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Business Ideas – 670 Of The Best Business Ideas

business ideas

​If you’re looking to start your own business, then you will need to choose a business.

The problem is there are hundreds of business ideas to choose from.

Below you will find the largest list of business ideas found anywhere online.

The list of business ideas below contains 670 of the best business ideas. These ideas range from businesses for animal lovers to writers.


Animal Behavior Consultant

These specialists work with hard-to-manage pets to curb barking, biting, hissing, and inappropriate behaviors. This is one of the best small business ideas for animal lovers.

Animal Husbandry Service

Anyone who has worked on a farm may enjoy professionally breeding and caring for farm animals for a set fee. One of the best business ideas for animal lovers.

Animal Rescue Service

One of the best small business ideas for people with expertise in animal rehabilitation is to start an animal rescue service. These people rescue animals from terrible situations, foster them and rehome them.

Aquarium Maintenance Service

Among the best business ideas for fish experts is to open a business as an aquarium maintenance specialist by traveling to homes and businesses to service the tanks.

Beekeeping Business

A professional beekeeper helps to keep the population of bees thriving and sells organic honey-based foods, bath and body products, salves and other natural goods.

Cat Cafe

Among the many great business ideas for feline lovers, a cat cafe gives kitties and their owners the chance to socialize in a playground environment. For cat lovers, this is one of the best small business ideas.

Chicken Renting Service

Anyone with extensive experience handling or raising chickens may benefit from starting a chicken renting service for a set fee; customers get fresh eggs for as long as they rent the chickens.

Circus Business

With the right licensing and up-front investment, an avid animal lover can start a circus in their town to perform during carnivals and fairs.

Commercial Aviary

If the idea of raising small exotic birds for resale excites you, one of the best small business ideas is to raise and sell birds to pet stores and individuals for profit.

Dog Breeding Business

Often referred to as stud service, dog breeding is one of the most profitable business ideas for people who love caring for and selling certified puppies and dogs.

Dog Training Business

One of the most profitable business ideas for anyone with experience in dog handling and obedience is dog training. Offer in-home obedience training courses or travel for more expansion.

Dog Walking Business

Professional dog walkers get paid by the hour or for a set fee. They take adorable pups for walks to get exercise and to do their business while their owners are at work.

Equine Therapy Business

One of the best small business ideas for people who have worked with horses is to rehabilitate retired or injured horses for a set fee.

Fish Farm

Fish specialists raise and breed tropical and exotic fish to sell to private clients, pet stores and businesses.

Fishing Charter Business

With proper licenses, permits and insurance, avid fishing experts can bring customers to remote fishing spots to catch fish with this lucrative business.

Fishing Supplies

Whether it is a brick-and-mortar operation or an online website, a fishing supply store carries everything from lures to live bait, fishing poles and tackle boxes to sell to customers.

Goat Rental Business

One of the best small business ideas for goat owners is to rent the goats out to petting zoos and private customers so they can use goat’s milk for consumption or to make soaps.

Guard Dog Business

Guard dog trainers work with large-breed dogs to teach them how to protect the property of customers or owners. This is one of the best small business ideas in urban areas where crime is prevalent.

Horseback Riding Lessons Business

People with equine experience can teach children and adults how to properly saddle and ride a horse for a set fee or hourly rate.

Horse Boarding

With a large plot of land or rented farmland, anyone with equine experience can house and care for horses while owners are away or unable to care for their pet.

Kennel Business

Kennel owners care for a variety of pets while their owners are away on personal or business trips. It is one of the best small business ideas for animal lovers.

Lobster Fishing Business

With proper licensing, lobster fishing can be a very lucrative business. Lobster crew members measure and haul lobsters to sell at designated drop-off points for on-the-spot payment.

Mobile Dog Grooming Business

From bathing to nail clipping and haircuts, mobile dog grooming stations travel to the homes of those with mobility issues or time restraints; it is one of the most profitable small business ideas.

Mobile Vet Business

A traveling vet operation is one of the best small business ideas in urban areas. Licensed veterinarians perform well checks, give immunizations and treat minor ailments from their mobile units.

Pet Bakery

A pet bakery is filled with a variety of homemade treats for popular animal species. They are especially great for animals on a special or organic diet.

Pet Cemetery Business

Pet cemeteries coordinate the post-mortem needs of pets who have passed away. From cremation to burial, a pet cemetery business helps pets receive a proper burial.

Pet Clothing Store

From cat harnesses to puppy raincoats, a pet clothing store offers everything a pet needs to stay warm and dry in inclement weather. They are great small business ideas in larger cities.

Pet Fish Store

Fish store owners breed and sell a variety of supplies as well as tropical and freshwater fish to customers, other pet stores and businesses.

Pet Food Business

Small business ideas, like pet food stores, do rather well in big cities. These shops sell a variety of specialized, hard-to-find pet food and brands for a variety of animals.

Pet Grooming Business

Pet groomers do everything from clip nails to administer medications, bathe, dry, clean ears and eyes and pamper people’s pets.

Pet Shelter

A pet shelter is one of the best small business ideas for people with big hearts. Shelters house and care for stray and displaced animals until they can be reunited with their owners or adopted into a new and loving home.

Pet Supply Store

Pet supply stores are filled with food, toys, treats, treatments, accessories, aids, tanks and other dwellings that people buy to make their pets happy, safe and comfortable.

Pet Waste Removal Business

Pet waste businesses remove animal waste from commercial and residential properties. This is one of the best small business ideas for people who like to work alone.

Pet-Sitting Business

Pet sitters feed, house and care for animals when their owners are away. This is one of many great business ideas for people who love having a variety of pets in their home.

Petting Zoo

Petting zoo owners are licensed to care for a variety of farm, domesticated and exotic pets. Petting zoos are often found at fairs and at local community events.

Veterinary Practice

Veterinarians, and their staff, care for many different animal species. They perform surgeries, give vaccinations, perform well checks and give recommendations to pet owners.

Zoo Business

Zoo businesses and animal sanctuaries house animals who have been born in captivity or have undergone injury and rehabilitation. Zoos are one of the best small business ideas for licensed zoologists.


Antique Store

Antique stores are stores that specialize in selling antique items. (“Antique” is generally considered to be an item that is 100 years or older.) The ideal antique store owner should have an understanding of antiques and how to value them.

Pawn Shop

A pawn shop purchases used products from members of the public and resells them at a profit. Many also offer short-term collateral loans. An individual can bring in an item of value and receive a loan for the wholesale value of the item. If the customer pays back the loan according to the terms agreed upon, the item is returned to him. If he doesn’t repay it, the pawn shop sells to item to recoup their money.


Acting Instruction

Professional acting coaches teach prospective actors the art of performance-based art through a series of structured classes that utilize improvisation.

Aerial Arts Studio

Acrobats, gymnasts and circus performers gather at aerial arts studios across the nation to be taught the art of performance-based tricks and showmanship at this type of studio. Certifications and insurance requirements are needed to run an aerial arts studio.

Architecture Business

Architects plan and coordinate zoning and other requirements to build commercial properties in many cities. Among the many small business ideas available, this one has the potential for serious growth in major metropolitan areas.

Art Consulting

Art consultants help artists find their best type of target audience, and they can also promote an individual artist’s work during a showcase at a gallery.

Art Gallery

Art galleries showcase and present the various paintings, sculptures, photography and art pieces from a variety of local artists. Gallery owners typically take a commission for each piece sold.

Calligraphy Business

People who have taken a calligraphy course can make money creating handwritten invitations, wedding announcements, graduation commencement pamphlets and place settings for dinner events. It is one of the best small business ideas for those with great penmanship.

Caricature Business

Caricature artists often have booths set up at fairs, community events, on boardwalks and at amusement parks. One of the best small business ideas for an independent artist is to draw people’s portraits in a cartoon fashion as a caricature artist.


A cartoonist can start a great business submitting completed works to magazines, book publishing companies, independent news outlets and marketing agencies in the local area.

Casting Agency Business

Casting agents recruit actors, models and singers of all ages to star in everything from commercials to movies, radio advertisements and television shows.

Commercial Artist

Commercial artists pair up with businesses to design logos, marketing materials, book covers and other advertisements to help a brand promote or sell their product or service.

Computer Animator

Computer animation experts work to create animation for commercials, television shows and design companies from all over the globe. It is one of the best small business ideas for people with an established portfolio, many contacts and a background in computer programming and animation.

Entertainment Business

Profitable business ideas for entertainment include anything having to do with television, movies, theater and music.

Film Production Company

Film production companies handle everything from budgeting to set design, and most film production companies consist of small groups of independent freelancers.

Ice Sculpture Business

From animals to logos and unique shapes, ice sculpture artists carve out intricate and awe-inspiring creations from blocks of ice. These sculptures are needed for weddings, parties in the community and outdoor winter events.

Illustration Business

Of the many small business ideas for artists, an illustration business has low overhead. Illustrators freelance for book publishers, marketing agencies, advertising executives and various print publications.

Live Band

Musicians travel from venue to venue and walk away with cold-hard cash every night for performing on stage or at a bar, and they are doing what they love.

Makeup Artist Business

Professional makeup artists earn a lot of money by providing consultations and doing makeup for weddings, pageants and proms. Many makeup artists also outsource to provide services at salons and department stores.

Mobile DJ Business

Mobile DJ professionals travel to weddings, parties, proms, nightclubs and various entertainment venues to provide both entertainment and heart-pumping music to engage the crowd.

Mural Painting Business

Commissioned by city council offices, commercial businesses, parks and recreation venues and art studios, mural painters work for a set fee to paint beautiful masterpieces in the heart of a thriving metropolis.

Nail Salon

One of the best small business ideas for anyone with a cosmetology background and certifications is to open a nail salon. From French manicures to pedicures, gel acrylics and pink-and-whites, nail salons offer lots of fun options for customers.

Teach Art Lessons

Anyone with an art background can teach art lessons at local schools, community centers and art studios. Some art teachers even open their own home to budding artists and charge an hourly rate for instruction.

Theater Company

Any community space or venue with a stage can be rented to open a theater company. Local businesses love sponsoring theater companies since it brings business to their establishments.

Voice-Over Service

People with professional-sounding voices can perform a variety of voice-related tasks for excellent pay. Voice actors do radio jingles, work on movie and television sets and create a portfolio of work to gain new clients. As one of the most lucrative small business ideas, seasoned voice artists can make hundreds of dollars an hour.



Although eBooks have taken over some of the reader market, many people still enjoy the feel of pages and the experience of holding a physical book while reading. Many bookstores closed in the wake of the eBook trend. Now, however, they are experiencing a resurgence with readers who miss the feel of a book and the reading room atmosphere of the old bookstores. Independent, niche and boutique bookstores are re-opening and becoming profitable in light of this trend.

Comic Bookstore

A comic book store specializes in selling comic books and graphic novels. Many also sell comic-related merchandise like toys, figurines and replicas. Additionally, many comic book stores sell not just new comic books but also classic, antique and rare comic books.

Used Book Store

A used bookstore gives old books a second life. It specializes in selling used, old, and sometimes rare, books.

Young Adult Book Business

A Young Adult Book Business produces and publishes books for adolescent and teenage readers. Whether fiction or nonfiction, there is a wide market for young adult books.


Barrel Making Business

Also known as a “cooper,” a barrel-maker builds traditional-style wooden barrels. These barrels are used by distilleries, wineries and breweries to store and age wine, whisky and a variety of other types of alcoholic beverages. Barrel-making is a niche business with big opportunities for someone who is a skilled barrel-maker.

Bead Store

Baking and selling bread is a great way for a skilled baker to make money. Artisan bread is especially popular, but all types of bread from yeast breads to quick breads can be sold, either to the general public or to other businesses. Bread-makers often sell their products in farmer’s markets, local stores and restaurants.

Bookbinding Business

A growing self-publishing market is keeping the demand for bookbinding services strong. Starting a bookbinding business requires the purchase of bookbinding equipment plus someone with design skills. Publishing companies and self-publishers will be your main clientele as a book binder.

Candle Making Business

Artisan candles are extremely popular, particularly scented/aromatherapy varieties. As a candle designer, you would be able to sell your products directly to consumers via the Web. You may also be able sell as a vendor in farmer’s markets and at trade shows, or commercially to other businesses.

Craft Store (Online)

Hand-crafted items of all types can be marketed and sold in an online craft store. Many crafters sell their wares from their own online stores, while others sell through existing online craft markets such as Etsy.com, Amazon.com, eBay.com, ArtFire.com and many others.

Custom Doll Business

Custom doll-making is a fun and rewarding business idea for artisans who have sewing, painting or other doll-making skills. Custom dolls can be made from a variety of different materials and sold as children’s toys, novelty items, wedding cake toppers or collectibles.

Custom Phone Case Business

People’s cell phones are as individual as the people who own them. Many cell phone owners like to express that individuality with a unique phone case. A custom phone case business may design, produce and sell its own custom phone cases, customized existing phone cases, or simply retail custom phone cases purchased from a wholesaler.

Dried Flower Arrangements

This is a good opportunity for people who are creative, have an eye for color and/or have experience working with florals. Dried flowers can be sold to craft stores and craft-makers. A second type of service that can be offered is the drying of flowers for the purpose of preservation, such as wedding bouquets.

Etsy Entrepreneur Business

Etsy.com is an online superstore of handmade items in a variety of mediums. Individual artisans/crafters can set up their own Etsy “shop.” Just about anything can be sold through Etsy as long as it has been made by hand. If you can make it, you can sell it on Etsy.

Flower Shop

Flowers and floral arrangements never go out of style. Bouquets are popular as gifts for special occasions, as well as for decorating homes, offices or even entire events, like weddings. To be successful, you’ll need at least a basic understanding of flowers and flower arranging and an eye for creativity.

Gift Basket Business

People love to give meaningful, artfully-presented gifts. However, they don’t necessarily have the time and/or the creativity to do this on their own. Creating themed gift baskets allows someone to choose a gift with thought, personality and creativity without having to come up with ideas on their own. You can even create customized gift baskets based on information about the receiver as provided by the buyer.

Gift Wrapping Business

Busy people sometimes don’t even have time to wrap, let alone buy, gifts, but they don’t want to settle for a boring gift bag. Professional gift wrappers provide a valuable service to harried shoppers. Not only that, they also get to be creative and put smiles on people’s faces.

Glass Blowing Business

Glass blowing is a process that produces beautiful works of art from raw glass. Art pieces may be sold on site and/or to other retailers. Some glass blowing operations also offer public tours which helps to drum up business.

Longarm Quilting Business

Quilt-making is a popular hobby. Quilting necessitates the use of a sewing or quilting machine. Even with a standard quilting machine, the process is tedious. A longarm quilter makes sewing the layers of a quilt together much faster and more efficient. Most home quilters don’t own longarm machines because they are costly. A longarm quilting business can provide this service to home quilters at a reasonable cost to the customer and quickly generate enough profit to recoup the cost of the machine.

Pottery Business

Someone who is skilled with a pottery wheel can get into this business. Anything from practical pieces, such as dinnerware, or artwork for display can be produced and sold.

Quilt Business

If quilting is your hobby, you can easily turn it into a business by selling your creations, including both your own original designs or custom quilts made-to-order.

Quilt Shop

Take your quilt business one step further and open up a quilt shop. Your shop can be your base for selling your own quilts as well as quilts from other artists. Many quilt shops also carry quilting supplies and even offer quilting classes.

Scrapbooking Business

A scrapbooking business can take a couple of forms. One is to sell scrapbooking supplies. Another is to physically create customized, themed scrapbooks for customers with pictures they provide. A third alternative (or an additional service) is to teach scrapbooking classes and/or host “crop” events.

Sell Ceramics/Pottery

Pottery pieces created by hand from raw clay are both works of art as well as practical household pieces. Operating a pottery business starts with designing and producing each piece. Some potters have their own store/gallery from which they sell their work. Others sell their work in galleries owned by others. Still others sell their pieces wholesale to retailers.

Soap Making Business

Soap making is both an art and a science. And, with many consumers looking for better and more natural alternatives to mass-produced soaps with chemicals in them, it’s a viable opportunity. Soap making businesses typically produce soap in smaller batches, allowing for more quality control and flexibility to create different recipes.

Upholstery Business

An upholstery business reupholstery old furniture that has had its covering worn out. An upholstery business may also provide upholstery for new furniture and even the inside of vehicles.

Yarn Store

Yarn stores cater specifically to knitters and crocheters. They typically carry a wide variety of yarn in different colors and material types. Yarn stores also carry knitting and crochet accessories, including needles and patterns.


Color Consultant

A color consultant is someone who knows and understands the complexities of color and color theory. They are versed in hue, chroma, value and tone as well as how different colors work together. Color consultants are more than decorators. They often work with big companies, advising them on how to use color to evoke emotion, boost productivity, increase sales and many other aspects of improving business.

Creative Agency

Creative agencies work with other businesses on creating a brand and enhancing the image of the company. This might involve any number of tasks related to branding, including creating advertising campaigns, coming up with slogans or jingles, writing advertisements, devising a social media strategy and networking with newspapers and other advertisers.

Custom Car Shop

A custom car shop is a very specialized type of automotive shop. It is often part body shop and part mechanic shop. Therefore, running a custom car shop requires someone with an in-depth understanding of cars. Custom car shops may do anything from adding aftermarket parts to a new car to completely rebuilding a classic car.

Graphic Design Business

Graphic designers create eye-catching visuals (text, photos, artwork) for both online and printed media. For this business, you’ll need a quality computer, graphic design software and some basic programming knowledge. Most importantly, to be successful you must be creative and have a knack for combining visual elements.

Home Decorator Business

Those with a flair for home decorating and/or a background in interior decorating can start this type of business. A home decorator works with private individuals in their homes, offering decorating advice. Most home decorators also carry or have access to products like furniture, artwork and other home decor items. The home decorator business makes money through consultation fees and through the retail sale of products.

Home Staging Business

A home stager prepares a home for sale to be viewed by potential buyers by decorating it with appealing furniture and decor. A home stager must have interior decorating skills and access to contemporary furniture and other decor items. Home staging businesses may work with private sellers as well as with home builders who are demonstrating “show homes.”

Interior Design Business

An interior design business helps to plan what the inside of home under construction or renovation is going to look like. However, rather than dealing with structure, the interior designer helps to choose things like type of cabinets, countertops, flooring, window coverings and anything else relating to the aesthetics of the home. Interior designers work mainly with real estate developers, home builders and home renovators. They charge fees based on their time and the scope of the work. They may also make a commission on any design products purchased through their business.

Packaging Design Business

When companies create or rebrand a product, they look for appealing packaging that will help their product sell. A packaging design business provides ideas, artwork and graphic design for such products. Packaging design requires not only creative talent, but also an understanding of how different colors, fonts and even materials affect a buyer’s perception of that product.

Print Shop

The demand for printing, particularly promotional materials, is growing. For this business, you’ll need printing equipment and shop space. You can market your products and services locally as well as online.

Public Relations Agency

When an individual, group, organization or business wants to promote an idea with the public, they often hire a public relations agency. The agency will work with the client to come up with creative promotional ideas. It will then use its business contacts and other spheres of influence to get those ideas and campaigns into the eyes of the public.

Screen printing Business

screen printing is a different type of printing process than digital printing. It produces colors that are brighter and more vibrant, ideal for printing on fabric (i.e. t-shirts), especially over darker colors. Like a print shop business, you can market your services locally as well as online.

Stained Glass Business

A stained glass business produces stained glass items for sale. Whether it’s an item that is purely artistic in nature, like a suncatcher, or also has a practical use, like a lamp or piece of jewelry, stained glass is valued for its beauty. Depending on the type of items, stained glass works can be sold in retail shops or art galleries. They may even be privately-commissioned, such as a stained glass window for a church.

Tattoo Parlor

Body art has never been more popular. If you’re an artist, you can capitalize on the trend and open a tattoo shop. Tattoo artists charge by the hour, enough to cover overhead, supplies and make a profit.


Airport Shuttle Service

An airport shuttle service picks up passengers at a local airport and drives them to one or a small handful of specific destinations. These destinations are usually within proximity of the airport you are servicing and include common passenger stops like hotels, remote airport parking lots, car rental depots, local transit hubs, etc. You’ll need at least one transport-type vehicle (passenger van or small bus with cargo space) and the right type of license required to drive a commercial passenger vehicle. (To be successful, you’ll most likely need two, three or several vehicles so that you can provide continual service on a regular schedule.)

