp is that its creator has not been overly secretive about the details of the course. When it comes to marketing on online course, there is a fine line between providing enough details about the course content to make readers actually want to take the course, but not giving away so much information as to make it unnecessary to take the actual course. Moran has done a stellar job of walking this line. Even the free mini-course has been presented in such a way as to give the student a clear idea of what a successful online business venture involves and why taking the full Brand Builders Boot Camp course is a critical path to online business success.


We also appreciate the fact that Brand Builders Boot Camp is not just a stand-alone course, but that it actually offers options for students to remain engaged in the Freedom Fast Lane community after completion of the course, if they so choose. One such community is “The Tribe,” as mentioned earlier. Students who find success with the course, like the idea of networking with other serious players in the business world and can afford the $5,000 annual dues, can make valuable contacts and learn from others with similar mindsets, goals and drive.  “The Backroom” offers even more in the way of elite contacts with money, connections and influence.


There are numerous positive reviews about FREEDOM FAST LANE and the Brand Builder Bootcamp course online. However, many of them are by people who are associated with Freedom Fast Lane in some way (“Tribe” or “Backroom” members, or former students who have been recruited to provide positive reviews for the website). Naturally, Freedom Fast Lane wouldn’t post any negative reviews, so do take such reviews with a grain of salt. It is also important to note, though, that it was hard for us to find negative reviews about the course on the web. Take this information for whatever it is worth to you, but with a full money-back guarantee, if you have the time, money and gumption to pursue Brand Builders Bootcamp, we feel it will be money well-spent.

(Note: There are numerous courses both on and offline being marketed under the name “Brand Builder Boot Camp” or a similar variation. This review only refers to the Brand Builder Boot Camp from Freedom Fast Lane. It can be found at: http://freedomfastlane.com/.



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  1. So I’m confused about the price of this program. Every time I read a Review on it the price goes up. It started at $3000 and now you say it’s $8000.

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