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22 Business Ideas For Nurses

business ideas for nurses

What Are The Best Business Ideas For Nurses?

With a background in nursing, there are multiple business ideas for nurses that you can turn into a full-time business or an excellent side gig. This is a way to be your own boss while still working in healthcare. Learning more about the businesses you may be able to start will help you to decide which of the business ideas for nurses is ideal for you.

Academic Nurse Writer

If you like to write and you have an advanced nursing degree, this is one of the best business ideas for nurses. You can choose to work on scientific papers or even help to write textbooks for nursing students. In some cases, academic nurse writers write books and choose to take the self-publishing route. This prevents all of the red tape that can come with contacting a publishing house. There are multiple avenues that you can take making this a relatively flexible business idea.

Birth Doula

If you have some experience in obstetrics, being a doula is an ideal business. You will provide mom with physical and emotional support as she is birthing her baby. You can also provide postpartum help, such as support with bathing infants, breastfeeding and helping any of the infant’s siblings to adapt to having a new baby in the house. It is best to work with no more than two women at a time since going into labor is unpredictable and you want to be present for both of them.

Child Care Service

As a nurse, parents will naturally feel safer knowing that their child is with someone who can help should a health emergency occur. This makes it easy to find plenty of clients. All you need is some child-sized furniture, some toys and an assistant to help you keep an eye on all of the children. You will need a license. You can check with your county office to get information on what you need to do to apply for and secure this license.

Concierge Nurse

If you want to help people in their homes, this is an ideal business to start. You will need to get the right liability insurance and licensing for this business. Essentially, you will provide house calls for your patients. You can be a registered nurse and make this work but being at least a nurse practitioner is better because you will be able to prescribe medications if they are necessary to help your patients to recover from minor illnesses and injuries.


Nurses can consult in a variety of ways. If you have an advanced degree or special certifications this expands the consulting possibilities. For example, you might act as a liaison between law enforcement and hospital staff if you have your forensic nurse certification. Another option is consulting with law firms who need nurses to help to determine if someone has a case for medical malpractice or negligence. You often work on a freelance basis when you operate as a consultant.

Diet Counseling

If you are a nurse who also has a strong interest in nutrition, this is an ideal business idea. You should consider getting your dietician certification so that you can prove to potential clients that you have the right knowledge and background. You can work with patients in person or you can set up your business online. Just create a website and offer video conferencing to provide diet counseling for your patients.

Elderly Assistance

Helping the elderly with their daily activities, such as cleaning their home, eating healthy and taking their medications properly are all in the wheelhouse of a nurse. Right now, in the United States, an estimated 77 million people are going into their senior years. All of these people are potential clients. You can choose to only take on clients yourself, or you can start an elderly care business where you hire other nurses that also take on clients.

Forensic Nurse Consultant

Many forensic nurses work on a contract basis because most healthcare facilities do not have them on staff full-time. You can contract with multiple hospitals in your area to use this business idea. You usually need to get a certification before you can start working as a forensic nurse consultant. Once you are certified, you will assist victims of crime when they come to the hospital by collecting evidence for law enforcement.

Headhunter for Nurses

Most places throughout the country say that they have a nursing shortage. If you work as a headhunter, you can help to connect qualified nurses to the healthcare facilities that need them. This is a position that you can do on a freelance basis. Hospitals and other healthcare facilities are willing to pay qualified headhunters to find them the best talent. All you need is a website and the skills necessary to evaluate the nurses that apply.

Health Blogging

When people have questions about their health, one of the first places that they look for answers is online. Unfortunately, a lot of the information on the internet is inaccurate. As a nurse, you can provide accurate information that can help people to get answers to the questions they have about health. You can easily set up a blog for free, so this is a business that costs you nothing. Attach it to a social media account and update often to keep your readers interested.