Driving School

Driving schools provide instruction to students who are first learning to drive. Many driving schools also offer advanced driving courses for people who already hold a driver’s license. This may include safe driving courses, winter driving skills or specialized driving, like motorcycle or truck driving. Students pay a tuition fee to attend classes or take lessons.

Errand Service

Many professionals spend a lot of hours working, and some workers spend a lot of time commuting to and from work. Consequently, they don’t always have time to drop a suit off at the cleaners or pick up a loaf of bread from the grocery store. Errand services fill in this gap and run a variety of errands on behalf of its clients. They make their money either by charging a flat fee, a fee per hour or a fee based on the type of errand.

Laundry Delivery Service

A laundry delivery service not only does the job of cleaning a client’s clothing, it also picks up dirty laundry and delivers it after it’s clean. A laundry delivery service may work with both private individuals as well as business customers.

Limo Business

A limo business provides luxury transportation (including a trained professional driver) to and from events for private individuals and business clients. The work can range from driving a group of teens to their high school prom to providing reliable, safe and discreet transportation for professionals or celebrities.

Truck Driving School

Those who want to become commercial truck drivers or simply want to obtain a different class of driver’s license often turn to truck driving schools. A truck driving school provides classes and lessons on driving a variety of different vehicles, including commercial vehicles and vehicles with air brakes.

Water Delivery Business

This type of business delivers bottled water and/or water cooler bottles to retailers, homes and businesses. Often, a water delivery business also hauls away the customer’s empty bottles.


Compost Business

A compost business collects organic material like food scraps and yard waste (leaves, grass clippings, etc.) and turns it into compost. Revenue can be generated through waste collection fees and by selling composted soil to gardeners and farmers or stores.

Energy Consulting Company

Energy consultants work with private individuals and/or businesses on how to conserve energy. The consultant may conduct an energy “audit” and/or make recommendations on changes in habit, practice or equipment that can reduce energy consumption.

Paper Recycling Business

This type of business collects used paper and recycles it, either into new paper or into other paper-based products. A paper recycling business must have factory space and recycling equipment. It must also have a reliable way to collect paper for processing. Paper recyclers often contract with municipalities which pick up waste paper from residents and deliver it to the recycling plant for processing.


Barber Shop

Trained barbers provide men’s haircuts and styling services. Barber shops often also offer shaves and may even carry a selection of men’s grooming products.

Beauty Consultant Business

A beauty consultant works one-on-one with clients offering customized beauty advice. Usually that advice includes some type of beauty treatment, such as makeup application. A successful beauty consultant will have training in cosmetics application and working with a variety of beauty products. A beauty consultant business makes money from fees for consultation sessions as well as selling beauty products.

Beauty Salon

Beauty salons typically cater to women and offer a variety of hair services. Usually this includes cuts, blow-dries, styling, coloring, etc. Salons often carry a selection of beauty, grooming and hair products for sale as well.

Body Piercing Shop

Body piercing is trending, making this field of business rife with opportunity. A body piercing shop employs certified body piercers and offers a wide variety of piercing styles. A body piercing shop makes money by charging a fee for piercing. Most piercing shops also have an extensive selection of retail jewelry for sale, as well as piercing aftercare supplies.

Body Waxing Salon

Body waxing is the application of food-grade wax to the body as a method of hair removal. Body waxing is the most popular form of hair removal, so there is great opportunity to make money in this business. A body waxing salon specializes in this service and charges fees depending on the type of waxing service performed.

Body Wrap Spa

Body wraps incorporate various items or substances which are applied (or “wrapped”) around the entire body to produce a desired effect. Some body wraps are designed to detoxify, others to hydrate skin. Still others are meant to trim and slim the body. A body wrap spa specializes in these procedures, and guests pay a fee depending on the type of wrap selected. Additional profit can be generated by offering “value-added” services, such as a massage with a wrap.

Bronzing Business

“Bronzing,” also known as “sunless tanning,” is the application of a melanin-producing spray to the body to create a tan without exposure to the sun. Bronzing businesses often offer two types of bronzing services: self-application (administered through a spray machine) and application by a spray professional. Customers pay a fee based on the type of service they choose.

Clothing Boutique

This is a retail store that sells clothing. “Boutique” often refers to a store that specializes in a certain type of clothing, such as “casual” wear. It may also cater especially to women or to men, or even a certain age group, like teens.

Clothing Line

Is fashion your thing? Start your own clothing line and sell your own designs. However, even if you aren’t a designer, you can still start purchase private label clothing and put your own label on it.

Consignment Store

A consignment store sells used clothing that is “consigned” from members of the public. This means that people can bring in their used clothing and the consigner will buy it and then resell it for a profit. Many consignment stores focus on higher-end or brand-name clothing. However, any clothing that is in style and in good shape can be sold in a consignment store.

Cosmetology Business

A cosmetology business focuses on beauty services for the skin, hair and nails. This includes treatments like manicures/pedicures, facials, hairstyling services (cuts, coloring, perms), waxing, eyelash extensions, microblading, makeup application and many others. Some cosmetology businesses focus on one or a few of these services. Others may offer a wide range of cosmetology services in a spa-like setting.

Costume Rental Business

If you love the idea of dressing up as someone (or something) else, you would probably enjoy owning a costume rental business. This type of business supplies a variety of costumes, accessories and props to rent. It may also supply related products for sale, such as makeup. Costume shops rent to the general public who need costumes for special events or Halloween, as well as to theater groups.

Exercise Clothing Store

This is a clothing store business that specializes in selling clothes for exercising and/or sports. Many exercise clothing stores also carry athletic shoes as well as a variety of accessories (water bottles, wristbands, etc.).

Fashion Consulting Business

This business is ideal for someone who has a strong sense of style and who keeps up with what is current in the fashion industry. A fashion consultant works directly with clients, helping them choose clothing and build a wardrobe.

Formal Wear Rental Business

This type of a business rents formal wear to customers for upscale, special occasions like weddings proms. Inventory typically includes clothing for both men and women, like tuxedos, shirts, ties, shoes, dresses and even wedding dresses.

Gem Sale Business

This may take the form of either a retail or wholesale business. A retail gem sale business buys gems from wholesalers and/or private sellers and resells them to the general public at a profit. A gem wholesaler purchases gems from directly from producers and sells them to retailers, jewelers, jewelry-makers, etc.

Glasses Store

A glasses store is a retail shop that carries glasses and sunglasses frames. Glasses stores also provide custom lenses for customers with prescriptions. Some glasses stores have on-site labs which manufacture the lenses. Others contract this process out to an outside lab. Either way, there is profit to be made.


A haberdashery is a retail store that sells men’s hats. Most haberdasheries carry high-end, high-quality and/or designer hats. A haberdashery business owner will need to have a keen sense of style, a love for fashionable hats and the ability to keep up with current trends.

Hair Salon

A hair salon offers the same types of hair-related services as a beauty salon. However, it tends to cater to both men and women, with stylists who are fluent in all kinds of haircuts and styles. Clients will also often find hair, beauty and grooming products for sale in hair salons.

Halloween Costume Shop

The ultimate “pop-up” shop, Halloween costume shops are typically open for about 2-3 months leading up to and just after Halloween (Oct 31). They sell everything you need for dressing up for Halloween, including costumes, accessories, props and makeup. Many Halloween stores also sell Halloween decorations and some even have costumes to rent.

Jewelry Store

Those with an eye for sparkle may have what it takes to operate a retail jewelry store. Your days would center around purchasing jewelry pieces at wholesale and then reselling them to the general public at a profit. To be successful, you need to understand gemstones and metals and a good handle on jewelry fashion trends.

Leather Business

This type of business may provide either leather goods or leather repair services to the public. Some leather businesses offer both. A leather goods store typically carries purses, wallets, belts, clothing, shoes and accessories. A leather repair service offers repairs to a variety of leather goods.

Makeup Business

Sell makeup and cosmetic items to the public either online or from a physical, brick-and-mortar store (or both). To be successful, you’ll need to have a thorough understanding of cosmetics and how to apply them.

Modeling Agency

Modeling agencies work with advertisers, producers and publishers to supply models for photoshoots, commercials and/or live modeling events. A successful agent understands the modeling business, knows what types of models are needed in the marketplace and has contacts in the advertising industry.

Personal Shopper Service

Personal shoppers spend their days shopping for others. A personal shopper business can be as simple as doing someone’s grocery shopping to something more specialized, such as helping clients pick out a professional wardrobe.

Personal Styling Business

Anyone who has an excellent sense of style and fashion can turn this into a business by helping others find their own sense of style and create an image. A typical day at a personal styling business might involve helping a client purchase a wardrobe that complements their personality or career or choose a makeup palette for a special event.

Plus-Size Clothing Store

This is a clothing boutique that specializes in larger-sized clothing (i.e. sizes 12 and up). Fashionable plus-sized clothing can be difficult to find in typical clothing stores, so this type of store should have access to a wide range of styles in plus-sized clothing. To be successful, you should have a keen sense of fashion and an awareness of what is trendy in the market.

Purse Store

What girl doesn’t love a pretty purse? If handbags are your jam, why not sell them? You can have a brick-and-mortar purse store, an online store or both. You should have a smart sense of style and what is trendy in purses to operate a successful purse store.

Sewing Business

If you are skilled with a sewing machine, you can start a business creating handmade items. Products may range from custom clothing to household goods (curtains, tableware, etc.) to toys. Repair and alteration services are also typically offered by a sewing business.

Shoe Line

This would be an ideal business for the fashion-minded person with design skills, or great concepts/ideas and a partner who can do the designing. Produce and sell your own products or sell your designs to existing companies.

Sunglasses Store Business

A sunglasses store carries a variety of eyewear designed to both protect the eyes from harmful UV rays, perform under a variety of circumstances and look fashionable at the same time. You should have an astute sense of fashion and style trends, an understanding of how sunglasses protect the eyes from UV rays, and knowledge of different types of sunglasses and what they are made for.

Sunglasses Line

If you have an “eye” for fashionable eyewear, you can start your own sunglasses line. This business requires someone who is design savvy and business-minded. Manufacture your own products or create and sell hot sunglasses designs to existing companies.

Tanning Salon

A tanning salon is a specialized spa with various types of tanning equipment. Guests pay a fee to spend a few minutes in a tanning bed, stand-up tanner, etc. developing a tan in a UV-controlled environment. Tanning salons can also make money by carrying a supply of retail tanning supplies for sale, such as tanning lotions and oils, UV-blocking eyewear and even beachwear.

Watch Business

Watches are making a big comeback as both timepieces and fashion statements. Not only that, but new technology is making it possible for watches to do almost everything a smartphone can do. You can sell watches at retail prices from a brick-and-mortar boutique-style store, online or both.

Watch Repair Business

Lovers of high-end, designer watches don’t want to get rid of their watches when they break down. A watch repair business provides repairs to both digital and analog watches. You must be a skilled repair person to operate this type of business. You’ll also need to invest in equipment and shop space.

Wig Store

A wig store business carries a variety of wigs for sale and/or rent. Some people wear wigs just for fashion. However, the majority of clients will be people who have lost their hair due to a medical condition or the effects of medical treatment. Other clients may include actors, theater group and the television and film industry. Brick-and-mortar wig stores do best when located in large cities. However, a successful wig shop can be run online and cater to clients around the country or world.


Acupuncture Service

Acupuncture has been practiced in the orient for centuries. Here in the west, the demand for this “alternative” health treatment continues to grow. Some acupuncturists start their own clinics, while others lease space within a larger healthcare facility.

Aerial Sports Instruction Service

Aerial sports can refer to a number of “flying” type sports. The most popular, though, include paragliding, hang gliding and parachuting/skydiving. Turn your love for flight into a business and teach others how to do it correctly and safely.

Aerobics Instructor

To become an aerobics instructor requires completion of a certification program. Typically, this involves approximately 100 to 150 hours of training in fitness and fitness instruction and safety. A certified aerobics instructor can freelance her services or start her own gym or aerobics studio.

Alternative Healthcare Business

“Alternative healthcare” is a broad term and can refer to any kind of non-traditional health care. This may include chiropractic, reflexology, reiki, acupuncture, breathwork, naturopathy, osteopathy and a myriad of other disciplines. Focus on one type of practice, or combine several under one roof for a holistic, whole-person focus.

Archery Range

An archery range is a place where members of the public can pay a fee to participate in bow and arrow target shooting. Archery ranges typically charge either a flat fee for equipment rental and play for a certain amount of time (i.e. one hour) or per number of arrows, or a combination of both. Archery ranges can also generate profit by selling memberships and teaching archery classes or lessons.


Start your own retail business selling aromatherapy products, such as essential oils. You may also offer aromatherapy classes (teaching others how to use essential oils).

Axe-Throwing Party

Axe-throwing is one of today’s trendy, up-and-coming sports and recreational activities. An axe-throwing party business involves setting up a mobile axe-throwing arena at a customer’s location and teaching the game to party-goers.

Baseball Hitting Coach Business

An experienced baseball player who is skilled with a bat can teach amateur baseball players how to properly swing a bat and make successful hits. Hitting coaches work with Little League, junior league and high school teams as well as individual players to improve their batting.

Batting Cage Business

Batting cages draw both recreational entertainment seekers as well as amateur baseball players who desire extra batting practice. You’ll need to purchase batting cage equipment and land or a facility with ample space. An outdoor facility can be operated during non-winter months (in areas that experience cold, snowing winters). An indoor facility can operate year-round.

Bike Rental Business

This type of business rents bicycles to customers, typically by the hour, half-day or day. Bike rental businesses are usually most successful in big cities, busy recreational areas featuring trails or bike-friendly roadways (large city parks, state parks, beaches) or scenic destinations.

Bike Shop

Bike shops make most of their profits selling bicycles, bike parts and accessories and other biking-related products. Some bike shops also offer bike repair services, custom bicycle-building or cycling classes/training.

Boutique Gym

Rather than having a wide range of varying equipment and programs, boutique gyms focus on a particular area of fitness. 30-minute cross-training gyms are one popular example, but you can start a boutique gym for just about any fitness niche imaginable.

Bowling Alley

A bowling alley makes money by offering open recreational bowling to members of the public. It also makes money from operating leagues in which teams of bowlers practice together and compete with other teams. Bowling alleys may also offer food services in the form of a café, restaurant or bar.

Boxing Club

A boxing club typically consists of one or more boxing rings, and often includes space for punching bags and other related equipment and training. Boxing clubs make money by offering lessons, classes, coaching/training and memberships.

Canoe and Kayak Rental Business

This type of business rents kayaks and/or canoes to members of the public, usually by the hour, half-day or day. A canoe/kayak rental business will thrive best near busy recreational lakes or ocean bays in public parks, beaches, state parks and campgrounds.

Challenge Course

A challenge course is an obstacle course designed to challenge a person’s physical abilities. However, challenge courses are as much about overcoming mental blocks and fears as they are about athleticism. The best challenge courses offer something for everyone, from the skilled sportsman to the person new to fitness. Challenge courses make money by selling memberships, hosting classes/camps, offering lessons and/or coaching and hosting team events.

Crossit Gym

This is a type of “boutique gym” that focuses on cross-fit training. CrossFit involves intervals of various types high-intensity, cardio-based workout with strength and other types of slower, focused exercise. A CrossFit gym usually has a variety of exercise equipment designed to challenge both gross and fine motor and muscle improvement.

Dance Instructor

A dance instructor offers dance lessons to individuals, couples/partners, small or large groups. A dance instructor doesn’t necessarily have to have any kind of formal certification as long as he or she has a demonstrated ability to master his or her style of dance. Some dance instructors offer private lessons in clients’ homes, while others teach in a studio-type setting.

Day Spa

Day spas offer a variety of beauty and “pampering” services. Typical day spa services include massage, manicures/pedicures, facials, waxing, threading, eyelash extensions, salon services (haircuts and styling), body treatments (wraps, mud baths, etc.) or tanning. Medical day spas may offer services such as Botox injection, laser hair removal treatment, etc.

Doula Service

A doula works with expectant mothers, providing non-medical birthing support. More importantly, doulas help expectant parents develop a birthing plan and then advocate for the parents and the plan during the delivery. Doulas charge a fee for services, sometimes by the hour, per session or one price for an overall package of services.

Driving Range

A driving range gives golfers a place to practice their drive. The driving range makes its money from driving fees, equipment rentals, retail sales of golf equipment and accessories, lessons/coaching, classes and facility rentals.

Football Bowling Business

Football bowling, a hybrid of football and bowling, is a relatively new game that is growing in popularity. A football bowling business necessitates a facility large enough to accommodate several games at once, plus equipment. The opportunity to make money lies in admission fees, rentals, leagues, events and parties. Many football bowling facilities also have restaurants and/or bars.

Golf Course

For the golf enthusiast, owning a golf course business is a dream-come-true. Golf courses, whether nine or 18 holes, make most of their money from green fees and/or memberships. There is also opportunity to make money from equipment rentals, lessons/coaching, hosting classes or camps, special events and facility rentals.

Golf Instruction Business

The accomplished golfer can make money by giving golf lessons to recreational golfers. Golf instructors teach everything from the basics of the game to how to improve swing.


If you are passionate about fitness, a gym business may be a perfect fit. Operating a gym requires the purchase of gym equipment plus ample space for guests to workout. Money can be made through charging drop-in fees, selling memberships and holding classes, events and camps. Many gyms also make added income selling athletic wear and accessories and nutritional products.

Gymnastics Classes Business

This type of business is ideal for someone with a background in gymnastics. Needs include purchase of equipment plus a large gym space. Profit is generated through holding classes for various age groups and skill levels. Some gymnastics businesses also make money by holding “open gym” times and charging a drop-in fee, as well as through selling clothing and accessories.

Health Coaching Business

A growing awareness of the importance of regular physical activity and good nutrition makes this a growing business opportunity. A health coach provides clients with fitness and nutrition education and instruction, plus personal support, accountability and motivation to help clients achieve their health goals. Income is generated by charging fees for each session spent with a client.

Hot Tub Garden

A hot tub garden is a relaxing, spa-like space ideally outfitted with two or more hot tubs. Guests pay a fee to come and relax in a hot tub for a specific time period. A hot tub garden can be indoors or outdoors.

Ice Skating Rink

An ice-skating rink is a large indoor arena that can be flooded with water and frozen to produce ice. Once groomed, it makes a smooth surface for indoor ice skating. Ice skating rinks can make money both through admission fees for public skate events, holding ice skating lessons/classes and renting rink time to skate clubs and ice sports teams or to other groups for private events.

Jazzercise Studio

Jazzercise is a type of fitness activity that combines aerobic exercise and jazz dancing. A jazzercise studio makes money through drop-in fees, memberships and holding classes and events.

Lamaze Classes Business

Lamaze is a childbirth method that involves breathing exercises designed to help women through the process of delivery. This type of business offers classes that teach this method to expectant mothers and their partners. Lamaze is typically taught as a series of sessions. Attendees pay a fee for the course.

Martial Arts Studio

“Martial arts” can refer to a number of different self-defense disciplines, including karate, taekwondo, kung fu, kickboxing, muay thai, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, judo, aikido and a myriad of others. A martial arts studio may focus on one or several of these disciplines. Money is made through selling memberships, charging drop-in fees and offering lessons, classes and coaching.

Massage Therapy Business

Massage therapy has both therapeutic and relaxation value. A massage therapy business is usually found in a clinic or spa-type setting and may offer one or several different types of massage.

Miniature Golf Course

The game of miniature golf has enjoyed a steady fan base since it was first popularized in the 1920’s. The contemporized version that people are familiar with today often includes themed courses with whimsical, stylized obstacles and holes. A miniature golf course can be built in a relatively small space, even an indoor one, when designed compactly. Guests typically pay a per-game fee, which includes use of golf club and golf balls.

Ninja Warrior Gym

This type of gym is based on conquering obstacle courses (like the television show “American Ninja Warrior”). Revenue is generated by offering training, coaching and classes and gym memberships.

