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Dropship Lifestyle Review

Dropship Lifestyle Review

Maybe you’ve heard the buzz about “dropshipping” as a good side hustle. Dropship Lifestyle thinks it is. Our Dropship Lifestyle review will help you decide if they are right.

In this Dropship Lifestyle review we will review this training program. You’ll learn about its content and what other people think about it.

Dropship Lifestyle Review

Our Dropship Lifestyle review will also answer some common questions, like:

What is Dropship Lifestyle?

How does Dropship Lifestyle work?

What’s the cost of Dropship Lifestyle?

How much money can be made with Dropship Lifestyle?

First, though, in our Dropship Lifestyle review, we’ll explain the idea of “dropshipping.”

What Does “Dropshipping” Mean?


Dropshipping, in its simplest explanation, is selling goods to the public without ever handling those goods yourself. The image above illustrating the process is from Oberlo

How does that work?

Let’s say that Jayne, an avid home cook and blogger with a large following, thinks she can leverage her popularity to sell cookware. The only problem is that Jayne lives in a very small condo.

Jayne doesn’t have the finances to start her own cookware manufacturing business. Nor does she have room in her small condo to store product to sell. Plus, she can’t afford to rent warehouse space.

Fortunately, Jayne isn’t out of luck. She doesn’t have to pre-purchase goods, store them and try to re-sell them to the public.

All Jayne has to do is connect with a supplier/wholesaler of cookware. She chooses products from that supplier to sell.

Jayne sets up her own e-commerce website. From there, she markets those products at retail price to her followers and the general public.

When a visitor to her site decides to purchase Jayne’s cookware, the customer places an online order. Jayne, takes the payment for the goods from the customer.

Jayne then orders those goods from the supplier. She pays the supplier the wholesale price. The supplier then ships the goods directly to the person who ordered from Jayne’s website.

Jayne’s profit is the difference between the retail price (what the customer paid) and the wholesale price (what Jayne paid the supplier). The actual goods never came into Jayne’s possession.

To summarize, a good dropshipper is someone who has a knack for marketing but doesn’t want to be involved in the supply chain. Dropshipping eliminates the middle step normally associated with retailing goods: the transfer of the goods from supplier to retailer.

Instead, the goods are shipped directly to the buyer. The dropshipper makes a small profit and doesn’t have nearly as much overhead as a traditional retailer.

So what’s the appeal of dropshipping?

Well, pretty much anyone can do it, from anywhere, to anywhere in the world.

You don’t need a physical storefront or lots of space for product. All you need is the know how to market products.

What is Dropship Lifestyle?

Dropship Lifestyle review

How do you get the marketing “know-how” if you don’t have it? What if you’re just a regular person like Jayne?

That’s where Dropship Lifestyle comes in. Dropship Lifestyle (DL) is a complete “how-to” course. It promises “to help you create a highly-profitable, semi-automated store that can be managed in 15 minutes per day in as little as 21 days.”

DL also offers the option of personal coaching for those who want it. Other options include:

  • A custom-designed website
  • Done-for-you social media pages
  • Retreat in Bali
  • Audio content from previous retreats/events
  • Specialized courses (i.e. “selling abroad”)

It also offers a free “mini course.” It is a 10-module video series.

The series introduces potential students to the content of the course (without giving away too much information). It was designed to provide a taste of the program for those who might be unsure about it.

History of Dropship Lifestyle

DL was founded by Anton Kraly. Kraly was just a regular guy with dreams of one day owning his own business.

Although he knew he wanted to work for himself, he wasn’t sure exactly what he wanted to do. Initially, he considered: restaurant ownership, running a franchise, opening a gym and even flipping houses.

Throughout college, Kraly attended numerous franchise trade shows, took real estate classes and went to seminars on health and wellness business opportunities. Still, he couldn’t make a decision.

After college, he needed to earn an income while he figured out what to do. He got a “normal” job, but found it dull and unfulfilling.

However, he continued his quest and eventually learned about the world of e-commerce. It caught his interest immediately, and it stuck.

He threw himself into the world of online business, teaching himself how to make money online.

With less than $30, he started his first online business in 2007. That small investment netted over half a million in sales in its first year, and grew to more than one million dollars the following year.

