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Business Ideas For Couples – Top 27 Best Ideas

business ideas for couples

Best Business Ideas For Couples

Starting a business with your significant other is a way to work toward financial stability in the future. Exploring some business ideas for couples allows you to see what is possible. Then, consider your preferences and what you and your significant other enjoy to narrow down the options.

Affiliate Marketing

This is one of the best business ideas for couples because it is so easy to get into. In fact, you can both start tonight. Look for websites and companies that offer affiliate opportunities. You will need to sign up and provide all of the requested information. Each of you can make your own accounts or you can share one. Then, start incorporating your codes and links where they are appropriate to begin earning.

If you really want to learn how to succeed at affiliate marketing we suggest taking Michelle Gardner’s course “Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing“.

Amazon Sales

This is an excellent way to get started almost immediately with a new business. You should start small selling small items that are lightweight and easy to ship. Choose three to five different items to sell so that you do not get overwhelmed, but you are still offering diversity to your buyers. As you start making regular sales, you can choose to add more inventory to increase how much you are selling.

There are several way to sell on Amazon. To learn the best way for you and then which course you should take to teach you, read the best Amazon course guide.

Bed and Breakfast

If you have a large home with a few spare bedrooms, this is one of the best business ideas for couples. Set your rates and make sure that you provide a comfortable place for your guests to sleep. You should be prepared to serve breakfast at a specific time each morning. You can choose to offer other meals and snacks throughout the day as well. You should be ready to interact with your guests and provide them with things to do, such as board games and television.

Blogging and Vlogging

Start a website together where you both create blogs and vlogs. It is best to find one topic that both of you enjoy so that everything on your website matches up. Try to publish at least one blog and one vlog each per week. You can also choose to do the vlogs together. Make sure that you connect your website to social media because this will give you a place where you can interact with your readers and increase your viewership.


If you both enjoy numbers and organization, starting a bookkeeping business together is an ideal choice. All companies can benefit from the services of a good bookkeeper. Only one of you needs to have some experience in and knowledge of bookkeeping to be successful. The person with experience can do the bookkeeping work. The other can work on marketing your business, attending to the needs of your clients and finding new clients who need your services.

Read our guide to becoming a bookkeeper to learn more about how to get started right.


If you both love to cook and make people happy with food, starting a catering business is a good idea. Think about the foods that you enjoy making and start developing a menu. You can split the workload so that neither of you is doing more than the other. Or, you can choose to assign roles, such as one of you does the food prep and customer service and the other does the cooking.

Courier Service

As couriers, you will help companies to send items and correspondence to one another. This is a service that is popular in major cities. If you do bike couriering, you can deliver faster than a car can since you are better able to navigate the traffic. This is a business that the two of you can work together. Both of you can be couriers, or you can split the work between couriering and the administrative tasks.

Craft Making

If at least one of you is creative, you can go into the craft making business together. Choose just one or two items to start with so that you do not get overwhelmed. You can sell your items locally at craft fairs or expand your business online to websites like eBay and Etsy. Once you start to make some sales, you can choose to start creating new crafts that you will offer to your buyers.


This is one of the best business ideas for couples who love kids. This is even better if one of you has an education or work background with kids. You usually need to get a permit to use your home as a daycare. Otherwise, it is a relatively easy business to start. You should have things to keep the kids busy and some educational activities. If you will be providing care for at least four hours, you should also plan for snacks and meals.

Ecommerce Business

If you want to sell items, having your own ecommerce website can be beneficial. You can also choose to use an existing platform, such as Etsy or eBay. You can split up the tasks so that you are getting things done faster. This is one of the business ideas for couples that you can start soon and with little upfront money. Source items from thrift stores and garage sales. You can also get started selling items around your house that you no longer use.

Fashion Design

Fashion design is one of the best business ideas for couples because it allows you to be creative. You can easily split up the tasks. For example, one of you works on the design side and the other handles all business and administrative tasks. You can sell your designs online or you can reach out to companies to see if they are interested in your designs. This is something that you can start as a side business until it takes off.

Fitness Instruction

There are several couples that teach fitness classes and offer personal training together. If you are both fit, you should consider getting the necessary certifications to be fitness instructors. Once you have your certification, you can start marketing yourselves to attract clients. You can talk to local gyms to see if they have room for more fitness instructors or you can choose to freelance your services and go to the homes of your clients to help them workout.

Freelance Writing

Freelance writing is an ideal business because it is one that you can get started today. Each of you can share the client load and the other necessary tasks. If you both specialize in different types of writing, this will make it easier to break up the workload. Just make sure that when you solicit clients that they know that you are a team. This will ensure that they understand that they may be communicating with more than one person.