Paintball Field

Paintball is a game played with heavy-duty plastic guns that shoot balls made from paint. Teams go head to head to determine the last man standing. A large indoor or outdoor space is needed to accommodate the game. Players pay a fee per game, and money can also be made through the sale of extra paintballs, rental equipment, parties and special events.

Pedicab Business

A pedicab is powered by pedaling, like a bicycle. The cab portion typically holds between one and three passengers. The vehicle is designed to transport passengers short distances that may be too far to walk but too costly to justify a taxi ride. The pedicab makes its money by charging customers for distance traveled.

Personal Training Business

A personal trainer is someone who is certified to provide one-on-one fitness training and support to clients. Sessions may take place in a gym or in a client’s home. A personal trainer charges a fee for each session.

Pilates Studio

Pilates is a fitness style that uses a variety of equipment to improve flexibility, muscle strength, coordination and posture. A Pilates studio needs room to house the necessary equipment, as well as a bare floor area for exercises that take place on the floor. A Pilates studio generates income by conducting classes or one-on-one sessions and charging drop-in fees and/or selling memberships.

Reiki Business

Reiki is an alternative healing therapy by which a practitioner uses touch to transfer healing energy to a client. Reiki is typically practiced in a clinic or spa-like setting but can also occur in a client’s home. The client pays a fee per session or type of service.

Rock Climbing Gym

Indoor rock-climbing gyms give members of the public the opportunity to have a mountain-climbing experience indoors in a controlled environment. It provides a safe atmosphere, plus training, classes, lessons and coaching.

Roller Skating Rink

Roller skating as a recreational activity is experiencing a resurgence in popularity, making this business a growing opportunity. Money is generated through charging admission, skate/equipment rentals, facility rentals, lessons and special events.

Running Store

A running store is part boutique retail shop and part instructional facility. Running stores running shoes, athletic wear and accessories. A running store also makes money by facilitating running clubs and offering running classes and clinics.

Scuba Diving Business

A scuba diving business will thrive best near the ocean in resort and tourist areas. This business makes money by offering scuba diving lessons, guided scuba tours, camps and clubs. Income can also be generated through equipment rentals and retail sales of scuba equipment and accessories.

Self-Defense Training Business

A self-defense training business teaches people techniques and strategies for preventing and defending themselves against physical attacks. This type of business makes its money by holding classes, camps and special events.

Skate Shop

A skate shop is a retail store that sells skateboards and accessories. Many skate shops also carry related products like skateboard shoes and clothing. There is also opportunity to generate income through offering skateboard repairs as well as hosting skate classes, lessons or camps.

Skateboarding Lessons Business

The advanced skater can make money by offering skateboarding lessons and classes to the public.

Sporting Goods Store

A sporting goods store sells sporting equipment, accessories and athletic wear. Some sporting goods stores make additional income offering sports training, lessons and camps.

Surfing School

Surfing schools have big potential to make money on or near ocean beaches, especially in resort and busy tourist areas. Surfing schools offer surfing lessons, classes, courses and camps. They also have the potential to make money offering board rentals and selling surfing accessories and clothing.

Swim School

Swim schools may provide swimming lessons for all ages in age and skill level-appropriate pools. They may also offer specialty training such as water survival skills, lifeguard training, adult beginner swimming lessons and swim coaching.

Tennis Shop Business

This is the place for avid tennis players to find all the equipment and accessories they need. Tennis shops carry rackets, tennis balls and, often, tennis clothing and shoes. Some also sell equipment for other types of racket sports, such as racquetball, squash and badminton. A tennis shop also has potential to make money offering tennis clinics, lessons and camps.

Walking Tour Business

Tour guides take guests on walking tours in this type of business. Walking tour businesses are usually located in tourist cities, historic towns and scenic destination areas. Guides point out and talk about areas of interest. Guests pay a fee to take the tour.

Yoga Instructor School

Approximately 36 million Americans regularly practice yoga. That number is expected to grow, so the demand for yoga instructors is rising. A yoga instructor school provides recognized yoga instructor training and certification and makes money through charging tuition fees.

Yoga Studio

A yoga studio is a space dedicated to the practice of yoga. Participants pay a drop-in fee or a fee for a series of visits or yoga sessions under the direction of a yoga instructor.

Zumba Studio

A Zumba studio is a space dedicated to the art of Zumba, a fusion of high-powered dance and aerobic exercise. Participants pay a drop-in fee or a fee for a series of visits or Zumba sessions under the direction of a Zumba instructor.


Amusement Park

Amusement parks are extremely popular places for individuals and entire families to have a day of fun and thrills. Amusement parks have a variety of rides, games, restaurants/food stands and shows to entertain guests. The most successful amusement parks are those that offer something for people of ages in order to attract big crowds. However, smaller-scale amusement parks targeted toward a specific type of customer (i.e. young children) can also make a lot of money.


After declining for more than two decades, arcades are enjoying a revival in the market. Arcades are entertainment centers where the public can play video and non-video games. Unlike the arcade video games of yesteryear, today’s arcade games are more technologically-advanced so that they are interactive, and some are even virtual and 3-D. This business is ideal for the video game aficionado and those who like working with a younger crowd, since this business tends to attract a younger customer base (kids and teens).

Balloon Distribution

A balloon distribution business sells inflated helium or non-helium balloons. Selling can take place at special events or in public spaces like parks or even on street corners. Creating and delivering balloon bouquets for birthdays or other events or milestones is another variation of this business. Yet another variation is making and selling balloon animals at children’s events and venues.

Board Game Cafe

Board game cafes are places where patrons can hang out and play board games. Board game cafes typically have a large selection of games for patrons to play and a selection of coffee and other beverages for purchase. Board game cafes also typically have a small selection of food, such as sandwiches and pastries, for sale.

Board Game Company

Do you have an idea or concept for a cool board game? This may be your opportunity. A board game company makes money designing and selling board games. You can produce your game yourself, or simply come up with an idea and a prototype and sell the idea to an existing company for production.

Comedy Club

Guests come to a comedy club to be entertained by stand-up comedy acts. Comedians rotate so that the acts are always fresh. Comedy clubs also serve drinks and most have some kind of a food menu too.

Dart Store

A dart store is very specialized retailer of darts, dartboards and related equipment and accessories. A dart store business owner should be very familiar with the game of darts. His knowledge will be important when it comes to helping customers select equipment that will give the best possible edge in the game.

Drive-In Movie Theater

A drive-in movie theater shows films on a large outdoor screen. Patrons watch the movie from inside their vehicle. Drive-in movie theaters were popular from their emergence in the 1930s until the 1970s when their popularity began to decline. The drive-in movie theater is beginning to enjoy a comeback today, and with little competition, the drive-in movie theater business is rife with opportunity.

Educational Toy Store

This is a specialty type of toy store that stocks toys that are educational in nature. Often, these are toys that are not readily available in mainstream toy stores which makes them popular not only with parents of young children, but also teachers and other professionals who work with children.

Escape Room Business

Escape rooms are the latest craze in live, interactive gaming entertainment. An escape room puts groups of guests into a “locked” room complete with scenario and props. The group must solve a complex puzzle using the clues provided in a set amount of time (approximately 30 to 60 minutes) in order to “unlock” the doors and escape.

Fidget Toy Business

Fidget toys have been around for a while, but their popularity has exploded in recent years. It has given rise to a whole new industry with lots of room for growth. Fidget toys go beyond the iconic fidget spinner. They vary widely in style and type and are designed to promote sensory development while helping to calm children.

Game Truck Business

A game truck typically refers to a utility-type truck that has been transformed inside to accommodate video gaming systems. They are often complete with furniture and flooring so it’s as if you are sitting in your living room at home playing games. Game trucks are hired out for special events like carnivals, festivals and even birthday parties.

Ghost Tour Business

Many cities have legends of hauntings by citizens of the past. A ghost tour business can capitalize on these stories by offering public tours of haunted locations. A thorough knowledge of local history is required to operate this business. Storytelling is a big part of operating a ghost tour business, so a potential operator should be very comfortable with public speaking.

Go Kart Business

A go kart business is an entertainment center featuring one or more go kart race tracks and at least several go karts. Riders can ride alone (as a driver) or in pairs (one driver and one passenger) and race against other go kart drivers on the track. The earliest go kart businesses were outdoors, and many still are today. However, indoor go kart centers are becoming more common, allowing for riding that is not weather-dependent.

Haunted Attraction

A haunted attraction is a venue that has been decorated in a scary theme and often features live actors. Members of the public come to get an adrenaline rush from being frightened. Some haunted attractions are designed for people to walk through on foot. Others may feature rides (such as a cart on a track that moves visitors through the attraction), obstacles or interactive sections.

Indoor Trampoline Park

An indoor trampoline park is a gym-like setting outfitted with ground-level trampolines. Members of the public pay a fee to come and play on the trampolines. An indoor trampoline park can also generate revenue by renting out the facility for private parties as well as by offering trampoline lessons/classes.

Inflatable Bounce House Business

An inflatable bounce house business rents out inflatable play equipment (i.e. bounce houses) for parties and events. The business comes to the event site, sets up and inflates the equipment and provides professional supervision during the event. After the event, they deflate and take down the equipment. There is no work involved for the customer on the day of the event.

Karaoke Bar

A karaoke bar offers both the drinks and socializing opportunities you would expect from a bar, as well as an interactive entertainment experience. A karaoke machine provides the lyrics and track for hundreds of popular songs. Bar guests can choose a song and sing to the audience. Some karaoke bars have additional private rooms where guests can sing to just a small group of friends. Karaoke contests are also popular at many such establishments.

Laser Tag Business

Laser tag is a popular game played with laser guns and specialized vests to record hits by a laser. It can be played by individuals or teams. Games take place in an indoor course. A laser tag business makes money by charging admission fees or a fee-per-play. Additional revenue can be generated through facility rentals and birthday parties.

Mermaid Business

Mermaids have been trending since the release of a number of “docufiction” television specials in recent years. It sparked popular imagination and spawned the mermaid business. A mermaid business is an entertainment business that provides live “mermaids” (actors in mermaid costumes) for special events. A mermaid business typically charges either a flat rate or a rate based on length of the event and how many mermaids are hired for the event.

Movie Theater

A movie theater is a facility with one or more large viewing screens that shows current or older movies to large audiences. Movie theaters charge a ticket fee per customer, of which a small portion is profit. Most movie theaters generate additional revenue by selling popcorn, drinks and other types of food to patrons. Some movie theaters also have on-site arcades. Many also make money by hosting parties and through facility rentals.

Nerf Arena

A Nerf arena is a space, often with various obstacles, where players use Nerf guns and foam darts to battle others. A Nerf arena can be indoors or outdoors (at least during warm-weather months). Players pay either a fee-per-game or a monthly membership.

Night Club

A night club is place where people can come and enjoy live entertainment as well as alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Night clubs may feature concerts by live bands, DJ’s, dancing and special events. Guests typically pay a cover charge plus the cost of drinks.

Novelty Store

A novelty store is a retail shop that sells unique, funny or whimsical items. Merchandise can be just about any type, including toys, clothing, trinkets, gadgets and souvenirs.

Party Rental Business

A party rental business carries supplies that party hosts need to pull off a successful event. Usually the items are bigger or more expensive items that would be impractical for the event host to purchase, as it is only needed for a single event. Party rental businesses may carry a wide selection of items, including tablecloths, chair covers, dishes, glasses, punch fountains, chafing dishes, helium tanks, archways, decorations and even party tents and dance floors.

Party Supply Store

A party supply store is a retail shop that carries a variety of products related to hosting a party. Decorations (streamers, balloons, signs, banners, etc.) and paper and plastic dinnerware (plates, bowls, cups, cutlery, napkins), all in a range of different colors and themes, are usually staples in a party store. Many party stores also carry licensed partyware (i.e. cartoon characters, TV shows, movies) and holiday-themed party products.

Psychic Business

A person who has psychic abilities can offer his services for a flat fee or a per-hour charge. Different psychics may offer different services, depending on their gifts and skills. The most common services are predicting the future and communication with people who have passed on. They may do this through the use of tarot cards, channeling, palm-reading, seances and other metaphysical methods.

Radio Station

A radio station draws in listeners by playing content that an audience wants to hear. Most often this is some type of music. However, there are also successful radio stations that focus mainly on talk-type shows or news. Radio stations generate revenue by playing ads that appeal to their target market.

Rage Room

Rage rooms are relatively new, the latest in interactive entertainment. A rage room business features one or more rooms where guests can come, don protective gear, and use objects like bats and pipes to smash things. It’s a fun way to relieve stress and get an adrenaline rush as well as to have fun with a group of friends.

Scooter Rental Business

Scooter rental businesses provide scooter rentals to patrons, typically by the hour, half day or day. A scooter rental business will thrive in places like big cities, large public parks and scenic areas with scooter-friendly roads or trails and busy, high-traffic tourist areas.

Tarot Reading Business

Someone who is gifted at reading tarot cards and interpreting their meaning can make money by charging clients for readings. People often seek out tarot readers to get a glimpse into their future, find answers to life’s questions or try to make contact with someone who has passed away.

Toy Store

A toy store is a retailer that specializes in selling children’s toys, games and novelty items. Large toy stores may carry a wide variety of toys. Smaller stores often specialize in a particular type of toys, such as educational toys or collectibles.

Water Park

A water park is an aquatic playground that features water slides and rides, games and pools. Guests pay a fee to enjoy use of the facility for the day. Many water parks also have restaurants where guests can purchase meals or snacks.

Whirlyball Arena

Whirlyball is a fast-paced game played with a scoop-style net, ball and basket. Play takes place from inside of a bumper car-like vehicle called a Whirlybug. The game has been described as a hybrid of lacrosse and basketball, with the added element of the Whirlybug. Starting a Whirlyball arena business requires a significant financial investment. However, there is strong potential for revenue in the right marketplace.


Chiropractic Clinic

This type of clinic provides chiropractic services to the public via a trained and licensed chiropractic doctor. Along with chiropractic adjustments to the spine, many clinics also provide spinal x-rays and other alternative health care services under one roof.

Dental Office

A dental office offers a variety of dental services administered by a licensed dentist in a clinical setting. This typically includes dental check-ups, cleanings and fillings. It may also provide dental surgery, including tooth extractions, crowns, bridges, etc.

First Aid Training Business

This type of business teaches people various first aid courses. Depending on where you live, there may be several levels of first aid certification programs plus specialized first aid training, such as occupational first aid and others.

Foot Care Business

Foot care is provided by trained and certified foot care nurses or professionals. A foot care nurse can perform callus and corn removal, nail trimming and can also treat minor foot problems, such as warts and fungal infections. They are also trained to recognize and report potential medical issues. Foot care services are often used by people who have mobility issues that limit their ability to care for their feet. Fees are charged per session and/or per type of service performed.

Home Healthcare Business

People who are elderly or recovering from serious illness, injury or surgery may require short or long-term in-home support. A home health care provider goes into a client’s home and provides non-medical support (i.e. medication administration, changing of bandages) and/or light housekeeping duties (i.e. meal preparation, vacuuming). Income is generated through charging fees for visits and/or various services.

Hospice Business

People who are critically ill and are unable to live on their own often spend their final weeks and months living in a hospice. Here, staff attend to basic needs such as meal provision as well as aid with tasks like medication administration, dressing, bathing and mobility. Socialization is also a significant part of hospice care. A hospice makes money through rental and service fees.

Medical Marijuana Dispensary

With many states considering legalizing or already having legalized medical marijuana, the medical marijuana dispensary business is currently one of the fastest-growing businesses in North America. A medical marijuana dispensary is a facility that is licensed to dispense marijuana to people with a physician’s prescription.

Medical Taxi Business

A medical taxi provides non-emergency transportation to medical facilities/appointments or between two medical facilities. This type of service is often used by people who cannot drive, the elderly, or people require non-emergency medical attention. Fees are charged per ride and usually based on distance traveled.

Medicinal Herbs Business

A “medicinal herbs business” may refer to a farm that grows the herbs and sells them to a producer. The producer prepares and packages them for the market. A “medicinal herbs business” may also refer to a retail shop that doesn’t necessarily grow its own product, but rather sells it at retail price to consumers. Finally, it may also refer to a business that doesn’t provide retail sale of product, but rather manufactures and packages the product for sale to retail shops.

Nutritionist Business

A certified nutritionist offers nutritional and dietary counseling in either a clinic or in a client’s home. Clients typically pay a fee-per-session. A nutritionist business may also generate income through retail sales of nutrition products and supplements.

Organic Hygiene Products Business

The demand for natural, organic products is growing and extends beyond food. An organic hygiene products business produces grooming products like cosmetics, soaps, shampoos, shaving cream and feminine hygiene supplies made from organic plant-based ingredients.


A pharmacy dispenses medications according to a client’s doctor’s prescription under the supervision of trained and licensed pharmacists. A pharmacy makes money through the retail sale of medications and through the charging of dispensary fees.

Sensory Deprivation Tank Business

A sensory deprivation tank is a spa-like tub that uses water to create a sensation of being weightless. It was designed to induce feelings of total relaxation. The salty water is maintained at body temperature. Users float in the tank in an environment deprived of background noise. Users pay a fee to spend a certain amount of time inside the tank.

Silent Retreat Center Business

A silent retreat is designed to help participants disconnect from the noise and stresses of daily life. The ideal silent retreat center is located in a rural/remote area, surrounded by or very close to nature. Business is centered around hosting retreats, which can last anywhere from a couple of days to a few weeks at a time. Participants pay a fee for a silent retreat. Extra income can be generated through holding meditation classes or courses or related classes, such as yoga.

Stress Management Training Business

A stress management business teaches clients strategies for managing and relieving stress. Instructors (who are typically trained, certified counselors) are often hired by businesses to come into a workplace and conduct stress management seminars for employees. Sessions can also be offered to individuals who simply want to learn how to lead a more centered, balanced lifestyle.

Supplement Store

A supplement store sells a variety of nutritional supplements than typically range from vitamins to workout shakes. A thorough understanding of nutrition and fitness is necessary to operate this type of business successfully. With the popularity of nutritional supplements on the rise, there is great opportunity to make money in this field.

Walk-In Clinic

Walk-in clinics provide medical treatment for minor acute illnesses and injuries. No appointment is required. Instead, patients simply walk-in and request to see a doctor. Walk-in clinics fill an important niche in the medical care industry for people who need medical attention but aren’t able to see a family doctor and don’t need to go to an emergency room.


Baby Store

Baby stores are the parents of infants and toddlers “one stop shop.” Baby stores typically carry all of the essential gear a parent needs, including strollers, car seats, carriers, slings, feeding supplies, toys, baby furniture, accessories and clothing.

Babysitting Service

A babysitting service can operate in two main ways. One, it supplies a pre-screened, trained babysitter directly to a client at a specified time. Money is made by charging a service fee and/or a percentage of the babysitter’s wages. The second option is to simply act as a babysitter referral service. Clients are charged a small fee. In return, it provides the client with the names of pre-screened and trained babysitters in his or her area. The client then chooses a babysitter for him or herself.

Childbirth Instructor (Doula)

Doulas provide non-medical practical and emotional support to mothers during pregnancy, the birthing process and immediately after giving birth. The doula offers her services in the home of the mother as well as at the mother’s chosen place to give birth, whether it is in a hospital or a home birth. Coursework and certification are required in many states to work as a doula.

Clown Service

A clown service provides entertainment for children’s parties and other special events where children are present. This business is ideal for someone with a background in theatre or who simply loves putting a smile on the face of a child.

Cloth Diaper Service

Many parents of babies prefer to use cloth diapers over disposable in an effort to preserve the environment and cut down on landfill waste. However, they may not have their own washing machine, or simply don’t want the burden of washing dozens of diapers every week. A cloth diaper service will drop off clean, fresh cloth diapers, typically once or twice a week. They will also pick up dirty ones and launder them.

Daycare for Kids

Safe, loving care for children while parents are working is a growing need in the marketplace. A daycare provides supervision for children aged infant through approximately 12 years old during workdays. Some daycares also provide care on weekends and during non-traditional working hours (i.e. overnight). Daycares make money charging a fee for each child in its care.

Midwifery Business

A midwife is a trained and licensed professional who delivers babies. A midwife also typically provides several sessions leading up to the delivery. Midwifery is usually practiced in a clinic as well as in the homes of clients and even in hospitals. The midwife charges a fee for each pre-birth session as well as all of the costs associated with delivery.

