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UPDATE 2018:

It appears that the Washington state attorney general has filed a lawsuit against FBA STORES and the founders Chris Bowser and Adam Bowser.


This review is for the FBA Stores / Amazon Riches/ Amazon Wealth Systems program and course by Chris Bowser and Adam Bowser.

We have attended the Amazon Riches “Free Amazon Seller Workshop” which was advertised on FaceBook so we DO have first hand experience with this part of their system.

However, we have NOT attended the FBA Stores Amazon Riches 3 day seminar or any of their other offerings.

The following FBA Stores review and our final verdict is based on the experience of others who have taken the complete FBA Stores program and posted their opinions online so we cannot guarantee the accuracy of everything said here.

We only seek to provide you the reader with the information that we have gathered to help you make an informed decision about the FBA Stores Amazon Wealth Systems program by Chris Bowser and Adam Bowser.


FBA Stores Amazon Wealth Systems


Amazon Wealth Systems FBA Stores


Chris Bowser and Adam Bowser



Brothers Chris Bowser and Adam Bowser found personal and financial success selling products on the Amazon platform. Many of the things they learned on the way to making multi-millions on Amazon was discovered through trial and error.

According to the brother entrepreneurs Chris Bowser and Adam Bowser, they came to believe that there was a lot of misinformation about selling on Amazon. They decided to tackle some of the myths, misunderstandings and misleading information by starting their own Amazon training program.

Fulfillment by Amazon

Their training focuses on FBA stores, an Amazon option which they have found to be viable for the average person. FBA stands for “Fulfillment by Amazon,” an Amazon program for sellers which we will talk about in more depth in the next section.

Launched As Educational System

Chris Bowser and Adam Bowser launched FBA Stores in 2009 as a way to educate potential entrepreneurs. Through a series of workshops and courses, students are exposed to the details of operating their own FBA stores as well as other aspects like choosing products that will sell, sourcing items to sell and more.

(Note: Chris Bowser and Adam Bowser and their products are not affiliated with Amazon nor are they endorsed by Amazon.)


Adam Bowser and Chris Bowser decided to capitalize on their success with and knowledge of Amazon’s Fulfillment by Amazon program by teaching others how to replicate their success. They created a 3-day course called “Amazon Riches.”

We’ll discuss this in more detail later in this review. First, we’ll give you a brief summary of the Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) program so you can develop a better understanding of the purpose of the Amazon Riches course.

Amazon FBA Program

Amazon launched its FBA program to make it easier for smaller businesses to participate in Amazon selling. It works basically the same as selling on Amazon’s regular program. In fact, the customer receiving the goods would have the same buying experience with purchasing an FBA item as with a non FBA item.

The difference lies within how the goods are delivered. Traditionally, individual Amazon sellers would have to ship their orders themselves.

With the FBA program, sellers store their goods in a warehouse owned by Amazon. Whenever someone orders something from an FBA seller, it is shipped by Amazon from the warehouse.

This program appeals to sellers for a number of reasons. However, the main appeals are convenience and space limitations.

A vast number of Amazon’s sellers are home-based, and many do not have space for storing the goods that they sell in their home. FBA solves this problem, and at a very reasonable cost for users.

Says one long-time seller, “It costs less for me to store my goods in Amazon’s warehouse than to rent a small storage unit. It’s worth the cost, and I still have a good profit margin. Not only that, but sellers don’t have to worry about packing goods or calculating shipping costs. All of this is taken care of by Amazon.”

Chris Bowser and Adam Bowser are convinced that, not only can selling on Amazon be highly profitable, but also that the FBA program is the best mode to do it. They have created an entire course called Amazon Riches to teach people how to start, operate and became successful with Amazon FBA stores.

Course Details


The course is available in a 200-page textbook-style manual and eight supplemental DVDs. Each DVD covers a specific topic related to Amazon FBA selling:

Video 1- “Getting Started”

Video 2- “What Products to Sell and Where to Find Them”

Video 3- “Different Tools For Your Amazon Business”

Video 4- “The Game Changer”

Video 5- “Getting Started with FBA”

Video 6- “How to Do Product Research”

Video 7- “Quick Easy Places to Find Deals”

Video 8- “Selling New and Used Books on Amazon”

FBA Hangout

You can also join the “FBA Hangout,” a forum for Amazon FBA sellers to connect and share info. You also get (directly quoted from the FBA Hangout page), “up to date training videos and FBA Hangout support, up to date Amazon news, daily deals” plus access to a “successful student section” filled with testimonials from other members and former students, and a monthly Amazon newsletter.


The Bowsers operate several related Websites, all promoting basically the same stuff. Also, in addition to FBA stores, they offer an eBay-selling course.

In fact, they have rebranded several times and may still be found under names like Amazon Profits, Auction Riches, Auction Learning Center, FBA Stores and others. If you happen to run across these or references to these know that, again, they are basically selling the same thing: the Bowsers’ system for FBA and eBay selling.