Health Coach

More people are getting focused on improving their health these days. This makes becoming a health coach one of the best business ideas for nurses. Since you have a medical background, people can be confident that you are providing them with accurate information. While you do not need any additional certification to start this business, it can be helpful to improve your knowledge of nutrition since assisting people with their diet is a cornerstone of health coaching.

In-House Nursing Care

Some people require the assistance of a nurse 24/7 and this is where in-house nursing comes in. You might physically live in the person’s house or you will rotate shifts with other nurses. Providing services, such as connecting and changing IVs, ensuring proper nutrition for your patients, dressing their wounds and documenting their recovery will also be part of your responsibilities. You will keep in close contact with the other members of the patient’s healthcare team to ensure comprehensive care.

Life Care Planner

If you want to help people who are terminally ill get their affairs in order, this is one of the best business ideas for nurses. You will work with your patients to plan out their long-term care or help them to document their final wishes. You may need to get a certification to work this type of business. Check with your state and the state’s board of nursing to learn more about the certification requirements.

Maternity Clinic

If you are in an area where many women do not have access to healthcare, running a maternity clinic is one of the best business ideas for nurses. You will provide basic care that is within the scope of a nurse to your patients. It is best to be a nurse practitioner for this business idea since this will allow you to perform more detailed examinations, provide treatments and ensure more comprehensive care for your patients.

Medical Transcription

All doctors need someone to transcribe their notes accurately and quickly. A medical transcriptionist provides this service. You can create a transcription company and since you are a nurse, you will stand out above the companies that are not employing people with a medical background. The doctors and other healthcare staff will send you their audio notes and recordings and you will be responsible for typing out an accurate transcript.

Medical Waste Disposal

Most hospitals and healthcare facilities use an outside company to deal with their medical waste. You can hire some employees and work with any healthcare facility in your area. You will need to check with your state to see if there are any special licenses or insurance that you will need to legally operate your business. Overall, this business is not too expensive to start. You can begin with one or two clients and then build from there.

Natural Childbirth Teaching

Many women today are wanting to birth their babies in a way that is as natural as possible. If you are familiar with obstetrics and natural birth, you can set up classes that will teach women about the different options that they have. You might also choose to specialize in a specific type of natural childbirth, such as water birthing. You can hold seminars, write informative articles and give your clients one-on-one coaching.

Nurse Educator

This is one of the best business ideas for nurses who want to help other people to become nurses. You can provide teaching online on teaching websites so that you are not working for a college or university. You can also break into tutoring nursing students. This is a business idea that is ideal for nurses who are looking for a part-time business. You can also incorporate creating curriculum for nursing students, but many organizations who purchase curriculum will require that you have at least a master’s degree in nursing.

Nurse Navigator

If you are well-versed in the medical insurance industry, this is one of the best business ideas for nurses. You will help patients to understand their policies and use them properly to get the care that they require. You should plan on doing a lot of research and paperwork for this position. However, while meeting patients in person from time to time is ideal, this is a business that you can do right in your home office.

Public Speaking

As the health of Americans continues to decline, more companies are looking for public speakers to educate the public about these issues. If you enjoy speaking to large groups, this can be one of the best business ideas for nurses. You will find hospitals and other organizations that are looking for people to speak publicly. If you have a background in a specific type of nursing, such as cardiovascular care or trauma, you can choose to focus on these subjects.

Rehabilitation Counseling

Some patients are not able to live independently due to various emotional or physical disabilities. As a rehabilitation counselor, you can take on patients to help them to develop more independence. You will go to patient’s homes, as well as places like prisons, schools and long-term care facilities, to work with your patients. You can do this on a freelance basis so that it is your own business and there is no one as your boss.

Telehealth Provider

Companies and hospitals that offer telehealth services often hire nurses on a contract basis. This means that you are essentially a freelancer, so this is one of the best business ideas for nurses. You will work via the computer and telephone to help patients and members of the healthcare team to collaborate and receive the best care possible. You can also choose to start your own telehealth agency where you would employ nurses to provide the service.

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