Nanny Referral Agency

This type of business refers nannies to customers who are looking for childcare services. Nanny referral agencies pre-screen nannies, ensuring that they are qualified. They also work directly with parents to find the right type of nanny for their needs. Nanny agencies generate income through referral fees from clients (parents) and/or through fees charged to the nannies in their database.

Summer Camp

A summer camp offers fun and educational activities for children in a safe and supervised setting. Attending a summer camp can be a life-changing experience for a child. For many children, it is their first time sleeping away from home, plus they’re surrounded by other children. They also get to do activities that they may have never been exposed to before, such as horseback riding.


Concert Promotion Business

A concert promotion business organizes concerts and promotes its concerts in the community in order to sell tickets. Concert promoters work with the artists they serve as well as investors, advertisers (radio and tv stations, newspapers) venue owners, ticket sales agents and the general public.

Social Media Marketing Business

Social media marketers develop content for the social media of businesses. Some also actually manage their clients’ accounts in addition to creating the content. To thrive as a social media marketer, you must have a very thorough working understanding of the major social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.) and how to leverage them to achieve the client’s overall goal (i.e. direct traffic to its website, make a purchase, sign up for an enewsletter, etc.).


Musical Instrument Store

A musical instrument store is a retail shop that sells musical instruments. Some specialize in a particular type of instrument, such as pianos or stringed instruments or band instruments. Others carry a wide cross section of instruments, and most are able to order instruments that they don’t necessarily keep in stock.

Music Lessons Business

Professional musicians can give private lessons to children and adults of all ages who are focused on learning to play an instrument. Rates for instruction are typically charged on an hourly basis.

Piano Tuning Business

In spite of the emergence of digital pianos, there are still many traditional pianos in private homes, churches, schools and senior’s homes. There’s nothing like the sound of piano music, as long as the piano is in tune. A piano tuner uses specialized tools to tighten or loosen the strings inside a piano so that the notes that they play are accurate and true. Piano tuners must be prepared to work on-site.

Record Label

A record label business scopes out new, undiscovered music artists (bands or solo acts) and promotes them through its exclusive brand (“label”). A record label typically focuses on a particular type or genre of music (i.e. bubble-gum pop, grunge) or even a very narrow niche (i.e. all-girl punk bands). Fans come to associate your label with your particular style and will look for other artists on the same label.

Record Store

The invention of the CD all but obliterated the market for records. However, like many other things retro, records are making a big comeback and, therefore, so is the demand for a place to buy them. Some record stores specialize in new recordings and others in old records. Many stock both and are therefore able to reach a larger market in this niche business.

Recording Studio

A recording studio business has rooms and equipment for the recording of professional audio voice-overs, ads/commercials, sound effects and music. Recording studios make money by charging by the hour or chunks of several hours for use of the studio and equipment.


Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the idea of taking someone else’s product and marketing it to the public, usually via the Web. In most cases, you don’t even need to stock a physical product. You simply direct buyers toward your affiliate product and he or she does all the work, including shipping the actual product. You make money by getting a percentage of each buyer that you refer.

Amazon FBA Business

Amazon’s FBA program makes it possible for anyone to sell just about any type of product on Amazon without having to store it yourself. You simply purchase wholesale product and set up an Amazon store. You ship all of your product to an Amazon warehouse where you pay a reasonable rental fee. Amazon stores it and then ships the product to your customer for you.

Authority Website

An authority website is a blog or website dedicated to a particular topic. The aim of an authority website is to be able to provide the answer to any visitor’s question related to that topic. A thorough, well thought-out authority website will become a respected reference and can make money off of advertising or affiliate marketing of related products.

Domaining Business

This involves buying domain names and then reselling them at a profit. It’s like property-flipping: you purchase domain names that you think will become popular in the future. In the meantime, you can develop your domains and make money from web traffic through advertising, etc.

Dropshipping Business

Dropshipping is like operating an online store but never having to store or ship the products customers purchase. Instead, when a customer makes a purchase, the dropshipper orders the product directly from the wholesaler or other third party. The third party ships the item directly to the buyer.

eBay Business

Selling items on eBay simply requires opening an eBay account. Or, you can open a full eBay store. Either way, the cost is free or minimal. All you need are items to sell! You can find sellable items just about anywhere: online from wholesalers, at garage sales and estate sales and even in retail stores.

EBook Store

Ebooks are big business, and people will read eBooks on just about any topic conceivable. This is an ideal business for someone with writing skills. However, you can also purchase private label eBooks to sell.

eCommerce Store

This is the online equivalent of selling products in a brick-and-mortar store. Ecommerce stores can be set up relatively easily on forums like Amazon, Etsy, Shopify, eBay and numerous others.

Live Streaming Business

Live streaming involves live broadcasting of video gamers during play. There are a number of platforms from which to operate and attract an audience of like-minded gamers, including Smashcast and Twitch TV.

Marketplace Website Business

A marketplace website is like a virtual mall. It connects people or companies selling goods to the buying public. Amazon, eBay and Etsy are just a few of today’s most widely-known and successful marketplace websites. You can make money in a variety of ways with a marketplace website, including advertising, vendor commission and more.

Niche Website

A niche website is one that concentrates all of its content on a very narrow and specific topic. For instance, rather a broad topic like music, a niche website might focus on a particular band or artist. Niche websites attract audiences who are fans of that particular topic and can generate excellent advertising revenue based on a concentrated audience.

Online Dating Service

An online dating service uses technology and specialized software to match individuals to potential dates. While traditional dating services were often strictly about finding a potential long-term relationship, today there are online dating services for people who just want to hang out or meet up for drinks, people who are 50 or older and people who are wealthy. There are even online dating services based on niche areas of interest, such as dating sites for dog owners.

Online Job Board Business

Almost 100 percent of employment seekers use the Internet to find job listings, often using an online job board. This type of business is like an online marketplace for job seekers. It accepts and posts listings from potential employers and often provided a direct web link to the employer for interested job seekers to apply. It makes its money either through charging employers for posting jobs or through running ads on the site (making the service entirely free to all users).

Online Pharmacy

An online pharmacy operates much like a brick-and-mortar pharmacy, with a trained and licensed pharmacist dispensing medication. The biggest difference is that all transactions take place over the Internet. The pharmacist is also available to speak directly to customers via the internet or phone.

Online T-Shirt Business

You’ll need an artistic, creative mind and computer design software for this kind of business. You come up with cool ideas for printing on t-shirts, like quotes, memes, artwork, etc. You’ll need to find a company that will print your shirts (they’re easy to find on the web). You can set up a store in minutes with an online marketplace!

Podcasting Business

A podcasting business involves creating audio programs, recording them to digital files and then offering them to public. Internet users can download and listen to the recorded program. There are a number of ways to make money from podcasting. One is to charge listeners per download. Another is to charge a subscription fee and allow users unlimited downloads. Still another is to offer free podcasts and instead generate revenue through advertising.

Sell Adult Coloring Books

Coloring isn’t just for children anymore. Therapists and other mental health professionals tout it as a healthy way to relax, reduce stress and express creativity. Adult coloring books features designs that are calming, and which are much more intricate than those found in children’s coloring books. This business would be ideal for those with artistic talent who can create original designs that appeal to grownups.

Sell Audiobooks

The demand for audiobooks is growing, meaning there is room in this business for new producers. Producing audio books involves recording books being read aloud, rendering them into digital format and making them available for download to customers.

Social Media Influencer Business

Social media influencing is a specialty form of social media marketing. In this type of business, the “influencer” uses social media to post about a business client from a consumer standpoint. Rather than taking the tone of a formal ad, the posts are more natural and story-like in tone. This is an ideal business for someone who regularly uses and has extensive knowledge of social media.

Subscription Box Business

A subscription box is a package containing multiple items that fall under a cohesive theme and meet a particular need. Consumers subscribe to automatically receive a box in the mail on regular schedule, typically monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly. A subscription box can be filled with just a about any type of products that a consumer would be interested in receiving: pet products, gourmet foods, cosmetics, educational toys are just a few ideas.

Virtual Assistant Business

A virtual assistant is like a secretary or an administrative assistant. However, instead of working in an employer’s office, the virtual assistant works remotely from their own home or office. Virtual assistants may provide a range of services, including data input, file management, answering calls, scheduling, typing, preparing transcripts, etc.

YouTube Business

Operating a YouTube business requires little more than a camera and some creative ideas. It involves videos on any topic that you think people will be interested in watching. Generate revenue by posting them on your channel along with ads. There are currently popular YouTube channels that make five and six-figure incomes from their business.


Bait and Tackle Shop

This type of specialty retailer carries supplies and accessories for fishermen. Bait and tackle shops typically stock products in accordance to what type of fishing is available in the area (i.e. saltwater vs. freshwater, types of lakes, streams, etc.) and type of fish. This business is ideal for the fishing enthusiast who is very familiar with area fishing and what works best with different types of fish.

Bonsai Tree Business

A bonsai tree business grows and cultivates bonsai trees for sale to the public. Bonsai trees are extremely popular pieces of home decor as well as garden items. Producing a bonsai tree is a delicate art which is ideal for those with a green thumb and love for gardening.


This is an ideal business for the outdoors lover as well as those who are interesting in operating a business that is mostly seasonal. Essential needs include enough property to accommodate several or more tents and/or RVs, washroom facilities and hookups for RV’s.

Christmas Tree Farm

A Christmas tree farm grows evergreen trees specifically for the holiday market. Some Christmas tree farms harvest trees themselves and sell wholesale to stores and Christmas tree lots for retail sale to the public. Others actually open their farms to the public and allow them to choose and cut down their own fresh Christmas tree. Some even offer events, rides, petting zoos and food stands as a way to make additional revenue.


The avid gardener can use her skill in a variety of different ways to make money. One option is to start a landscaping business, which is a business that provides lawn and garden maintenance (mowing, weeding, pruning, hedge trimming, etc.) to residential and commercial customers. Another option is to plant and maintain gardens (vegetable or flower) for customers. Finally, a growing sub-niche in the gardening business is organic gardening. This type of gardening business uses non-chemical, earth, people and pet-friendly approaches to gardening.

Greenhouse Business

A greenhouse business may be solely a plant growing operation or a grower and a seller of plants. Some greenhouses plant, grow and cultivate plants for wholesale to retailers like garden shops. Others grow their plants and sell to the public.

Hydroponic Farm Business

A hydroponic farm uses hydroponic growing equipment to grow produce, typically inside a greenhouse. Hydroponic growth uses a water solvent instead of soil to grow plants. This growth method requires a fraction of the water needed to grow plants in soil. Additionally, growth can take place year-round.

Hydroponics Store

A hydroponics store provides retail sale of hydroponic growing equipment to farmers. Many hydroponics stores also sell related accessories, gardening tools and even seeds.

Landscape Design Business

A landscape design business is a specialized type of landscaping business. Rather than providing lawn and garden maintenance, it provides the actual design of a lawn or property. It actually works with the property owner to design the shape and placement of gardens, flower beds, ponds walkways/pathways and other elements. It also helps choose and place appropriate trees, flowers, shrubs, bushes and other greenery for planting.

Landscape Supply Business

A landscape supply business sells products used in landscape design. This includes flowers, trees, shrubs, plants, wood chips, bark mulch, small rocks, large stones, pond stock, pond pumps and a variety of building materials. In addition to keeping a stock of supplies, a landscape supply business must be able to deliver products directly to customers.

Lawn Care Business

A lawn care business provides lawn mowing services to residential or commercial customers. Many lawn care businesses offer other types of services, including watering, weed control, fertilizing, mole removal and more.

Mushroom Farm

A mushroom farm grows mushrooms for wholesale to stores and restaurants. Mushrooms are a compact crop and can even grow vertically, so they require less space than typical farm crops.

Outdoor Store

An outdoor store is a retail shop that provides supplies for outdoor activities, hobbies and sports. Some focus on a particular niche, like camping or hunting. Others may carry a wide cross section of products for a variety of outdoor pursuits.

Plant Nursery

A plant nursery grows plants or trees from seeds, caring for them until they are the right size for sale to the public. Some nurseries sell directly to the public. However, the majority of nurseries sell their plants to garden shops at wholesale prices.

Poison Ivy Removal Business

Poison ivy is not only dangerous when it crops up in places where people and pets spend time. It is also very tricky to eradicate, at least for the average property owner. A poison ivy removal business uses tools and products to safely remove poison ivy and prevent it from growing back.

Survival School

Survival schools teach people the necessary skills to survive under various extreme circumstances and emergency situations. Some examples include how to prepare for a natural disaster, how to survive falling into deep water or getting lost in the wilderness and even how to survive being attacked.


Assisted Living Facility

An assisted living facility is a facility with individual apartments or bedrooms for rent. Typical clients are seniors or non-seniors with minor medical problems who require assistance for certain non-medical day-to-day living tasks. This may include meal provision, bathing, dressing, housekeeping or medication administration. Most states have standards that must be adhered to in order to operate an assisted living facility. Many also require an operating license.

Career Coach Business

A career coach works one-on-one with clients with career selection and preparation. He or she may work with clients on selecting a career that fits their skills and interests, locating and completing training programs that will prepare them for their desired career, point them toward a path of career advancement and many other career-related issues.

Counseling Center

This type of business is often run by a professional counselor or group of counselors. It offers counseling services to clients. Some counseling centers specialize in one type of counseling (i.e. family counseling). Others may offer more than one type.


A crematorium does the delicate work of cremating a body, either for burial or for preservation. In addition to some technical skills, a crematorium must be extremely sensitive and compassionate, as most of her working hours will be spent communicating with and serving people who have recently lost a loved one.

Dating Service

Today’s dating services hardly resemble those of yesteryear. In fact, they are extremely diverse and rely on a variety of different methods to help people meet potential partners. Some rely on precise computer software that matches two people based on mutual interests, goals, pursuits and lifestyles. Other dating services rely less on technology and more on setting up situations where people can meet other singles in a more natural environment, such as an outdoor adventures club for singles.

Daycare for Adults

People who the primary caregivers for family members who are elderly or have disabilities or other limitations often need someone to care for their loved one while they are at work. This type of business provides this care in an environment that includes activities as well as attending to needs such as medication administration, toileting, exercise, etc.

Elder Services

Many seniors can “age in place” (live in their own homes) well into their 70s and 80s with a little bit of outside support. Elder services fill those needs. Elder services either directly provide, or refer seniors and their family members to, meal prep/delivery, housekeeping, nursing or nurse aide services to work with and for seniors in their own homes.

Family Counseling Practice

This type of business employs the services of one or more licensed counselors or psychologists who specialize in family relationships and dynamics. Family counselors typically work with multiple members of the same family to help address issues that affect the wellbeing of the entire family unit.

Funeral Home

Many people think of funeral homes as places which prepare bodies for burial or cremation. While this is true, it is actually only a small part of operating a funeral home business. Funeral homes consult with family members on all aspects of death and burial, from choosing a casket to planning memorial services. Funeral home business owners need not only specialized skills and business sense, but also acute sensitivity and compassion.

Life Coaching Business

A life coach works one-on-one with individual clients helping them to define and work toward achieving long or short-term goals. Goals can be anything from quitting smoking to losing weight to having a more balanced life. Life coaches should have coaching certification. Money is made by charging fees, typically by the hour.

Professional Mediation Business

Professional mediators are trained in helping to solve disputes between two parties in a company (i.e. employees and management) or two or more companies. Professional mediators are trained to identify problems and help develop realistic, workable solutions. Clients pay for services by the session or the hour.

Relationship Coaching Business

A relationship coach is a type of life coach who works one-on-one with clients specifically in the area of relationships. Most often, this refers to romantic/love relationships. However, a relationship coach may also help a client develop better relationships with family members, coworkers, etc. Relationship coaches typically charge by the hour.

Talent Agency

A talent agency represents clients with specific skills and talents in the marketplace. The agency may do a number of things for its clients, from arranging photo sessions and interviews to preparing press releases and resumes. However, the ultimate goals is to find jobs and business opportunities for the people that it represents.


Asian Store

A growing Asian population along with a growing taste for authentic Asian cuisine in the US has resulted in a rise in number of Asian grocery stores. Asian stores carry foods (fruits, vegetables and packaged foods) that are popular in Asian cooking. These ingredients are often difficult or impossible to find in mainstream grocery stores, which is what makes them so popular and potentially profitable.

Bagel Shop

This is a bakery-type business that specializes in baking and serving bagels. The bagel shop may strictly sell bagels, but often it also operates as a cafe, serving single bagels, topped bagels (butter, cream cheese) and bagel sandwiches.


Bakeries generally provide a wide variety of baked goods. This may include breads, buns, cakes, pies, pastries, cookies, etc. Some bakeries have a retail storefront that sell baked goods directly to the public. Other bakeries strictly provide wholesale baked goods to stores, restaurants and other retailers.


A bar is a restaurant that focuses on serving drinks. Many bars offer some type of a menu, but the main draw is alcoholic drinks. A successful bar owner will be someone who enjoys working with the public, is detail-oriented and is committed to a high standard of service.

Berry Picking Farm

Here, berries are grown for sale to the public. During harvest, the farm is opened to the public and guests can pick their own fruit right from the plant. Strawberries, blueberries and raspberries are the most popular u-pick fruits.

Bottled Water Business

A bottled water business processes and bottles water from a source like a spring, well or even local municipal water. A processing plant removes any impurities while preserving the integrity of the product. It bottles and distributes the product to stores and restaurants.

Bread Bakery

A bread bakery specializes in bread and sometimes in bread related products, like buns. Some bread bakeries bake bread strictly for commercial sale to restaurants and grocery stores. Others sell products directly to the public.

Bubble Tea Business

This Asian specialty drink is growing in popularity across North American, making this a business that is poised to thrive. A bubble tea business is a tea shop that specializes in making and serving bubble tea and related products, like smoothies.

Buffet Restaurant

A buffet restaurant prepares large quantities of food and serves it cafeteria style to patrons. Rather than ordering a meal from a menu, guests pay a flat rate and are able to eat whatever they want and as much as they want from the buffet.

Cake Decorating Business

A cake decorating business sells tasty and artfully-decorated cakes to patrons. A cake decorator must be artistic as well as a skilled baker. Training and certification are an asset, but even someone without formal training but lots of skill and practice can operate a successful cake decorating business.

Candy Store

A candy store specializes in selling sweet treats. Many candy stores carry a variety of candy types. Others may focus on a particular type, such as chocolates.

Carryout Restaurant

A carryout restaurant is a restaurant that offers minimal or no indoor/outdoor seating. Rather, patrons place their food order at a window and take their meal out to eat elsewhere. Carryout restaurants do well in places where other seating is available, such as parks and beaches, or where communal seating is provided, such as a mall food court.

Catering Business

A catering business provides meals for events. Food is prepared at the caterer’s location and then transported to the site where the food is being served. Cooking training and/or experienced is an asset in this business.

Cheese Making Shop

A cheese-making shop makes artisan-style cheese on-site. It may sell its products directly to the public from its location, or it may sell its products only to stores. Many cheese-making shops do both, allowing customers to witness parts of the cheese-making process via window between the shop and the kitchen.

Chocolate Business

This is an ideal business for the chocolate connoisseur who also enjoys working with the public. Those with chocolate-making skills can make and sell chocolates in their own shop, online or to other stores. It’s also possible to run a chocolate shop by purchasing chocolates from a factory or other chocolate producers.

Cider Mill Business

A cider mill presses apples to be made into apple juice, apple cider (non-alcoholic or alcoholic) or apple wine. The craft apple cider business is a growing niche as well. A cider mill can be operated as a stand-alone business, with product being sold to stores, restaurants and bars. It may also be operated in conjunction with a pub or tasting room where the public can come and sample the product.

Clamming Business

Clams are highly popular food in restaurants and in stores. Of course, they must be harvested by digging on ocean shores. A clamming business is perfect for someone who lives on or near the ocean and can deliver the product fresh to the customer.

Coffee Roasting Business

A coffee-roasting business buys raw coffee beans directly from growers/wholesalers. It then roasts the beans on-site and packages them. Most coffee-roasting businesses sell their product to stores or coffee shops. However, a growing trend is to have a small roasting operation right inside a coffee shop. Customers are able to see parts of the process and are also ensured that they are purchasing the freshest-possible product.