Food Truck Vendors

This is one of the best business ideas for couples since food trucks are trendy right now. Find a unique or interesting array of foods so that your truck stands out from the competition. You should look into local laws to see which types of permits you need to open your food truck. Then, just make sure that you are parking in an ideal place that will attract people during the busy times of the day.

House Cleaning

People from all walks of life hire house cleaning professionals to help to keep their home clean while they live their busy lives. If you can provide this service, you can make money. You should start by making a list of the services that you will provide for your clients. Then, start working on creating packages and a price list. Go to local websites and classified sites so that you can begin advertising your services to your community.

House Flipping

If you are not afraid to invest a good chunk of money into your business venture together, flipping houses could be a profitable venture. You will look for houses that need some work that you are able to secure for a low price. You should take into consideration how much you will need to make all of the repairs and upgrades. If you think you can profit on the home, all you have to do is buy it and get the job done.

Landscaping and Gardening

If you and your significant other are good with landscaping, this can be an ideal business for the two of you to start. You will decide which services you offer so that you do not run into a job that you cannot handle. You can also choose to specialize. For example, you may focus on helping people to make their yards more eco-friendly or you might help people to create water features in their outdoor space.

Pet Sitting

Most pet owners do not like to leave their pets alone when they will be gone for more than a day or two. There are boarding facilities and pet hotels, but these are not personal. You and your partner can start a pet sitting business. This gives people in your community a trustworthy place to leave their pets. Pet sitters also tend to provide personal attention to the animals so that they are getting the care necessary.


If you both are relatively good with English, one of the best business ideas for couples could be starting a proofreading business. You can choose the type of work that you want to proofread, such as scientific papers, blogs or website content. You can set your own prices so that you are getting the amount that you deserve. Start a website and a social media page so that you can advertise your services.

To get started on the right track as a proofreader we suggest taking the Proofread Anywhere course.

Real Estate

Both of you can study for and then take the exam to get your real estate licenses. This is a flexible business that you can do together. You can split the work so that one person does the showing and the other handles the business side of things if your personalities are better suited to specific tasks. This is a relatively easy business to start and since you can work from home, your overhead is low.

Relationship Coaching

If you two have been together for at least 10 years, you can help other people to work on their marriage so that it succeeds. You do not need to be a licensed counselor to do this. However, if one of you is, this can be beneficial and can help you to attract more clients. You can choose to offer some counseling sessions on weekends to make this a part-time business, or as you build your client base, you can do it full-time.


If at least one of you have some experience with the shorthand that court reporters use, you can start a scopist company. You will take the court reporter shorthand and write it out so that everything is easy for people to understand. The end result of your work is a full transcript of everything that was said in the courtroom. This is information that will be used by a variety of people, such as the attorneys on both sides and the judge.

Becoming a Scopist can be a very lucrative business for a couple. To understand what it takes to be a Scopist we suggest learning more about the Internet Scoping School.


Transcription is something that you both can learn how to do. You can choose to get your work through freelance marketplaces, or you can start your own business using your own website to secure clients. Each of you will need to have a foot pedal and a headset to ensure that you can transcribe audio as efficiently as possible. You should also show some clips of your work so that your clients know that you are accurate and fast.

Want to learn how to make real money with transcription? Read our review on the Transcribe Anywhere course.

Travel Specialists

If you both have a love of traveling, you can help other people to create their perfect vacations. This is a business that you can work from home, so there is little overhead, and it will not cost you much to get started. You will provide the itinerary and help people with all of the details of their trip. You can choose to be generalists in that you book at types of trips, or you can specialize in niches, such as business trips or cruise vacations.


You can work together to start your own tutoring business. This is one of the best business ideas for couples because you can choose to both tutor or one can tutor while the other handles the business side of things. Make sure that you are tutoring in things that you have experience with. For example, if one of you has a background in science, you can offer to tutor people in science. You can also focus on specific age groups.

Virtual Assistants

This is one of the best business ideas for couples because since there are two of you, you can take on more clients and get more work done. Choose an hourly rate that you think is fair when you advertise your services. You should also be clear about the services that you will offer. For example, booking appointments and meetings, data entry, handling emails and any other service that you want to provide for your clients.

Website Development

Building websites and helping people to maximize a current website are skills that every company needs. You and your significant other can work together to develop websites that are unique to the business. At least one of you should have solid knowledge of programming and coding languages. The other one can assist and deal with the administrative tasks. The first step is creating a mock website so that you can show potential clients what you are capable of.

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