Free Seminars

Chris Bowser and Adam Bowser offer free seminars across the US on Amazon-selling. At these seminars, which are usually anywhere from one-and-a-half to three hours long, attendees hear a pitch for why FBA stores are a lucrative opportunity as well as a pitch for their other products.


As said in our earlier disclaimer at the beginning of this review, we only attended the free 1.5 hour workshop which was advertised on FaceBook.

Initial Interaction

fba stores

Our initial interaction with Amazon Riches occurred when we say an ad on FaceBook promoting a “Free Amazon Seller Workshop” in Ann Arbor Michigan.

This was being advertised from a FaceBook page called “Amazon Training Events”:


From there we were taken to a site “livefbaevent.com” where we filled out a registration form.


This page promised:


1) Sign up and attend this FREE 2hr Amazon Workshop
2) Discover what are the Best Selling Products that you can sell on Amazon
3) Discover where to Find Products to Sell on Amazon
4) Learn how Amazon FBA works and how Amazon can be your Warehouse and Fulfillment Center
5) Get off your butt and attend the FREE Workshop & Start selling on Amazon!

So on the date we chose, we attended the “Free Amazon Seller Workshop” in Ann Arbor Michigan”.

Attending The Free Amazon Workshop

amazon riches

From what we could see the seminar was called “Amazon Profits Workshop” but the sign outside said “Amazon Riches”.

Andy Sherman was the speaker.

There was a projector setup with a powerpoint presentation and there were about 100 people in attendance.

Here Is What Was Covered In The Free Workshop

Amazon FBA Was Covered In Detail

In the 1.5 hour workshop the speaker covered why someone might want to own a business, how to find our motivation, and then covered many details about Amazon FBA and why it is the single best opportunity today for people wanting to start and run a business.

Very Little Useful Info

We did not learn much in this 1.5 hour seminar except that Amazon FBA is one of the best ways to run a business and that it is possible to get wealthy doing it.

There was no specific information on how to get started or how to make any of this actually happen.

Use A Mentor

It was also stressed that it’s best to have a mentor who has already built a successful Amazon business.

For Profit Educational System

The speaker was very up front about the fact they are a for profit educational system so we had no issues with this.

The Goal Of The Free Workshop

The goal of the speaker (from what we could surmise) was to get us to purchase their 3 day workshop ($995 for two people to attend) in Lansing MI so we could have them take us by the hand to guide us in building this business.

This included a dvd course of everything that would be taught at the 3 day workshop called Amazon Riches Home Study Course.

Added Bonuses

If we purchased at the workshop an Amazon Kindle plus software was being thrown in as bonuses.

There was also an added bonus of access to a members area and to a hangout where we could get help from others who are involved.

Another bonus called Daily Deals was also mentioned. This was part of the members area were access to deals on products were shown and this was updated each day.

Cost Was Discounted At The Free Workshop Only

The speaker also said that we could join other workshops in the future but the cost would be $1,495 for one person only and that we would have to travel to wherever the 3 day workshop was since it may no longer be in our area

We Did Not Enroll In The 3 Day Workshop

We did not enroll in the 3 day workshop so what happened after that we do not know from our own experience. We are using the opinions of others who have attended the event and posted their feedback online. We get into this in the next section.


We checked out online reviews written by others who have had some kind of experience with the FBA Stores training, Amazon Riches or any of the free or paid seminars offered by the Bowser brothers’ enterprise. We read numerous entries, and found that many of them have three common themes:

  • High-pressure sales tactics at the company’s free seminars.
  • More pressure at the three-day seminar to pay for the next level of training at a cost of $35,000.
  • Misrepresentation about the content of all levels of training, including the free introductory seminar.

Feedback From Actual Paying Members

First, some reviewers who attended the free seminar offered by the Bowser brothers’ company didn’t like what they saw as “high pressure” sales tactics. Although the seminar is free, the point of of it seems to be to try to convince attendees to attend (and pay for) their three-day seminar.

No Actual Training

No actual training occurs at the free introductory seminar, and they most certainly do not reveal any trade secrets at the free FBA Stores seminar. The 3-day course normally costs around $1500, but is typically offered to seminar attendees at a discounted price of $995.

High Pressure Sales

People who have paid the fee and gone on to the actual FBA Stores training report more pressure, this time to sign up for a $35,000 course. The content of that course allegedly includes coaching and support in setting up your FBA store.

Goal To Sell The $35,000 Program

A number of reviewers felt that the three-day training was less about teaching and more about selling the $35,000 course.

Says one reviewer, “The speaker, actually encouraged us at the conference to take a loan out on our homes (HELOC) or use our ‘investment cards’ (their term for a credit card), borrow from friends, do whatever we could to get the money for their $35,000 training program.”