Coffee Shop

A coffee shop is a restaurant that specializes in brewing and serving coffee to the public. Many coffee shops sell other products that complement coffee, such as tea and baked goods. However, the true coffee shop focuses on creating a high-quality brew and appealing coffee drinks.

Cooking School

A cooking school is a place where prospective chefs can come for professional training. The cooking school operator should be a trained chef. Money is made through tuition fees charged to students.

Cupcake Business

A cupcake business is a bakery that specializes in cupcakes. Some cupcake businesses sell products to stores, restaurants and/or private customers. Others operate an on-site cafe-style restaurant where patrons can come, sit down and enjoy their sweet treats.


This type of business sells a variety of sliced meats and cheeses to the public. Some delis also have a restaurant component where they serve their products on sandwiches.


Diners are restaurants that typically distinguish themselves through menu and portion size. Diners are known for serving homestyle comfort food, burgers, fries, sandwiches and similar fare. Portions are generous, and prices are reasonable. Diners are often nostalgic in theme and atmosphere.

Dinner Theater

Dinner theater is a marriage of two popular entertainment activities: dining out and live acting. Patrons purchase a ticket, the cost of which includes dinner and the production.


A distillery produces and ages alcoholic spirits such as whisky and vodka. The craft distillery industry is currently growing and rife with opportunity. Craft distilleries are smaller-scale operations. This allows the distiller more quality control over the product as well as the ability to experiment with recipes and procedures.

Energy Drink Business

An energy drink business is a viable idea for those with a background in health and wellness. The business would involve developing a unique recipe then producing and bottling it. Energy drinks can be distributed to stores (mainstream grocery and specialty stores), restaurants and bars.

Family Style Restaurant

This type of restaurant caters to entire families. Everything from its menu selections to its decor is designed to appeal to families and individuals of all ages. Family style restaurants can specialize in almost any type of cuisine, from ethnic to homestyle.

Farmer’s Market

Farmer’s markets give local food growers and producers as well as crafters the opportunity to sell their goods to other locals. Farmer’s markets foster community and promote the idea of communities striving for self-sufficiency.

Fast Food Restaurant

Fast food restaurants specialize in serving high-quality food and delivering quickly. Food is cooked and delivered within minutes of being ordered by the customer. Just about any type of cuisine can be served in a fast food restaurant as long as it can be served on demand.

Fine Dining Restaurant

A fine dining restaurant focuses on upscale, expertly-prepared cuisine, using specialty ingredients such as patrons wouldn’t typically find at other types of restaurants. However, a significant part of fine dining is the overall customer experience. The fine dining restaurant owner must also consider creating a unique and appealing atmosphere and a very high standard of customer service.

Food Kiosk Business

A food kiosk is typically a small stand-style food business. The food you sell can be prepared on or off-site. However, in order to be prepared on-site you usually must offer a limited menu. Items must be able to be prepared quickly and stored safely until sold, all within a stand that may also have to be easily portable. Food that is prepared off-site must also be able to be stored safely until sold. Food kiosks can be highly successful in busy locations where there is lots of food traffic, such as malls and parks.

Food Truck Business

A food truck business is essentially a restaurant on wheels. The entire operation can be moved to different locations where patrons can come and purchase a meal. Food truck kitchens are smaller than regular restaurant kitchens, so food trucks typically serve a limited menu of dishes.

Frozen Yogurt Business

Frozen yogurt shops sell frozen yogurt, yogurt cones and yogurt desserts (such as sundaes). Some yogurt shops also sell yogurt smoothies and popsicles. Yogurt shops typically offer a few to several different flavors of yogurt at any given time. The also often have sundae or toppings bars consisting of various candies, syrups and other toppings for customers to customize their yogurt with.

Fruit Market Business

This is a type of grocery store that specializes in selling fresh fruit. Fruit markets can operate seasonally or year-round. Seasonal fruit markets generally focus on selling fruits that come from the local region. (Thus, when the growing season is over, the market shuts down until the next season.) Year-round fruit markets generally carry a selection of both local in-season fruits and non-local or imported fruits.

Fusion Restaurant

Fusion restaurants are a growing trend. They combine the traditions and ingredients of two or more different cuisine types (i.e. Korean and Japanese). They create all new and unique dishes using ingredients from both types.

Gelato Business

Gelato is an Italian style of ice cream. While it has some similarities to ice cream, it is processed differently. The result is a product that is denser and thicker and often more flavorful than regular ice cream. Gelato businesses typically make their own product on-site or at a central kitchen facility. Gelato is often sold in on-site shops or at gelato stands or trucks. Some also sell product to restaurants and stores.

Gourmet Jam and Jelly

Gourmet jams and jelly are produced using high-quality ingredients and carefully processed. Gourmet jams and jellies are distinguished from everyday grocery store varieties for using unique and non-traditional ingredients (i.e. wine, flowers, leaves, dairy products) and/or unusual fruits (i.e. starfruit, dragon fruit, crabapples). Gourmet jams and jellies can be sold in a dedicated shop, at farmer’s markets and in local stores and specialty shops or even online.

Gourmet Popcorn Shop

A gourmet popcorn shop features an on-site popcorn-making operation as well as a retail shop. Gourmet popcorn is created using high-quality corn and in smaller batches. It is then seasoned with various ingredients and flavors (i.e. cheddar, strawberry, garlic and parmesan, caramel apple). Customers can choose their flavor or flavors in individual servings or in larger quantities to take home.

Grocery Store

Grocery stores carry a wide variety of fresh, frozen and canned food products as well as other household items. Grocery stores come in all sizes, from small neighborhood corner stores to super-size supermarkets. Small grocery stores focus on the basics while supermarkets carry multiple varieties and things you might not find in a small grocery store, such as clothing and furniture.

Grocery Store Delivery Business

Consumers can’t always get out and do their own grocery shopping due to busy schedules or limited transportation options. A grocery store delivery business fills this need by picking up a client’s grocery order and delivering it right to their door.

Health Food Store

A health food store sells health food products to the public. This can include pre-packaged foods and mixes, fresh produce, vitamins and nutritional supplements and natural or organic products.

Healthy Fast Food Restaurant

Sometimes consumers need a quick meal, but they don’t want the fat, sodium and other unhealthy ingredients often found in traditional fast food meals. A healthy fast food restaurant serves meals that can still be served quickly and on-demand but don’t contain high levels of trans fats, sodium and other unhealthy ingredients.

Herb Farm

An herb farm grows herbs rather than vegetables. Some herb farms specialize in one type of herb. Others grow a wide range of herbs. Herb farms can range from hobby size to large-scale operations. Small herb farmers often sell their product in local stores and farmers markets. Larger farms may sell to grocery stores and restaurants.

Hot Sauce Business

Specialty hot sauce production is a growing business niche with plenty of room for new competition. Running a hot sauce business starts with a great recipe. Expect to spend your days cooking and bottling your product, which can be sold to stores and restaurants.

Ice Cream Parlor

An ice cream parlor is a restaurant that specializes in selling individual servings of ice cream and ice cream related treats and desserts.

Ice Cream Truck Business

An ice cream truck business sells ice cream products from a truck or other vehicle. The truck can be moved to different locations and neighborhoods, maximizing the potential for sales.

International Food Store

It can be difficult to find food products from different countries and ethnicities in a standard American grocery store. An International food store stocks popular food product from other countries, things that would otherwise be unavailable to the public.

Italian Ice Business

Italian ice is a popular contemporary frozen dessert often sold in food kiosks, trucks or small retail shops. Italian ice is a little bit like a cross between a snow cone and sherbet/sorbet. It is made without dairy and egg yolk (it may contain egg white, depending on the variety). Italian ice businesses thrive in high foot-traffic areas, especially during warm-weather months.

Jam Business

The jam and jelly industry are massive, largely because jam and jelly has become standard fare in most households. Jam and jelly makers can bottle and sell their best recipes. Small scale makers often sell directly to customers at farmers markets and craft fairs. Large-scale producers sell their product to grocery stores and restaurants.

Juice Bar

This is yet another business niche that is growing. Juice bars provide juice and smoothie blends made from fresh-pressed and fresh-ground ingredients. Pressing is often done right on site, ensuring the freshest and most nutritious possible product for customers.

Kitchen Supplies Store

This boutique-style store sells products intended for use in the kitchen. This can include kitchen appliances, utensils, cookware, dinnerware, gadgets and even food. Kitchen supplies stores typically focus on specialty, brand-name and high-end kitchen products, things that might otherwise be difficult to find in the average department store.

Meals-To-Go Business

A meals-to-go business prepares fresh, healthy meals and delivers them directly to customers. Meals-to-go appeal to people who are too busy to cook but don’t want to rely on fast food for a quick meal. They’re also popular with seniors who may be unable to cook healthy meals for themselves.

Mexican Grocery Store

This is a boutique-type grocery store that specializes in Mexican food products. Mexican grocery stores carry a wide variety of goods, including produce, canned and pre-packaged foods and even fresh items such as cheese and meat.


The craft beer business is a growing niche market. A microbrewery produces beer, but on a much smaller scale than larger, mainstream breweries. This allows the brewer more quality control over the end product. It also allows more room for experimentation and for creating different recipes. Microbreweries sell their product wholesale to restaurants and liquor stores. Many also have on-site tasting rooms and/or cafes/restaurants where patrons can come for a beer.

Mobile Bartending Service

Mobile bartenders supply alcoholic beverage service at special events such as weddings, corporate parties, etc. The service brings everything needed right to the event, including alcohol, mixers, canned and bottled drinks, accessories and even, in some cases, glasses.

Olive Oil Store

This type of boutique retailer specializes in gourmet olive oils, particularly types that can’t be found in a conventional grocery store. They often also stock related products like gourmet vinegars and artisan crackers and breads. Some olive oil stores even have a “tasting room” (a stand-up bar or seating area with few tables) where customers can sample different oils.


If you have an existing farm or a home with a lot of property, you can start an orchard. You can sell your fruit at local stores or farmer’s markets. You can even open your orchard to visitors and host events and tours.

Pasta Business

Pasta has enjoyed consistent popularity and sales over the last several years. Specialty pastas are a growing sub-niche within the pasta business. A pasta business involves creating recipes, making and then packaging your pasta, which can be sold to stores and restaurants.

Personal Chef Business

A personal chef business is similar in some ways to a catering business. However, personal chefs typically work with smaller groups, families and even individuals. Personal chefs prepare customized meals for clients. Personal chefs have more flexibility and creativity when it comes to the foods that they prepare, within the dietary guidelines supplied by the client.

Pizza-By-The-Slice Restaurant

This type of restaurant specializes in pizza. It’s like a typical pizza restaurant in most ways. However, rather than selling whole pizzas, it sells single slices. A pizza-by-the-slice restaurant will be most successful when located in areas of high traffic where individual customers abound, such as a food court.

Popsicle Business

A popsicle business specializes in making and selling popsicles. A successful popsicle business will need to have creative (even gourmet) recipes. You can sell your product from your own shop, stand or mobile cart. You can also sell your product to stores and restaurants.

Pop-Up Restaurant Business

Pop-up restaurants are temporary restaurants, so-called because they “pop-up” in various locations and/or at different events. Pop-up restaurants are challenging because you may be cooking and serving food in venues different sizes and styles every time. Your equipment and menu have to be simple enough to be taken and used most anywhere, but complex enough to cook and serve delicious menu items that people will follow you around just to buy.


A pub is like a bar, but with greater emphasis on food than you would find in a typical bar. The average pub crowd is looking for a complete selection of alcoholic beverages as well as quality, delicious dishes.

Pumpkin Farm

Pumpkin farms specialize in growing and selling pumpkins. Most pumpkin farms sell to grocery stores, with almost their entire crop being moved in the months of September to November. Pumpkin farms can also make money as “eco-tourist” attractions, allowing the public to come to the farm, pick their own pumpkins from the field, participate in activities and view exhibits.


A restaurant is an ideal business for someone with chef training or extensive cooking experience. Restaurants serve food and drinks to patrons, often in a sit-down environment. However, restaurants can take a myriad of formats and food specialties, so there is a great deal of freedom to be creative and design a restaurant that suits your taste and style.

Restaurant Delivery Service

A restaurant delivery service picks up food orders at local restaurants and delivers them to customers. The customer is able to enjoy her favorite restaurant meal without leaving home. Some restaurant delivery services operate as independent couriers. Others partner directly with the restaurants they service.

Restaurant Supply Business

A restaurant supply business provides products to restaurants. This can include anything from food and ingredients to restaurant equipment. Restaurant supply businesses take orders from restaurant owners and then deliver the products to the restaurant.

Sea Salt Business

A sea salt business harvests ocean water and uses it to make sea salt. Sea salt is popular in contemporary cooking for its unique flavor, minerals and the fact that it goes through less processing than ordinary salt. Sea salt producers sometimes add different flavors to sea salt and sell it as “gourmet” sea salt.

Sell Baby Food

There is a growing demand for baby food that is fresh, additive and preservative-free and which goes through as little processing as possible. If you have a farm or access to wholesale fruits and vegetables, you can meet this need. Besides preparing, you’ll also be packaging the food in small portions and selling your product to stores or directly to customers.

Smoothie Business

This is a restaurant niche that is growing in the market. A smoothie business sells fresh blended fruit drinks to customers. Much of the processing is done on-site when the customer orders. This ensures the freshest, most nutritious possible product.

Spice Business

A spice business grinds, sells and packages spices for sale to stores or directly to customers. Fresh, quality ingredients are the key to success. Many spice businesses develop their own gourmet blends.

Sports Bar Business

A sports bar serves food and drinks while patrons watch sports on screens installed throughout the bar. A sports bar must be focused on serving quality food and drinks as well as being tuned in to the local sports culture.

Sub Shop

This type of restaurant specializes in submarine-style sandwiches in a casual-dining atmosphere. Sub shops focus on using a variety of fresh vegetables and bread and quality meats and condiments.

Sushi Restaurant

Sushi restaurants specialize in sushi-style foods like maki, nigiri, temaki, sashimi and urumaki (rolls). Some sushi restaurants also offer other types of Japanese cuisine, while others focus strictly on sushi.

Tea Shop

Tea shops are cafes that specialize in serving tea. Tea shops typically offer several different types of tea and may also serve blended tea drinks. Many tea shops also offer packaged teas for customers to purchase and take home.

Tortilleria Business

Tortillerias specialize in producing fresh tortillas for stores, restaurants and individual customers. Quality ingredients are a must. In addition to traditional Mexican-style tortillas, many tortillerias also produce specialty and gourmet tortillas using different types of flour and added flavors and spices.

Vineyard Business

A vineyard business grows grapes which are sold to wine makers. Some vineyards have their own on-site wineries and produce their own brand of wine. Many vineyards make additional profit by offering public tours and renting space for special events.

Wine Shop

The avid wine enthusiast would enjoy making a business out of selling wines to others. Wine shops focus solely on selling wine. A big part of owning a wine shop is the curating of fine wines from both local regional wineries as well as from other countries.

Wine Tour Business

A wine tour business is one that guides guests on tours of wineries. Tours typically visit multiple wineries over a few hours. Guests get to view the vineyard and see the winery where the grapes are processed into wine. Each winery visit is capped off with a wine tasting where guests are able to sample the wine.


Accounting Service

This business is ideal for someone who has a degree in accounting or mathematics. Accounting services work with businesses as well as private individuals. They work on income taxes, employee payrolls and general bookkeeping and many other financial and tax-related services.

ATM Business

An ATM business installs, services and maintains ATMs in businesses and public locations. ATM business owners will spend a lot of time making contact with other business people in order to drum up new business. ATM owners make a fee on every transaction that takes place on a particular machine, so ATMs in high foot traffic areas can be very lucrative.

Bill Auditing Service

A bill auditing service works mainly with businesses. The auditor evaluates the company’s bills from a given period of time (i.e. one year). His job is to look for ways that the business can save money. He also looks for any overcharges that may have occurred.

Bitcoin Mining Business

Mining Bitcoin requires technical computer skills. It involves using software to mine Bitcoin, a popular form of cryptocurrency. Mining Bitcoin requires some expensive computer hardware and software and an intense investment of time when first getting started. However, once set up, Bitcoin mining requires little work other than minor maintenance.

Bookkeeping Business

Companies of all sizes are increasingly contracting out their bookkeeping needs, so the demand for this type of business is growing. You must be good with numbers and have either formal training or experience in bookkeeping. This is a relatively easy and inexpensive business to run from home. To start a bookkeeping business we suggest using the Bookkeeper Business Launch program.

Cryptocurrency Business

Ever since Bitcoin was launched, dozens more new cryptocurrencies have hit the market. There’s still room for more, according to experts. Creating and marketing an original cryptocurrency is a suitable business for anyone who is computer programming-savvy and doesn’t mind wading into relatively uncharted territory in the marketplace.

Currency Trading Business

Trading currency involves buying foreign currencies when they are low and selling them when they are high. Operating a successful currency trading business requires studying and following the currency market closely, watching for trends. It takes time when first starting out to get a feel for how the currency market works. However, once you get the hang of it, it takes very little time to maintain your business.

Financial Consulting Firm

Financial consulting firms work with individuals and businesses to manage and grow their investments. Financial consultants should have a thorough understanding of finances and investing. A degree in finance or related field is an asset, as is prior experience.

Financial Planning Firm

Financial planners work with individuals and businesses to identify and reach financial goals. They help clients organize their budget and investments so that they can grow their wealth, achieve their financial goals and meet their financial obligations within a desired time frame.

Grant Writing Business

A grant writing business matches non-profit clients with potential grantors. It then prepares a written grant proposal that explains why its client is qualified for and should receive funding. A grant writer must be both a proficient writer and extremely knowledgeable about the world of non-profit funding organizations.

Medical Billing Business

Medical billing businesses work with medical business owners, such as doctors, hospitals and nursing services. They send bills to clients and insurance companies on behalf of the client for medical services provided. Operating a medical billing business requires a computer and billing software. It also necessitates an understanding of how insurance billing works. It also requires an understanding of the requirements of various insurance companies when it comes to how bills are split between the person receiving treatment and his insurance company and what services are covered by insurance.

Micro Lending Company

Micro lending companies provide small-scale, no-collateral loans to clients. Loans typically range from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. Most micro-lenders are often non-profit organizations that provide loans to customers in developing communities or nations for the purposes of bettering the community as a whole.

Real Estate Appraisal Business

A real estate appraisal business estimates the market value of residential and commercial real estate. These appraisals are important when buying or selling a property or obtaining or renewing a mortgage. An appraiser should have good communication skills, since preparing written reports and property descriptions are a significant part of the job.

Real Estate Investor Business

A real estate investor business purchases real estate as a way to make money. Real estate investors profit when they rent out, “flip” (buy low, renovate and sell for a higher price) or hold onto property until it increases in value and then sell.

Stock Brokerage Firm

Stock brokers trade securities on behalf of clients. They work with both investors and companies wishing to sell stock to the public. This is an ideal job for someone with a degree in finance or a related field and/or experience in stock trading.

Tax Preparation Business

A tax preparation business works with individuals and businesses to prepare their annual income tax returns. To operate this business, you’ll need a thorough understanding of local tax laws (state and federal). While tax preparation businesses work with some clients year-round, they see the bulk of their workload between January and April (income tax season).


Commercial Photography Business

Commercial photographers take pictures for use in advertising. They closely work with businesses to meet their specific requirements. Commercial photographers must be as creative and visionary as they are skilled at using a camera.

Custom Portrait Business

This type of business specializes in taking portrait pictures (posed pictures of individuals, couples, families, pets, etc.). “Custom portrait” may refer to pictures in a variety of mediums, including photographs as well as artistic portraits (drawings, sketches, paintings, etc.).

Custom Prints Business

A custom prints business creates prints based on a client’s unique specifications. A custom “print” can refer to a variety of print surfaces, ranging from a business card to the front of t-shirt.

Drone Photography Business

Drone photography is a relatively new and fast-growing photography business niche. It is the idea of fixing a camera to a drone in order to capture photos from the vantage point of the sky. Drone photographers must be both artistic and technically-savvy, as drone photography requires precision use of computer software and hardware.