Kraly has expanded his e-commerce empire since then. He is involved in numerous online ventures. This includes Dropship Lifestyle as well as Performance Marketer.

How Does Dropship Lifestyle Work?

dropship lifestyle

DL offers three course/membership options: basic, premium and done-for-you. In the following section of this Dropship Lifestyle review, we will summarize each level.


This is DL’s “entry level” product. Those who sign up for the basic package will receive:

  • The Drop Ship Blueprint 6.0. The DL website describes this 7- module core course as “the step-by-step guide to creating a highly-profitable, semi-automated drop ship store.” Participants will learn everything they need to know to start-up and run their online dropshipping business.
  • Adwords for eCommerce Course. This course teaches students how to leverage Google AdWords to drive traffic to their ecommerce sites/pages.
  • Shopify Design Course. This is a video-based course that will teach you how to design your own website for your ecommerce business.
  • DSL Shopify Theme. This is designed to maximize your ability to convert site/page visitors to buying customers and facilitate sales.
  • DSL Shopify App. This app will help you manage your ecommerce business simply and efficiently.
  • Fast Business Forum Access. This is DL’s exclusive, members-only community. You will be able to connect with other DL students around the world, ask questions, offer advice, and more.


With Premium, you will receive everything that comes with Basic, plus:

  • Priority Support- You will be prioritized ahead of Basic purchasers when in need of support.
  • Selling Your Store Course
  • Paid Social Traffic Course
  • Supplier Directory
  • Outsourcing Course
  • Doing Business Abroad Course

Done For You

In this level, buyers get everything that comes with Premium, plus:

  • Annual Retreat Recordings. You’ll receive audio of speakers from past annual DL retreats.
  • Done For You Shopify Store. You’ll still get the Shopify course, but you won’t have to do your store yourself.
  • Done For You Social Media Pages. You’ll get custom-made social media pages to promote your business.
  • 1 Year Of Private Coaching. Learn from mentors who have gone through Dropship Lifestyle and started their own successful online businesses.
  • Bali Retreat Ticket. DL conducts an annual retreat in Bali. The retreat features guest speakers, workshops, and unites DL-users from around the world.

How Much Does Dropship Lifestyle Cost?

There is no ongoing cost involved in DL. Whichever product you choose (Basic, Premium or Done For You), there are no ongoing fees. You simply pay a one-time tuition fee. Prices are as follows:

Basic: $1,297

Premium: $1,497

Done For You: $4,997

How Much Money Can Be Made With Dropship Lifestyle?

There is no way to pin down a number-answer to this question. Like any small business, how much you make depends upon numerous factors. The most important factor is how hard you work.

You should be prepared to work hard, put in a lot of time (especially when you first start out) and learn from your mistakes. If you do these things, you’ll significantly increase your potential for making money.

You will find lots of success stories on the DL website. You will see claims made by past DL students of five and six-figure incomes using the system.

However, you won’t find any guarantees of overnight wealth anywhere on DL’s website. That’s because, as we have already stated, DL knows that how much money you make directly correlates with how hard you work.

What Other People Are Saying About Dropship Lifestyle

Part of the research for our Dropship Lifestyle review involved studying other people’s experiences with the company.

To find opinions and reviews, we checked with six of the best consumer review sites.

Our results were as follows:


No reviews


No reviews


No reviews


No reviews


No reviews


Here, visitors are asked to leave a written review and a rating out of five stars.

There were a total of 11 Dropship Lifestyle review posts. The company had an overall ranking of 3 out of 5 stars.

Out of the 11 reviews, four were contested by DL for “breach of Trustpilot guidelines.” The reason given by DL for contesting the four reviews was “we cannot find any record of this person in our customer database.”

Presumably, DL may have believed that these reviews were posted by people who never actually took the course. Or, they may have believed that the reviews were made by someone other than who the reviewer claimed to be.

Of the remaining Dropship Lifestyle review posts, three ranked DL 5 out of 5 stars. Four ranked it 1 out of 5 stars.

All of the five-star reviewers felt that the course provided practical, useful information. They also felt that it was what helped them become successful in the pursuit of a dropshipping business.