Another outraged reviewer said, “My 80 year old mother got the diamond package for $35,000. We are at the FBA Summit in Las Vegas right now and they are now asking for more money, almost $5,000 for a legal package.”


By the way, we could not find any Website anywhere on the Web about this $35,000 course. We would be tempted to say it doesn’t exist, except that there are hundreds of testimonials and reviews that say it does and that many reviewers have actually attended it.

Here Today Gone Tomorrow

By the accounts of the many reviewers, it appears that the three-day FBA Stores seminars spring up like pop-up shops: here today, gone tomorrow. Their free introductory seminar is advertised mainly on Facebook which servers to funnel you into their 3 day workshop. The 3 day workshop is a few weeks later and then it’s gone. The company whisks into town and then out just as quickly leaving no trail, including online.

Finally, the Web was rife with accounts of seminar attendees who were lead to believe that the seminar would contain certain content (i.e where to source products). However, promised content was not delivered at the event.

A reviewer who attended one of the seminars in Georgia had this to say about his experience:

The seminar was mostly about victory stories and getting you hyped up about the possibility of being successful and making a ton of money on Amazon.They failed to tell you how to actually get started and compete on Amazon. They also failed to tell you where you can purchase products (they promised to give you the list of manufacturers that Adam [Bowser] uses). I learned very little.”

Conflicting Information

Another thing that bothers us about FBA Stores, Amazon Riches and Chris Bowser and Adam Bowser’s related enterprises is the conflicting information (and sometimes absence of information) available online about details regarding pricing, registration and seminar content.

The FBA Stores website (https://www.fbastores.com/) has no information about the cost of the Amazon Riches course, nor is it made clear whether the content of Amazon Riches is what you’ll get at the three-day seminar.

One more complaint that cropped up in a number of reviews we read regarded email spam. Reviewers report receiving excessive emails even after unsubscribing and/or directly contacting customer service explicitly requesting removal from the company’s email list.


Some Teaching Legit But Not Much Covered

The information and tips that are shared at the FBA Stores three-day seminars are legit. The problem (according to reviews left by those that attended the event) is that there just doesn’t seem to be much of it.

Rather than teaching participants the nuts and bolts of starting and running FBA Stores, (according to online reviews of the program) the seminar content is more self-serving on the part of Chris Bowser and Adam Bowser’s company.

Sales Funnel

Each seminar, from the free introductory to the deluxe $35,000 training workshop, appears to be little more than a funnel to move people on to the next level (and pay more money).

To Sum It Up, We Have A Few Problems With This:

On the surface, Chris Bowser and Adam Bowser’s training appears legit, informative and insightful. Dig deeper, though, and you discover a lack of information regarding pricing and actual course content.

If you do get pulled into the funnel, you’ll soon realize (according to online reviews of the program) there is also a level of deception at play. There is little, if any, indication on the FBA Stores/Amazon Riches Website (or any of the company’s related sites) that there are multiple seminars/courses with substantial price tags that you will only find out about once you get to the preceding seminar.

By then you’ll be so deep into their sales pitch you’ll find it difficult to extricate yourself without spending more money.

It doesn’t even stop once you’ve taken out a second mortgage on your home to purchase a seat at the $35,000 seminar. Once you get there, (according to online reviews of the program) you’ll be hit yet again with sales people pressuring you to pay for legal advice, personalized coaching, warehouse fees and even VIP privileges at the seminar.

However, at the end of the day, (according to online reviews of the program) many people end up merely in debt with no products to sell and maybe a nicer chair in a roped off area at the seminar with in-seat waiter service.

We think it’s not worth it, especially when there are many other Amazon-selling training courses out there with better content and/or lower fees.

Not only that, but we just couldn’t ignore the substantial number of negative comments and reviews on the Web. It was extremely difficult to find reviewers who praised their experience with FBA Stores or the business tactics of Chris Bowser and Adam Bowser.

Also, a word of caution: remember, Chris Bowser and Adam Bowser are continually rebranding their business interests and recycling their materials under different names. You may find yourself drawn to one of their course or seminars and not even realize it.

This, coupled with the fact that that there are many Amazon-selling courses out there with similar names, creates even more confusion.

If you are considering any type of Amazon or FBA stores training, investigate the source. We just say to be cautious.


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    The single most needed tool is the bookkeeping system for the business–no were offered at the Diamond level with AWS (sounds exactly like this company. Lots of hype, many examples of past “successes”, high profit levels, and get-rich-quick suggestions. But–where the rubber meets the road–none of the profits materialize. We were advised to start by buying products with a 15 to 30% margin, rather than the 50% we would do later on. what we have actually achieved is only about 8% average–and that with a substantial amount of work using FBA.

  2. these brothers & their minions are CROOKS; sued by FTC & Amazon Inc, now worthless little slimy Adam Bowser filed bankruptcy!! Little weasels – we will SUE! File Proof of Claim with Boston Bankruptcy Court by APRIL 13, 2020

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