Fashion Photography Business

Fashion photography is a sub-specialty in the business of commercial photography. Fashion photographers work with designers, taking pictures that highlight the designer’s clothing. Fashion photographers must be skilled with a camera and editing software and must also have a sense of artistry.

Instagram Business

An Instagram business involves posting pictures of products and services of businesses for pay. Pay is typically per-post and the amount you are paid is often determined by the number of followers you have.

Pet Photography Business

Pet photography is a growing sub-specialty in the photography field. More and more pet owners are getting quality pictures of their pets just as they would with any other family member. A pet photographer must be creative and skilled with a camera, with the added challenge of being able to take pictures of subjects that don’t necessarily sit still or cooperate with a photographer’s ideas.

Pet Portraits Business

The pet portrait business evolved from the people portraits business. People love their pets and appreciate the idea of having a professional provide them with high-quality, frame-worthy portraits of their beloved animals.

Photo Booth Business

This is growing niche business with lots of opportunity for profit. It is possible to operate this business even if you are not a “professional” photographer. All you need is a portable photo booth, a computer and a photo software program. The photo booth is taken on location to events such as parties and weddings. Guests can get their picture taken and leave with a fun photo memory of the occasion.

Photo Editing Business

Photo editing is big business and is ideal for those who are experienced with photo editing software programs. Photo editing businesses work largely with advertisers of various types (private companies, online and print publications, etc.) creating high-quality, customized photos.

Photo Restoration Service

Photo restoration is a fine and precise mix of both art and science. The restoration expert takes old paper photos from before the digital era and makes them look new again by adding color and repairing the print material itself.

Photography Business

A photography business may work with a variety of clients, providing printed and/or digital photos for personal, business or advertising use. Some photography businesses specialize in a particular type of photography (i.e. professional headshots). Others may provide general photography services or several types of services. To operate a successful photography business, you must be skilled with a camera and photography software and have an eye for detail and creativity.

Portrait Photography Business

A portrait photography business specializes in taking pictures of people or their pets. Portrait photographers work primarily with private individuals who wish to have picture keepsakes of loved ones or cherished pets. Because these photos are meant to be keepsakes, the photographer may also need to be skilled in the use of photo editing software.

Real Estate Photography Business

A real estate photographer specializes in taking high-quality pictures of residential and commercial properties and buildings, usually for the purposes of marketing the property. Real estate photography businesses are frequently contracted by real estate agents.

Sports Photography Business

A sports photographer specializes in taking pictures of athletes playing sports or of sporting events in general. Sports photographers have the extra challenge of photographing people and objects in motion, often very fast motion. Therefore, a sports photographer must be very skilled with a camera and its various functions. Sports photographers may work with newspapers, magazines, schools and colleges or professional and amateur sports teams or players.

Travel Photography Business

A travel photographer specializes in taking photographs that highlight various aspects of destinations around the world. Their photographs are typically used for advertising or publishing. Travel photographers may work with publishers of books and magazines, travel agencies, tourism agencies or other tourism-related businesses.

Wedding Photography Business

Wedding photographers work with couples getting married and take pictures during wedding ceremonies and receptions. They also provide wedding portraiture of the couple and the bridal party.


Business Consulting Firm

If you have been in business for yourself or worked in an executive position in a business, you can coach others who want to start or grow their own businesses. Business consulting firms advise business owners and managers on a variety of business-related matters.

Contract Negotiation Service

A contract negotiator is a mediator who specializes in working with two or more parties to negotiate mutually beneficial and agreeable contracts. This can include businesses, non-profit organizations and government entities.

Credit and Debt Counseling Service

This type of business works one-on-one with clients who need help getting out of debt. Credit/debt counselors offer advice to clients on how best to pay off outstanding bills and loans while paying as little interest as possible. Counselors may help clients consolidate debts, work with creditors on a repayment plan or learn how to budget effectively. Some credit and debt counseling services charge clients for their services (typically per session or per hour). However, many are funded by outside sources (non-profit organizations, financial institutions, etc.) so that they are able to provide free service to clients.

Customer Service Consulting Business

This type of business works with customer-oriented businesses such as retailers and restaurants to help them improve their customer service. They are experts who objectively go into a business and evaluate its ability to serve its customers. They identify shortfalls and make recommendations on how to fill gaps in service.

Diversity Consultant Business

This is a relatively new but growing profession in the field of human resources. A diversity consultant works with businesses on issues related to diversity in the workplace. The diversity consultant is sensitive to differences in race, culture, gender, age and sexual orientation.

Executive Search

This specialized branch of human resources works with businesses and companies to fill executive positions. They help identify and recruit potential candidates, conduct background checks and advise companies on issues related to hiring top-level executives.

Event Planning Business

An event planning business helps its clients to plan various types of events. Event planners may do events ranging from small private dinner parties to weddings to large corporate events. They may work with private individuals, businesses and organizations. Event planners charge clients based on the type and size of the event as well as for the planner’s time.

Franchise Consultant

Franchise consultants work with franchisers, franchise owners and businesses that want to franchise their brand. They offer advice and help clients identify their franchise goals and develop a plan to achieve them.

Human Resources Consulting Firm

Many businesses and companies aren’t large enough to employ their own human resources department. So, when it comes to identifying and recruiting qualified employees, they turn to human resources consulting firms. Not only do they help companies with hiring, they work with them on related issues like adhering to hiring policies and laws, developing employee incentive programs and more.

Legal Consulting Firm

Legal consultants provide legal advice to businesses on a wide range of issues relating to doing business. Legal consultants assist companies in complying with laws and developing policies that ensure legal obligations are met. Legal consulting firms are typically operated by lawyers. However, because they are acting as consultants and not as legal representatives, their services are much more affordable to businesses.

Local Business Consulting Firm

This type of business works with local small businesses, helping them find solutions to problems small businesses often face. The consultant may advise clients on a variety of issues, including growth strategy, location challenges, local bylaws, taxes, management and many others. They also help small local businesses connect with other local businesses and leverage their collective influence in the community.

Museum Consulting Business

A museum consultant works with museums on a variety of different aspects related to operating a museum. This can include curating exhibits, marketing, customer relations and even building/gallery design.

Personal Concierge Business

Sometimes known as “personal assistants,” this type of business works with individual clients helping them meet personal needs. The scope of work can be vast and include things like running errands, walking a client’s dog, scheduling appointments, helping make travel arrangements, maintaining a home office and any other personal tasks.

Project Management Consulting Business

Overseeing large projects or multiple projects requires a special skill set that not all managers and company executives possess. A project management consulting business can come into a business and help executives with the logistics of project planning and execution.

Time Management Consultant

Almost everyone, at one time or another, wishes there were more hours in a day. A time management consultant can’t slow down time or add more hours to the clock. They can help clients make better, more efficient use of their time. Time management consultants teach strategies and skills that help clients organize their lives and/or achieve a specific goal or goals in life or career.

Wedding Planning Business

A wedding planning business is a type of event planning business that deals strictly with weddings. The wedding planner typically works with the bride and groom on any and all aspects of planning a wedding event. This often includes the format of the ceremony, reception and other events of the day, as well as aspects like catering, flowers, decorations, printing needs, music, locating and securing venue and others. Wedding planners generally charge a fee based on the scope of the event, including any expenses.


Car Dealership

Car dealerships purchase cars at wholesale prices and then reselling them to the public for a profit. Some car dealerships deal only in previously-owned vehicles, others in new-only and some in both new and used. This is an ideal business for a person who knows and appreciates cars and has salesmanship skills.

Car Rental Business

A car rental business rents cars, usually a on short-term basis (a few days to a few weeks), to customers. A car rental business will need to maintain a fleet of multiple cars in order to maximize the potential for profit.

Carpet Store

A carpet store sells carpet, and most also offer carpet installation services. In addition to carpet, many also carry related products like rugs and carpet cleaning supplies. This is an ideal business for someone who is handy and has experience in the construction industry.

CBD Oil Business

This type of business produces and bottles CBD oil for retail sale. A CBD oil business will sell its product to specialty shops.

Cigar Shop

A cigar shop specializes in selling cigars in different varieties. Many also sell smoking-related accessories like lighters.

Coin Dealer

A coin dealer buys and sells rare and collectible coins. This business is ideal for the person who is an avid coin collector him or herself and is thoroughly knowledgeable about valuing coins.

Convenience Store

A convenience store is much smaller than a typical grocery store. It stocks only essential grocery and household-type supplies that consumers are likely to need frequently and in small quantities. Consumers shop at convenience stores because they tend to be closer to home. Additionally, because they are smaller, it takes less time to shop at a convenience store than a grocery store.

Direct Sales

This is the idea of selling a product (or brand of products) directly to customers. This is a great alternative to starting a business completely from scratch. With direct sales, you don’t worry about creating or sourcing products or coming up with a business model. All of this is in place already. You simply act as an independent consultant and make a profit on your personal sales.

Dollar Store Business

A dollar store is a specialty store that only sells items at a very low price point, typically one or two dollars apiece or up to five dollars. A dollar store can carry almost any kind of products imaginable as long as they fall within the targeted price points. Many dollar stores carry household goods, grocery items, home decor, office supplies, school supplies, toys, party goods and many other things you would find in a regular store.

Estate Sale Company

An estate sale company helps to liquidate large quantities of personal property in a relatively short period of time. People usually hire an estate sale company when selling the possessions of a loved one who has died or in the case of a divorce where the couple needs to split their assets.

Flea Market

A flea market is a business that rents small spaces within a larger venue to private vendors. The vendors then sell their goods to the public. Pike Place Market in Seattle, WA is an example of a flea market that became and still remains a highly successful flea market. Flea markets often thrive in big cities but have the potential to be highly successful even in small rural areas.

Furniture Store

A furniture store is a retail operation that sells various types of furniture. Some specialize in a particular type of furniture (i.e. bedroom furniture, office furniture). Others may stock large quantities of furniture for every room in the house. A furniture store can be brick-and-mortar or entirely online, or both.

Home Rental Business

A home rental business involves purchasing residential homes, condos, etc., fixing them up if necessary, and then renting them out to private individuals. A home rental business requires a substantial up-front investment, ongoing maintenance costs and, often, a significant investment of time. However, when operated with professionalism, a home rental business can be very profitable.

Insurance Agency

Insurance agencies sell various types of insurance coverage to members of the public. They work closely with buyers, advising them on choosing the right policy and coverage for their needs.

Kiosk Business

A kiosk business is one that is operated from a small stand in a high-traffic public location, such as a park or a street corner. It’s like a smaller version of a food truck business, except a kiosk business isn’t limited to just selling food. A kiosk business can be virtually any kind of products or services as long as it can be fit into the small stand space: small toys, jewelry, balloons, snacks and even services like chair massages.

Lemonade Stand

This is not your average childhood neighborhood lemonade stand. Many people crave the taste of a cold cup of lemonade on a hot day, as well as the sense of nostalgia that a lemonade stand invokes. But, their taste has evolved to an adult level. A lemonade stand business with a gourmet recipe for fresh-squeezed lemonade will draw people of all ages, especially when located in a high foot traffic area like a park or street corner.

Life Insurance Brokerage

Life insurance brokers help private individuals identify their life insurance needs and locate the policy that best meets them. Rather than selling policies themselves, brokers act as objective “middle men” and direct clients to policy sellers.

Liquor Store

A liquor store is a retail operation that sells a variety of liquor and alcoholic products. Some liquor stores specialize in a particular type of alcoholic beverage, such as wine, beer or spirits. Others carry multiple types. Today there are more and more “boutique” style liquor stores that carry a very specific niche of alcohol products, like craft beers or liquor, or organic strictly products.

Mortgage Brokerage Business

A mortgage brokerage helps potential home owners fulfill their dream by matching them up with potential home lenders. Mortgage brokers assist clients in gathering the necessary paperwork and financial documentation, filling out loan applications and acting as a go-between for clients and lenders. They strive to help clients find the lender that will best meet their individual needs.

Office Supply Store

This is a specialty retailer that carries items related to running an office. This can include anything from paper and writing instruments to computers and office furniture.

Real Estate Agency

Real estate agencies connect licensed real estate agents with clients who are looking to buy homes or other types of properties. Agents earn a percentage of sales as their fee.

Resale Business

A resale business (i.e. thrift store) sells used and previously-owned items like clothing, furniture and household items. Some resale businesses rely on donations from the public. Others may pay a small fee for used goods from members of the public and then resell them for a profit.

Souvenir Shop Business

Souvenir shops cater to tourists visiting the area. It stocks keepsakes and mementos that travelers can take home to commemorate their visit. Mugs, water bottles, keychains and t-shirts, many imprinted with the name and/or an image of the area, are just a few things that a typical souvenir shop carries.

Vape Shop

A vape shop sell e cigarettes, vape juice and vape related accessories. It is one of the fastest growing business opportunities in the US today.


Charter School

A charter school is similar to an independent school except that it is supported by public funding. Therefore, it is considered a public school (as opposed to a private school). Charter schools must still use public curriculum and adhere to public school standards. However, they have more freedom in how they structure delivery of education.

College Planning Business

A college planner or college planning consultant works with students and parents on planning a student’s path toward post-secondary education. The planner assists in a variety of areas, including helping the student define his or her future career goals. The consultant helps the student select the best post-secondary institution that will help the student achieve those career goals. College planners also work with students on other college-related issues, such as filling out college applications, planning for the SAT exam, etc.

ESL School

An ESL (“English as a second language”) school teaches non-English speakers the basics of speaking English. Their main student population is usually comprised of new immigrants and students who come to America from non-English speaking backgrounds to attend school. ESL schools make their money through tuition fees charged to students.

Etiquette Training Business

An etiquette business works with private individuals as well as companies teaching proper etiquette according to cultural expectations. For example, an American company that does frequent business in Japan may hire an etiquette company to teach its staff the nuances of Japanese business customs or formal dining practices. In an increasingly global world where many people travel for both work and pleasure, etiquette businesses can help clients make a positive impression while abroad.

Flight School

Flight schools offer pilot training for a variety of different aircraft types. Flight schools in small rural areas typically offer flying lessons for small aircraft who want to learn to fly for pleasure. Larger urban flight schools may offer commercial pilot training as well as small aircraft training.

Foreign Language Instruction Business

This type of business offers classes and lessons in one or more foreign languages. A foreign language instruction business operator will need to possess a good grasp of English grammar and language nuances as well as fluent in the language he or she will be teaching.

Home Tutoring Business

A home tutoring business provides help for students with homework or with extra help in specific school subjects. Tutors meet with students in their homes or in a public place such as a library. Tutoring sessions can range from half an hour to an hour or two. Home tutoring businesses typically charge fees based on the number and length of tutoring sessions and/or the type of tutoring/subject matter.

Public Speaking Instruction Business

Many people, due to their jobs or a special event, find it necessary to speak in public at some point in their lifetime. For most, this is not a natural skill, and can even be quite daunting. A public speaking instruction business can help people who must deliver a public speech in a number of ways. They teach speakers not only how to manage nerves and speak confidently in public, but also how to physically prepare and structure a formal speech.

School Supply Store

A school supply store is a retail shop that specializes in products that students need to be successful in school. This includes tools (pencils, pens, markers, crayons, rulers, etc.), various types of paper, calculators, pencil cases, backpacks, gym bags and even computers.

Test Prep Business

A test prep business is a specialized type of tutoring business. It works with students helping them prepare for college admission tests such as the SAT, ACT, MCAT, GRE and LSAT. Sessions can take place in a dedicated office, a rented classroom, even at a public library or a client’s home.


3D Printing

This is one of the fastest-growing tech businesses today. 3D printing has applications in a wide variety of industries, from medical to industrial to retail. All you need is a 3D printer and printing materials.

App Development Business

Having a custom app has come to be considered a normal part of running a business. Because of this, the demand for app designers is growing. You’ll need a thorough understanding of coding and programming and a quality computer to get this business going.

Blockchain Services Business

A “blockchain” is a decentralized ledger system and is often most associated with tracking the sales of cryptocurrency. However, blockchain has applications in numerous industries and areas. A blockchain service can make money by managing blockchain systems, creating custom blockchain programs, selling subscriptions to existing blockchain networks and more.

CNC Machining Business

CNC (computer numerical control) machining is the process of fabricating products using computers. It is a precise and reliable process which also eliminates the need for a lot of manual labor. Someone who is experienced in fabrication and knowledgeable about computer programming is an ideal candidate for this kind of business.

Computer Programmer

The demand for computer programmers has been growing for years and doesn’t show any signs of waning soon. Anyone with a knowledge of programming can contract out their services to companies and businesses who need it.

Home Automation Business

More and more homeowners and home builders are looking to automate their homes using computer technology. A home automation business provides digital solutions for everything related to home automation and the ability to power and control multiple home functions from a single device.

Internet Security Company

This type of business works with other businesses to develop customized internet security solutions. They develop or install software to prevent security breaches to a company’s computer system. They may also work in the area of computer virus and malware protection, digital employee identification and other computer security-related issues.

Robotics Company

A robotics company designs and produces automated products and equipment. On a given day, a robotics business may be building automated manufacturing equipment for a commercial customer, designing robotic toys destined to be sold on the retail market or conducting research on self-driving cars.

Software Development Business

Software development requires programming skills as well as a little bit of creativity. As long as the digital world exists, there will always be a demand for software, so the future for this type of business is bright.

Tech Support Business

Computers are central to almost every business and even to individual consumers. Yet the average person may not have the skill set to troubleshoot computer problems, choose and install software, etc. A tech support business takes care of these and other computer-related issues on behalf of clients.

Video Game Company

The combination of skills necessary to operate a successful video game company includes programming ability, creativity and a keen sense of what kind of games would be popular with the public. You can design games for gaming consoles, computers, smartphones and more.

Web Design Business

Web design requires a combination of basic programming skill and creative ability. You can design websites from scratch or create an eye-catching and informative website from a design template.

Web Development Company

Web development is the business of creating the programming that provides the structure of a website. While a web designer’s primary job is to create the visual aspect of a website, the web developer is responsible for designing the non-visual elements, including writing the coding.


Adventure Tours

Adventure tour businesses guide guests on “extreme” travel tours in a manner that is both exciting and safe. These are typically undertaken at locations that are of high interest to tourists, but where tourists might not otherwise have easy access to, such as off-road four-wheeling, remote mountain biking, whitewater kayaking, jungle safari, wildlife-watching and many more.

Airbnb Service

An Airbnb (“air bed and breakfast”) is an accommodation within a private individual’s home for travelers/vacationers. Airbnb’s typically distinguish themselves from traditional bed and breakfast homes because the traveler rents the entire home (as opposed to a room within the home). With most Airbnb’s, the owner does not remain on the property while the guest stays there. This affords the guest total privacy as well as a homey feel that some travelers prefer over hotel stays.

Bed and Breakfast

A bed and breakfast business provides travelers with a clean, homey room while on vacation, plus breakfast in the morning. Most bed-and-breakfasts operate out of the home of the owner. The owner stays on-site while guests are present.

Bike Tour Company

Bike tour companies guide groups of riders on tours of areas of interest. Bike tours take place in all kinds of environments, from urban areas to forests to mountains. Bike tour companies may either provide bikes for guests and/or allow guests to use their own bikes while on the tour.

Boutique Tour Business

A boutique tour business is a very specialized niche tour business. Instead of guiding guests to major tourist destinations, it focuses on a specific theme. Some examples of “boutique” tours include craft brewery crawls, jet ski tours, artisan studio tours, historic churches tours and other niche areas of interest.

Corporate Retreat Center Business

A corporate retreat center is a facility with accommodations plus conference/meeting rooms and lecture halls. Businesses can bring large groups of employees for stays of any length for the purposes of team building, training and relaxation. Corporate retreat centers are often located in areas with attractive options for guests to enjoy off-site, such as natural outdoor settings or urban areas with shopping and entertainment.

Cruise Line

Cruise lines operate and manage boats and ships that specialize in taking guests to various vacation destinations. However, part of the cruise experience is not just the destination, but also the activities, dining and entertainment while on board.

Delivery Service

Delivery services transport parcels and goods from sender to receiver. While there are many large delivery services that transport packages long distance, many businesses simply need to get a package across town in a short time frame. Smaller delivery services are better able to meet this need, especially in urban areas.