Said one five-star reviewer, “I love that [Dropship Lifestyle] revises their course yearly with lots of new tools and updated information. I think I got a good deal because I bought this course a while ago and I have the lifetime access to whatever the latest version is.”

Said another five-star reviewer, “Dropship Lifestyle and Anton Kraly are honest, transparent, and committed to helping all of us members succeed. If you follow the course, and his advice, and make sure that you put in the work, you will be successful!

Two of the one-star reviewers complained about the company’s 30-day money back guarantee. One stated that she asked for a refund, was told it was on the way, and that it never arrived. Another stated that she felt she got the runaround when she asked for her refund.

Blog Comments:

We also scoured the web and looked at what current and former members of this program had to say in blog comments. This was a good source of information and we found that there are mixed Dropship Lifestyle reviews.

Our Experience With Dropship Lifestyle

One of the things that sets DL apart from a majority of e commerce courses is its philosophy on using China-based suppliers.

Many dropshippers, Amazon.com retailers and online retailers in general rely on cheap goods from China for most or all of their sales.

Retailing products from China used to be profitable. Now the market is saturated with dropshippers and Amazon-sellers hawking products made in China.

Because of this, competition is tight. The only way to compete against others selling the same cheap items is to sell them cheaper. Today’s profit margins, therefore, are much smaller.

Part of DL’s philosophy is to avoid using products from China. You may or may not agree with this.

We appreciate the fact that DL teaches how to source products in places other than China. China will always be an option, but you’ll learn other alternatives through the DL coursework.

Some independent Dropship Lifestyle review posts commented on the high price of the various levels of study. The very least you can spend is $1,297, which gets you the basic package (which we think gives you enough information to get started). Of course, at the high end, you can spend almost $5000.

Are the prices high? Maybe.

On the flip side, let’s say you spend the $1,297. You follow the methods and advice given, and you make $10,000 in your first year (modest, compared to the reports of some former students). You’ve still come out more than $9,500 ahead.

Then again, having researched numerous “how to make money online” courses, we find DL’s prices to be quite comparable. (And remember, the $5000 option does include a trip to Bali.)

Not only are they comparable, DL’s various options are certainly not the highest-priced courses we’ve researched. Some courses can run students into the tens of thousands of dollars.

Dropship Lifestyle Review: Our Verdict On Dropship Lifestyle

First, we should point out that there were very few Dropship Lifestyle review posts online. It made it hard to to draw a conclusion about other users’ experience with DL. The one place we found some mixed feedback was in blog comments left by current and former members.

On the other hand, people tend to post reviews when their experience was poor. Fewer users with positive experiences will take the time to post a Dropship Lifestyle review.

Of the handful of negative Dropship Lifestyle review posts we read, at least a few of them were questionable and possibly dubious in origin. Because of this, we feel fairly confident in saying that there are probably a lot more satisfied than dissatisfied DL students out there.

What about its price?

We have two things to say about the perception that this course is expensive.

First: as we already mentioned, Dropship Lifestyle is quite comparable in price to other similar courses.

The one thing we don’t like is it seems the price just keeps going up. It’s already on the high end of the scale.

Second, if are you intrigued but a bit unsure, you don’t have to spend money right away.

Instead, give the free mini course a try. This will give give you insight into:

1) The content of the course

2) Whether dropshipping is something you can see yourself doing

Plus, there is good news:

Dropship Lifestyle offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. You can get a full refund if you are dissatisfied after completing the course package.

Just make sure you read the terms of the guarantee in its entirety. They are very specific.

To summarize our Dropship Lifestyle review, we believe that this course:

  • Contains educational, useful and practical content
  • Provides great value in relation to its price
  • Can provide you with the right tools for starting a dropshipping business

Plus, we love that there are no ongoing fees (like a monthly membership cost). There are no hidden costs, either. What you see up front is what you pay for.

What we don’t like about this program:

  • Mixed blog comments from users.
  • Price is comparable to other similar programs teaching making money online but it’s still high. The main issue is the price keeps going up and it’s already high enough.

While we like the program, with the mixed reviews we have seen from users we just can’t give it our full recommendation. This may change in the future as more information comes in from others.


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