Ecotour Business

Ecotours are a growing niche in the guided tours industry. Ecotours take guests to natural areas of ecological significance. Often these are areas that might otherwise be inaccessible to the general public. Ecotours are as much about interactive learning as they are about sightseeing, so guides must be very knowledgeable about the ecological significance of the area.

Glamping Business

Glamping (“glamorous camping”) appeals to the traveler who likes the idea of being outdoors, close to nature, but doesn’t necessarily like the prospect of “roughing it.” Glamping businesses provide unique opportunities for guests to vacation close to nature. However, they also provide access to creature comforts, the amenities of home, and even exotic dining and activities. The guest doesn’t have to worry about anything. All supplies, including accommodations, are supplied.

Helicopter Tour Business

Helicopter tours give guests views of areas of interest from the vantage point of the sky. Helicopter tour businesses are popular in regions with lots of natural points of interest (forests, mountains, etc.).

Hotel Business

Those with a love for hospitality are ideal candidates for operating a hotel business. While a hotel is typically thought of as a building with multiple rooms that guests can rent, a “hotel” business can take other formers. This includes stand-alone structures like cabins or villas.

Kids Taxi Service

A kids taxi service provides rides for children to and from activities, school, etc. A kids taxi service not only provides transportation, but also supervision during the ride and ensures that someone is present to meet passengers when they arrive at their destination.

Party Bus Business

Party bus services provide individuals and groups with rides to events and parties. However, the party bus ensures that the ride is part of the overall event. Riders are treated to music, dancing, food and drinks while on board.

RV Rental Business

This type of business rents RVs (recreational vehicles) to private individuals. Rentals are usually short term (a few days to a few weeks). The market most often consists of private individuals who want to go camping/on vacation.

Ski Resort

A ski resort is a destination for winter sports enthusiast to come and participate in downhill skiing. Many ski resorts also offer related options like snowboarding, cross-country skiing, tobogganing or tube sledding. Ski resorts often have on-site dining options as well.

Skydiving Business

A skydiving business gives members of the public the opportunity to experience jumping out of an airplane. To operate this type of business, you’ll need a small aircraft, pilot and airfield space. You’ll also need to supply parachutes and all other equipment for patrons.

Tour Company

A tour company guides traveling guests to points of interest in popular travel destinations. Tour companies can operate just about any place that has tourist appeal. Some tour companies offer single-day trips. Others specialize in multi-day trips to various destinations.

Travel Agency

A travel agency business helps clients plan any and all aspects of a desired trip. The travel agency may work with clients to find a destination, secure lodging, obtain airline tickets, find activities or tours to participate in and more.

Trucking Company

Trucking companies move goods from one destination to another, typically on routes that take a few hours to several days or more. A trucking company can be operated one of two ways. It may contract with independent truck owners. Or it may own and maintain its own fleet of trucks and hire drivers to operate them.

Vintage Maps Store

A vintage maps store sells vintage maps to private collectors, galleries and museums. Vintage map collecting is a popular niche hobby, and it is these hobbyists who will likely make up most of your customer base. To operate a vintage maps store, you must have a good understanding of history and geography.

Virtual Tour Business

A virtual tour business uses cameras, software and technology to create “virtual tours” of a space. Virtual tour businesses work mainly with businesses in the real estate and travel/tourism industry.


Air Duct Cleaning

This type of business goes into residential homes and/or businesses and commercial buildings to clean out the building’s air ducts. To operate this business, you will need air duct cleaning equipment and a truck. This business is ideal for someone with a background in servicing HVAC systems or for those who are otherwise mechanically adept.

Appliance Repair

An appliance repair service fixes appliances that are broken or malfunctioning. Most appliance repair services focus their business on large appliances (refrigerators, stoves, microwaves, dishwashers, etc.) that are cheaper for owners to have fixed than to purchase a replacement appliance. (However, there may still be a small market for small appliance repairs as well). This business is ideal for the mechanically inclined.

Bike Repair Business

A bike repair shop provides bike repairs and bike maintenance services. It may also sell basic bike parts and accessories and even do custom bicycle building.

Blind Cleaning Business

A blind cleaning business does what would ordinarily be a difficult and cumbersome task for homeowners. Most blind cleaning businesses use ultrasonic technology (high-frequency sound waves) to remove dirt and dust from blinds. The process is done right in the client’s home and is very efficient. The cleaner charges a fee based on the number and the size of blinds cleaned.

Boat Cleaning Service

A boat cleaning service offers cleaning for both the interior and exterior of boats. This type of business requires only a small investment of cash, enough to purchase cleaning equipment and products.

Cabinet Making Business

Cabinet-making is a specialty type of woodworking and requires someone with fine carpentry skills. Quality cabinet makers are highly sought-after by real estate developers, home renovation contractors and big box home building retailers.

Car Detailing Business

Car detailers provide a full range of car-cleaning services for both the interior and exterior of vehicles. A car detailing business can operate out of a shop location where customers must bring their cars for detailing. They can also operate as “mobile,” bringing the service and equipment to the customer’s location.

Car Repair Shop

A car repair shop provides car repairs for people’s or business’ vehicles. Some car repair shops specialize in a particular type or make of vehicle. However, most work on all types of cars. This business is ideal for someone who is a qualified mechanic or has mechanic experience.

Car Wash

A car wash is a place where auto owners can get a vehicle washed. Car washes can be operated in a number of ways. A stand-alone, completely-automated car wash lets the customer either wash his own car himself or drive through an automatic car wash. The washers are coin or bank/credit card operated. Either way, no employees are necessary on site and the owner can simply attend to maintenance of the facility and the business tasks of the operation. Other car washes have employees who hand wash the car for the customer.

Car Window Repair Business

This business is a type of auto repair shop that works strictly with car windows. It provides window crack repairs and full window glass replacements. This is an ideal business for a certified glass technician or someone with car and/or glass repair experience.

Carpentry Business

A carpentry business provides building-related services. A carpentry business may build or renovate homes or buildings. It may also build things like furniture, decks, fences, play structures, etc.

Carpet and Upholstery Cleanup Business

Carpet and furniture upholstery need a special touch when it comes to cleaning it. A carpet and upholstery cleanup business has the right kind of equipment and cleaning products to do the job and make sure that the fibers/fabric is preserved.

Cell Phone Repair Business

A cell phone repair business performs a variety of repairs on cell phones. Screen repairs and battery replacements are common services offered by cell phone repair businesses. Many also provide technical repairs, such as data recovery, hardware replacement, software installation and more.

Chimney Sweep Business

Many of the country’s older homes still have wood-burning fireplaces with chimneys that must be cleaned and maintained regularly. Chimney sweeping requires specialized equipment and the ability to work at great heights.

Christmas Lights Installation

Many homeowners like to get into the spirit of the Christmas season by decorating their home with lights but don’t have the time and/or equipment to do the job. Installing Christmas lights requires no formal training. It can be done by just about anyone who has the right equipment, especially a tall ladder. Christmas light installation is also a great side business for anyone who owns a bucket boom truck.

Cleaning Business

A cleaning business goes into homes, businesses or commercial buildings and cleans and provides cleaning services. Some cleaning businesses provide comprehensive services for all parts of a building (floors, windows, washrooms, etc.). Others specialize in certain types of cleaning (i.e. carpet, tile, glass). Many cleaning businesses focus solely on residential or commercial cleaning (not both).

Clock Repair Business

A clock repair business services different types of clocks. This business is well-suited for the person who is mechanically-inclined and detail-oriented. A clock repair person must be able to fix both analog and digital clocks in order to thrive.

Commercial Cleaning Business

A commercial cleaning business is a cleaning business that works specifically with businesses and commercial building owners. Commercial cleaning businesses are typically able to provide a full range of cleaning services for all parts of a commercial business or building, from public areas to workspaces and even certain types of equipment.

Construction Contractor Business

Construction contractors build houses and buildings for clients. The contractor typically undertakes the framing and building of the house. However, part of his job may also be to hire “sub-contractors” to do finishing work, plumbing, electrical wiring and other things required in a building that doesn’t fall under the umbrella of “construction.”

Computer Repair

This business provides computer repair services to private and/or business customers. This typically includes both hardware and software repairs plus other services like software installation, data recovery, hard drive cleaning and others.

Countertop Business

Building and installing countertops is a specialized craft and one that is in demand. This is particularly true in places where a lot of new building is taking place. This business is ideal for those with construction experience, an eye for detail and a high standard of craftsmanship.

Custom Playsets Business

Those with construction skills as well as a flair for design can produce custom playsets. Parents don’t always want a cookie-cutter, mass-produced, store-bought playset for their children. Instead, ordering a custom playset allows them to give their child a play structure that will appeal to his or her individual interests, and will be better in quality that a store-bought playset.

Custom Treehouse Business

Every child dreams about having a treehouse at some point in his or her childhood. And, there are even adults who haven’t outgrown their desire for a house in the trees. A custom treehouse business may build anything from a small tree fort for children to play in to an actual, livable tree home, complete with amenities and creature comforts. This business is ideal for an experienced builder who also has design skills and a little bit of kid inside, too.

Deck Building Business

A deck building business is a construction operation that specializes in building decks for homes. Deck builders may work with home builders as sub-contractors building decks on new homes. They may also work directly for individual customers looking to add a deck to their home.

Dent Removal Service

A dent removal service is a very specialized type of auto mechanic business. It uses specialized tools to remove dents from automobiles. A dent removal shop can even offer mobile service, since many smaller dents can be repaired with equipment that is portable.

Diesel Performance Shop

A diesel performance shop is a specialized type of auto mechanic business. It deals with passenger automobiles that have diesel engines helping to improve their performance. This business may work with elite racing professionals or amateurs who want to get a competitive edge. However, you’ll also attract non-racing car owners who simply like the idea of having a high-performing vehicle.

Dog Houses (Designer Dog Houses)

This is a great niche business for the professional or skilled amateur carpenter. Designer dog houses take the average dog house to the next level. Designer dog houses may have detailed woodwork and finishes and offer many of the same “creature comforts” as human houses.

Electrician Business

An electrician business provides electrical services to residential and/or commercial buildings. Electrical services may include anything from repairs to electrical wires or power outlets to installation of full electrical systems.

Electronics Repair Business

An electronics repair business may service and repair a wide variety of electronic devices. This may include TVs, video game consoles, handheld video game devices, computers, stereo equipment, microwaves, cell phones and virtually any other type of electronic device.

Elevator Installation and Repair Service

Elevator installation and repair is a technical process that requires a high level of professionalism and training and specialized equipment. Because of this, there aren’t many companies that offer these services, so the market is wide open for a skilled elevator installation and repair service.

Exterminator Service

An exterminator service uses chemicals, natural products and/or technology to help get rid of pests in residential and commercial properties. Traditionally, this has involved coming into a home or building and spraying chemicals to kill insects or setting traps for rodents. However, today there is great opportunity in the natural exterminator niche. These professionals provide non-chemical, organic and earth, pet and people-friendly products and tips for getting rid of unwanted pests.

Fence Company

A fence company builds, installs and maintains fences. Most fence companies specialize in one or two types of fencing, such as chain link, barbed wire, wooden or concrete. This is because different kinds of fencing require the use of different, and often expensive, equipment. Additionally, in recent years, more and more “boutique style” fence companies have emerged. These companies tend to deal with specialized and custom fencing that are meant to be works of art as well as practical ways to establish physical boundaries.

Firewood Supply

A firewood supply business provides chopped wood for sale. Revenue can be derived from selling to campers and outdoors lovers as well as customers who have wood burning fireplaces or stoves in their homes. Some firewood supply businesses sell their product to businesses as well.

Floor Installation Business

A floor installation business specializes in installing different types of flooring in residential and commercial buildings. Most specialize in one or two types of flooring (i.e. hardwood, laminate, tile) or strictly in industrial type flooring. Floor installation businesses also remove old flooring and some also offer maintenance services (i.e. floor buffing).

Furniture Upcycling Business

In the spirit of reducing waste by reusing old materials, upcycled furniture is new furniture made from old materials. An “upcycled” piece may be simply an antique chair with a missing leg being given a new leg and refinishing. Or it may be as complex as an old bunk bed that has been turned into a garden planter. Upcycled furniture is valued not just for preventing waste, but often also for its artistry and complete uniqueness.

Garage Door Installation and Repair Business

This type of business provides new garage door installations and garage door repairs. Because a majority of garage doors today are automated, the operator of a garage door installation and repair business must be both mechanically-inclined as well as knowledgeable of and skilled with technology. This type of business generates revenue both from charging for labor as well as the retail sale of doors and parts.

Graffiti Removal Business

A graffiti removal service has equipment and products that remove graffiti quickly and safely from virtually any surface. Graffiti is one of the more unpleasant things that business and property owners must contend with. Some, especially business owners, simply don’t have the equipment or the time to attend to graffiti removal themselves. They are more than happy to pay a graffiti removal service to do this job and keep their property looking clean and professional.

Grease Removal Business

Grease that goes down a sink drain can cause problems if it makes it into wastewater. This is why drain systems contain grease traps, which filter grease out of the water. Eventually, a grease trap can become clogged. A grease removal business safely and effectively removes grease build up from grease traps and disposes of it in an environmentally-friendly manner.

Gutter Cleaning Business

A gutter cleaning business specializes in removing debris from the gutters of residential homes. Gutters become clogged with leaves and other greenery, particularly during the autumn months. Debris buildup can lead to flooding and water damage, so gutter cleaning is a very needed and worthwhile service for homeowners.

Handyman Business

A handyman business is a “jack of all trades” service for homes and businesses. Handyman businesses offer services such as small repairs, small construction projects (i.e. decks, sheds, etc.), installations (i.e. carpet, cupboards), etc. This is an ideal business for a person who is handy and has a versatile skill set.

Hardware Store

A hardware store is a retailer of all things hardware-related. This usually includes tools and tool kits. However, many hardware stores also carry electrical supplies, paint and paint tools, gardening tools, building supplies, accessories for the home and garden and even furniture.

Home Theater Installation Business

A home theater business installs home theater equipment into people’s homes. This includes big screen TVs or projector screens, audio equipment, projectors and even furniture, such as theater-style chairs. A home theater business makes money both from the sale of equipment as well as installation fees.

House Flipping Business

House flipping is the practice of buying a home that is a “fixer-upper” and reselling it for a profit. This business requires a substantial cash investment up front for the purchase as well as for the renovations needed to make the house livable and appealing to the market. However, for those who have an eye for potential in older or broken-down homes and are able to complete renovations in a relatively short time frame, this business can be quite profitable.

House Painting Business

A house painting business provides painting services for private homeowners as well as home builders. Some house painting businesses offer both interior and exterior painting. Others may only offer one or the other.

Irrigation Business

This business specializes in installing, maintaining and repairing irrigation systems. An irrigation business may work with a wide variety of customers, including residential homeowners who want healthy lawns, to farmers with acres of crops to hydrate, to golf courses whose business depends on a keeping their greens green.

Junk Removal Business

A junk removal business works mainly with homeowners to haul away and dispose of household junk. Many homeowners simply don’t have a vehicle big enough to haul large items to the dump. Others don’t want the hassle of sorting through their old junk to see what’s garbage and what’s recyclable. A junk removal business takes this headache away from the homeowner.

Junkyard Business

A junkyard business accepts certain types of junk from the public. They charge a fee to the customer who drops the items off. They then salvage useable components from the items they receive. They, in turn, sell those parts for profit. Most junkyards specialize in a particular type of junk (i.e. cars, large appliances, computers, etc.)

Locksmith Business

This type of business provides products and services related to locks, keys and lock hardware. They work with residential, business and commercial property owners. The scope of a locksmith’s work usually includes removing or changing locks, installing lock hardware on new properties, providing lock-picking services and selling keys and lock hardware. A locksmith charges a fee based on type of service provided and also makes a profit on products it sells.

Lumber Yard

A lumber yard stocks and sells a wide variety of lumber products for sale. Lumber yards sell to both private individuals as well as building contractors. Many lumber yards also carry related building products, such as roofing materials, drywall, cement, tools, etc.

Metal Recycling Company

A metal recycling company accepts and curates metal scraps from the public. It processes them and then sells the metal for use in other new materials. Some metal recycling companies are small-scale operations that accept only small items for recycling. This includes household appliances and small quantities of construction waste. A larger operation with bigger equipment processes larger metal items, such as vehicles, large appliances and large size/quantities of construction metals.

Mobile Oil Change

Oil changes are a necessary part of auto maintenance. A mobile oil change business caters to the busy automobile owner who doesn’t have time to stop at shop. Instead, the oil change comes to the customer, complete with mechanic and necessary parts.

Motorcycle Shop

A motorcycle shop is to bikes what auto mechanic shops are to cars. Motorcycle shops often specialize in either mechanical repairs or bodywork. Either way, they also carry a full range of parts and accessories. An additional and growing niche in this business is motorcycle restoration, where professionals rebuild parts of or entire bikes.

Moving Company

A moving company provides transportation of household goods for people who are moving from one place to another. Some moving companies specialize in local (short distance) moves. Others offer long distance moves (i.e. state-to-state). In addition to transporting, most moving companies provide loading and unloading. Some even offer packing and unpacking services, so that the client need not do anything himself.

Musical Instrument Repair Business

This business provides repairs, maintenance service and parts for musical instruments. The number of people who own and play musical instruments in the US is high. However, the number of musical instrument repair services is low in comparison, so there is a lot of room for growth in this business.

Oil Change Business

An oil change business is a type of auto mechanics shop that specializes in oil changes and other small repairs. The premise behind limiting the type of services offered is so that vehicle owners can drive in without an appointment, get their oil changed while they wait, and be finished within minutes.

Pest Control Service

A pest control service uses various products and/or devices to rid a property of pests. “Pest” can refer to just about any unwanted animal or insect. There are many pest control services that specialize in insect control (i.e. ants, cockroaches, bed bugs, fleas, etc.). Others focus on rodent infestations. More specialized pest control services may work with small animals like raccoons and squirrels.

Picture Framing Business

A picture framing business uses specialized equipment to create custom frames for photos, artwork and mementos. Picture framers use a variety of different materials to produce frames, including wood and metal.

Plumbing Business

A plumbing business provides plumbing repairs and installations to residential and/or commercial customers. Some plumbing businesses specialize in certain types of plumbing repairs. Others may cater to the construction industry, designing and installing entire plumbing systems into new buildings from the ground up.

Pool Cleaning Business

Swimming pools require ongoing cleaning and maintenance. However, many pool owners don’t have to time or simply don’t want to be bothered with pool maintenance. Instead, they can hire a pool cleaning business to come take care of their pools. Most pool cleaning businesses offer various packages, including one-time, quarterly, bi-monthly and monthly cleaning.

Pool Installation Business

A pool installation business installs new pools in residential and commercial properties. It takes care of every aspect, from excavation to filling the finished pool with water and treating it with pool chemicals.

Post Construction Cleaning Business

Construction work results in post-construction waste. The bigger the building project, the more waste may result. A post construction cleaning business clears waste and debris from construction sites after construction is complete. It may also provide cleaning and waste removal between building stages.

Pressure Washing Business

Pressure washers use high-powered water-spraying equipment to remove dirt from a variety of surfaces. It is much more effective than a garden hose or hand-scrubbing. A pressure washing business may work at private homes, businesses or even public spaces.

Remodeling Business

A remodeling business is a type of construction business that focuses on rebuilding or adding to existing rooms in a home and might involve anything from installing new cupboards in a kitchen to gutting and rebuilding the entire room. Most remodeling businesses will tackle just about any area in the home. However, many remodeling businesses are making a name for themselves by specializing in a particular type of remodeling (i.e. bathrooms, garages).

Roof Cleaning Business

A roof cleaning business services a part of buildings that might otherwise be impossible to for owners to maintain themselves. Roof cleaning businesses use equipment to perform a variety of roof cleaning tasks such as moss or debris removal and pressure-washing.

Roofing Company

Roofing companies specialize in rehabilitating and replacing roofs. Most roofing companies specialize in one or two types of roofing materials (i.e. asphalt, ceramic tile, cedar shake) since the method of application and type of equipment needed can vary greatly depending on the material.

Sandblasting Business

Sandblasting is the process of using high-powered equipment to blast an abrasive substrate onto a surface to remove coatings like paint. Sand was traditionally used and is still used in some applications (which gave the process its name). However, it is becoming less and less common as more effective materials are being introduced to the market.

Sauna Installation Business

Sauna installation is a tricky and technical process and therefore one that most property owners won’t undertake themselves. Instead, they will hire a sauna installation business to do this work. It requires not only a thorough understanding of electrical systems, but also knowledge of the various sauna products on the market.

Screen Business

A screen business provides window screens for homes and commercial buildings. It starts by visiting the site and taking measurements of the windows/doors to be screened. It then manufactures the screens to the correct specifications (or send the measurements to a separate factory). Finally, it returns to install the finished screens on the property.

Screen Repair Business

Screen cracks and breaks are common with cell phones and computers. A screen repair business fixes and/or replaces broken screens on a variety of digital devices.

Septic Tank Cleaning Service

Rural properties that are not connected to a municipal water source rely on a septic system for waste water holding and treatment. Waste must periodically be removed by a septic tank cleaning service, which typically charges either a flat rate or a rate based on the size of the tank.

Shoe Repair Business

High-end shoes are an investment that their owners want to protect, and that includes repairing them when they are worn. A shoe repair business does everything from replacing worn out parts (heels, soles, insoles) to sewing ripped seams to restoring original color to footwear.

Sign Business

Signs are everywhere, from roads to the outside of businesses. All of these signs started in a sign shop. A sign shop manufactures and prints signs a variety of different materials and processes. Its customer base includes other businesses, municipalities and government agencies.

Small Engine Repair Business

A small engine repair business provides repairs and maintenance services on small engines. This can include a wide range of vehicles and devices, such as lawn mowers, snow blowers, snowmobiles, ATVs, scooters, motorbikes and many more.

Snow Plow Business

A snow plow business provides snow removal services for residential and/or commercial property owners. It is an ideal business for someone who owns truck. It can easily be operated as a side business for someone who already works another job since it is only in demand a few months of the year.

Solar Panel Business

Solar power is a clean, renewable and inexpensive form of energy. A solar panel business installs solar panels on homes and buildings, making it possible for the building to operate on solar power.

Tile Business

A tile business installs tile floors and walls in residential and commercial buildings. Tile businesses make money by charging an hourly labor fee. Most tile businesses also make a profit selling the tile product to the customer at retail price.

Tiny House Business

There is a growing consumer movement toward living compactly and leaving a low carbon footprint. Tiny houses are one of the ways that people are accomplishing this goal. Tiny homes have most or all of the amenities of traditional home, but measure 400 square meters or less on the inside. Building tiny houses requires construction skills plus creative ingenuity.

Tool Rental Business

Many people will find themselves in need of a certain kind of tool to complete some kind of a household job at some point in their lives. However, tools are expensive, so it doesn’t make always make economic sense to spend money on a tool that will only be used once. Instead, they look to a tool rental business to meet that need. Tool rental businesses charge base fees depending on the type of tool, plus a rate per hour, day or by the week.

Tow Truck Business

A tow truck business uses a truck with towing equipment to move cars that are illegally parked, abandoned or have broken down. Tow truck companies work with private individuals and may also be contracted with businesses or municipalities.

Tree Service

A tree service provides a variety of services related to tree maintenance. Typically, this includes tree removal, tree topping, trimming, stump grinding and pruning. Tree services often work for private homeowners as well as municipalities and forest management services.

Used Tire Business

A used tire business rehabilitates previously used but still in good condition tires. Used tires that have a lot of wear left in them are significantly less expensive than brand new tires, something that appeals to all drivers.

Window Installation and Repair Business

A window installation and repair business fills and important need in both commercial buildings and residential homes. It supplies cuts and fits new glass for windows. It also performs a variety of window repairs that may involve other parts of the window besides the glass (i.e. window seals).

Window Tinting Business

This type of business provides tinting for windows on automobiles. Some tinting businesses work with all types of vehicles and customers. Others may specialize in a particular type of vehicle. Window tinting businesses work with both private individuals and commercial customers.

Window Washing Business

A window washing business provides exterior window washing services for residential and commercial customers. Many clients hire window washing services to specifically work on windows on upper floors that are difficult for the average home or building owner to reach. Some even specialize in working on skyscrapers. Therefore, to be successful in this business, an owner must possess ladders and other specialized equipment for working at elevated heights.

Woodworking Business

A woodworking business builds and sells items made of art. Some specialize in a particular type of product or products, like furniture. Others may focus strictly on artistic works. Many do custom work, designing and building from scratch to the customer’s specifications.

Welding Business

This type of business provides a variety of welding and metal fabrication services. This may include flux core welding, plasma cutting and metal repair. A welding business is usually located in a shop. However, some jobs, by necessity, must takes place on-site at the client’s location.


Advertising Business

Advertisers need quality copywriting for anything from scripts for TV commercials to catchy taglines for published ads. Advertising businesses typically work with other businesses in the creation of ads and advertising campaigns.

Billboard Advertising Company

Billboard advertising companies erect billboards on rented or owned land. They partner with advertising agencies to create ads for businesses to place on the billboards. They may also work with other types of outdoor advertising, such as park and bus stop ads.

Blogging Business

A blogging business create blogs on a particular theme and then populate it with related written content to draw in readers. They make money by showing ads on the blog that every reader will see when they visit the blog.

Business Plan Writing Service

Startup businesses are usually required to present a written business plan to potential financiers. However, although they may be able to articulate a plan, they don’t necessarily have the skill to put it to paper. A business plan writing service works with business owners to identify key points of their business plan and put it on paper in the correct format.

Children’s Book Business

A children’s book business curates and publishes books for children. This business is ideal for a person with writing skills who may want to try their hand at writing for children.

Content Marketing Agency

A content marketing agency creates unique, custom Web content for clients for the purpose of advertising, directing web surfers to a particular website or blog, etc. “Content” can refer to anything from blog posts, written articles or stories, pictures, infographics, social media posts, vector images and much more. Content marketing agencies may produce all of its own material. However, because the type of content can be quite varied, they often contract out some or all of its assignments to the freelancers who specialize in the media they are looking for.

Copywriting Business

Copywriting businesses create written content for other businesses. Written content may beneeded for blogs, social media, reports, newsletters, articles, company web pages and virtually anything else that contains written text.

Create Online Courses

More and more learning and education is being delivered via the web today than ever before. And, it is predicted that the need for written online courses will continue to grow. Online course creators work with schools, colleges and educators of all types as well as private businesses to create written course content. The information is generally supplied by the client. It is up to the writer to put it all together in a cohesive, professional and easy-to-follow format.

Data Entry Business

Almost every business has a need for some type of data to be entered into a computer file or program. It is often more economical for businesses to contract this work out than to do it in house. Therefore, there are many opportunities in this business for a person who has basic computer skills and familiarity with common data entry platforms.

Editing Business

Publishers of print and web content often need experts outside of their own organization to edit their content. Editing businesses provide a range of services, which often include spell and grammar-checks, formatting the written work according to a professional style sheet (i.e. Associated Press Style Sheet) or the client’s custom style sheet, or simply formatting the work into a very basic style that the client can easily convert to fit his own publishing format.

Freelance Writing Business

A freelance writer creates written content for a variety of different print and web purposes. A freelance writing business may specialize in a particular type of writing (i.e. web articles). Others may provide custom writing based on the needs of the client.


Ghostwriting is the idea of writing a story, article, book or other work as someone else. Many people have stories to tell but not the time or the skill to write. A ghostwriter does the writing and the client is named as the author.

Greeting Card Business

Those who have a flair for written sentiment or poetry and/or art can design and sell greeting cards. Cards can be sold directly to the public via the web or to stores for resale.

Jingle Company

If you are musical as well as gifted with words, you can market your skills as a jingle writer. A jingle is a catchy business slogan or tagline put to music. Jingle companies may work directly with business owners or with advertising agencies.

Literacy Agency

A literary agency works with authors helping them to sell their written works to publishing companies. This business is ideal for someone with a love of reading and who has contacts in the publishing world.

Market Research Firm

A market research firm gathers market data on behalf of clients, typically businesses, that are trying to connect effectively with their target market. Market research is conducted through consumer surveys. The information collected is analyzed and provided to the client in the form of a report.

News Website

A news website reports on current events, often with a unique perspective or spin to appeal to a particular audience. Or, it may focus on a particular niche in news (i.e. hockey, foreign trade, stocks, etc.). This business is ideal for people who like to follow news and current events and have an ability to look at news from various perspectives.

Online Magazine

An online magazine is just like a print magazine but available online. Online magazines cover topics that are important to readers, usually within a single theme (i.e. parenting, travel, cooking, entertainment, etc.). Some online magazines make their money charging for subscriptions. However, most are free to readers and make their money through advertising.

Professional Speech Writing Business

Many people find themselves in a situation where they have to give a public speech but aren’t gifted at putting their thoughts to paper. A speech writer takes a theme or the thoughts of the speaker and puts them into the form of a written speech.

Proofreading Business

A proofreading business takes the written work of others and edits it for correct spelling and proper grammar and format. Proofreaders typically charge a flat fee per document and/or per word in the document being proofread. If you’re interested in this business idea, we suggest learning by taking the Proofread Anywhere course. You can read our Proofread Anywhere review.

Publishing Company

A publishing company curates the work of writers and authors and publishes it on a large scale for public use. You can choose to publish physical books or focus solely on e books, or both. Many publishing companies thrive at publishing works that fall into a particular theme or niche, such as fiction, children’s books or works about history.

Resume Writing Business

A resume writing business prepares a written resume based on information provided by the customer. Resume writing services charge a flat fee per resume and/or by the word.

Reviews Website

A reviews website shares reviews of products or services. Consumers visit a reviews website to find out whether a particular product or service is worth spending their money on. A reviews website can reflect the opinion of the person who owns the site. Or, it can rely on reviews from members of the public. Examples of this type of review website include Yelp.com and TripAdvisor.com.

Screenwriting Business

A screenwriting business writes scripts for screenplays. Screenwriters work with film producers and film companies. The screenwriter takes the ideas of the film producer and compiles it into a written format suitable for the screen and the actors who will be in the film.

Stationery Business

A stationery business creates its own unique stationery. This can include a variety of products types, such as writing paper, envelopes, cards, etc. You can market your stationery directly to customers online. Or you can sell to stores for retail sale. To thrive in this business, you should be creative, good with words and adept at using graphic design software.

Technical Writing Business

Technical writers work with businesses to create written text that is technical in nature. Examples of technical writings include how-to manuals, product use instructions, owner’s manuals or official documents.

Transcription Business

A transcription business takes dialogue from an audio or video tape and puts it into written form, word-by-word. Transcription businesses often work with professionals like health care providers and lawyers who take notes in audio form and need them transformed into a document. They may also work with filmmakers needing closed-captioned scripts. If you’re interested in this business idea, we suggest taking the Transcribe Anywhere course. You can read our Transcribe Anywhere review to learn more.


Answering Service

Answering services provide telephone access to businesses during times when staff may otherwise be unreachable by phone. They are often used by smaller businesses with limited staff who are not always able to leave their duties to answer the phone. Answering services also provide a means of getting assistance during non-business hours.

Bodyguard Business

A bodyguard service provides personal protection to individuals. Bodyguards may be hired to work for short-term periods (i.e. for a special event, for a multi-day trip, etc.). They may also be hired to provide round-the-clock security. A bodyguard business is ideal for someone with experience in security, law enforcement, peacekeeping or the military.

Braille Transcribing

Braille transcribing is the work of taking written text and translating/transcribing it to braille using a braille typewriter. Braille books, magazines and other materials are used by people who are blind. This is an ideal business for someone who is fluent with braille.

Burial-At-Sea Service

For some, a dying wish is to be buried at sea. Burial-at-sea services help families fulfill those wishes of their loved ones. Burial-at-sea services do more than just supply the boat and captain to transport the remains. It helps to facilitate all of its clients wishes in regard to the burial, including planning a service/ceremony and acting as a go-between with other professionals such as ministers. It also ensures that the legal aspects are looked after, such as knowing where burials-at-sea are allowed to take place and making any legal notifications (i.e. EPA) required.

Call Center

Many businesses need the ability to provide their customers access to quick information by phone. Rather than establishing their own call centers (which is expensive), they contract this service out to call centers. A call center has all of the equipment and infrastructure already in place to handle volumes of customer calls. They can maximize their profitability by working with several companies simultaneously.

Collection Agency

Collection agencies are contracted by other companies that have outstanding money owed to them by clients or customers. The collection agency communicates with the person or entity owing money and makes arrangements to collect the money on behalf of the company. Collection agencies typically make a percentage of each outstanding bill they recover.

Coworking Space Business

Coworking spaces are office spaces that are typically divided into cubicles or small rooms. Small businesses that can’t afford to lease their own office space can, instead, rent a room or cubicle in a coworking space. This is a relatively low-maintenance business for a sole proprietor operator, who doesn’t even necessarily have to be physically present on-site on a day-to-day basis.

Expert Witness Service

An expert witness service works with litigation lawyers helping locate and secure expert witnesses for trials. An expert witness service will have contacts with high-level professionals, like doctors and surgeons, who are authorities in their respective fields.

Franchise Owner

Whatever your interests happen to be, there is a franchise to match. A franchise is a business that is independently-owned but part of a chain of similar businesses. Franchise ownership is ideal for someone who wants to own a business that already has a demonstrated, proven business model in place. Franchise ownership requires an investment of cash up front but there are some low cost franchises. A successful franchise business can garner a return on that investment within a few years.

Gas Station

Gas stations primarily attract customers who are automobile owners in need of gasoline for their vehicles. However, gas stations have the opportunity to make more profit by selling other goods. Many gas stations carry related goods, like motor oil, auto detailing products, car air fresheners, etc. Many also sell anything from gum, candy and cigarettes to a full range of convenience store products.

Genealogy Research Business

A genealogy research business may perform a variety of services. Most often, they work with people who are interested in exploring their heritage. They use old public records along with the client’s information to trace lineage and identify ancestors. Some genealogy researchers also help clients determine their ethnicity through DNA analysis. Still another service that some genealogy researchers provide is the location of living blood relatives for people who were adopted as children.

Home Inspection Business

Home buyers want to know that a house they are thinking of purchasing doesn’t have any issues beyond what the eye can initially observe. A home inspector goes into the home of a buyer or seller and inspects the home for potential problems and hidden issues within the structure of the home. The home inspector charges a fee based on the size of the house. The person who operates this business must understand home construction and construction regulations as well as any regulations specific to the area where the home is located.

Hookah Lounge

Patrons come to a hookah lounge to smoke “shisha,” or flavored tobacco, from a glass water pipe (“hookah”). Individuals can smoke their own hookah, or groups can share one hookah with several stems attached.

Home Security Business

A home security business installs, maintains and monitors home security systems. A home security system protects a residence by deterring burglaries and stopping burglaries-in-progress.

House Sitting Business

People who are going away for extended periods of time may not like the idea of their homes sitting empty while they are gone. Whether it’s for reasons of security, the need for someone to take care of pets in the home, or make sure that regular maintenance continues in their absence, they can call on a house-sitting business. The business will provide a house sitter who will either stay in the home or check on it regularly, depending on the individual customer’s needs.

Import and Export Business

Import and export businesses work with buyers and sellers of goods that cross international boundaries. They help match companies with manufacturers and producers overseas. They also advise and help to ensure that international trade laws are observed and adhered to.


A laundromat is a facility with coin-operated washing machines and dryers. Members of the public can use the facilities to do their laundry. Most laundromats are fully automated so that the business can be run with very minimal staff on site. Some laundromats offer extra services, such as a drop-off service where a staff member launders and folds a customer’s clothes. The customer can simply drop off and pick up his load.

Laundry and Dry Cleaning Business

This type of business is one where a customer simply drops off her laundry or items to be dry cleaned. Staff members do the work and the customer pays when she picks up her clean clothes.

Law Firm

A law firm employs a lawyer or team of lawyers. The lawyers work with private individuals or companies on legal matters. Lawyers charge a fee based on the type and scope of work provided.

Luggage Storage Business

Travelers (especially frequent/business travelers) often find themselves in situations where they have too much luggage to carry around. They may be between hotels, too early to check into their hotel, don’t have a vehicle or don’t feel safe storing their luggage in a vehicle. A luggage storage business meets customers at a public location, collects their luggage and stores it for them for a specified amount of time. They then return it to the customer’s desired location.


A marina is docking bay for boats. Boat owners pay a fee (by the day, week or month, depending on their needs) to dock and/or store their boats at the marina. Marinas operate year-round. However, marinas in winter regions provide land storage for vessels during winter months.

Mystery Shopper Business

Mystery shoppers pose as regular customers at retail stores and restaurants in order to evaluate their service. A mystery shopper business works with businesses to determine what their level of service should be. They supply the mystery shopper to conduct the “shop.” They then deliver a final report after the shop, with advice on how to improve areas of shortfall.

Notary Business

A notary (“notary public”) is a professional that provides legal witness on behalf of individuals and companies. Notaries verify that signatures on legal documents are authentic through verification of identification documents. A notary may work out of a commercial or home office or even as a mobile business.

Parking Lot Business

A parking lot business provides parking for passenger vehicles, typically in cities where there may be limited parking available on the street. A parking lot business may be a single, ground-level lot, an underground parking facility or a single or multi-level covered garage structure. Users pay by the hour or by the day to park.

Private Investigation Firm

A private investigation firm may work with private individuals or on behalf of businesses gathering intelligence. Private investigators must be flexible, since intelligence-gathering may require going undercover, conducting surveillance and other stealth-related activities. Private investigators must have a thorough understanding of the law.

Professional Organizing Business

Professional organizers work with individuals to help them organize their homes or businesses. A professional organizer must be creative and good at problem-solving. Professional organizer certification is also an asset. The organizer makes money through fees charged to clients. Some organizers may also sell organization products for profit.

Property Management Business

This type of business manages properties owned by individuals or companies. The property manager takes care of everything related to the property, including collecting rent money from tenants and care and maintenance of the property. The business makes its money by charging either a flat fee to the owner or taking a percentage of the monthly rental fees on the property.

Recruiting Business

A recruiting business works with other businesses helping them find qualified employees. A successful recruiting business will have extensive contacts in local business and even beyond. They will also have relationships with colleges and trade schools.

Security Guard Company

From time to time certain businesses find themselves in need of security guard either for a day or two, several weeks or months or even on an ongoing basis. However, most businesses aren’t equipped to hire and train their own security personnel, nor would it be cost effective to do so. A security guard company provides trained security guards on a contract basis to businesses, who can choose how many security guards they need and for what time duration.

Self Storage Business

A self storage business provides secure, private spaces for people to rent to store personal belongings. Self storage businesses may offer a variety of types and sizes of storage spaces, from small closet-sized units to garages capable of holding vehicles or an entire household’s worth of possessions. Customers are given access to the secure property, often through the use of a digital code. Customers are able to access the property and their units at their convenience.

Survey Business

A survey business creates and distributes surveys on behalf of other businesses. Typically, businesses use a survey company for things like evaluating employee job satisfaction or customer service level, discovering what kind of services a community might be lacking, what courses a college should consider introducing into its curriculum or virtually anything else that is important to a particular business. The survey company then compiles the data and delivers a final report to the client.

Temp Agency

Temp agencies hire caches of workers which they then supply to client companies who need workers to fill temporary positions in their businesses. Companies pay a fee to the temp agency as well as the wages of the workers they use.

Translation Agency

A translation agency provides translation from one language to another for written documents. For example, an American company that exports products to non-English speaking countries may hire a translation agency to translate its packaging and instructions to that country’s language.

Vending Machine Business

A vending machine business purchases and installs vending machines inside businesses, schools and other busy public spaces. It keeps them stocked with snack or drink products and generates revenue on the sales of the items.

Water Refilling Business

A water refilling business provides an economical alternative to pre-bottled water. It usually operates as a “station” or kiosk within another business or shopping center. It contains purified spring water in a large tank with a dispenser. Customers bring their own bottles and fill them up.

Wedding Officiant Business

A wedding officiant presides over a wedding ceremony and is able to legally pronounce two people “married.” He or she must be licensed in his or her state to perform legal marriages. Wedding officiants charge a fee for their services.

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