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AmaLinks Pro Review – The Best Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin?

AmaLinks Pro review

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Amazon affiliate marketing is a profitable venture for many people. However, as an Amazon affiliate, are there ways to make even more money? In this AmaLinks Pro review, we will cover the Amazon affiliate WordPress plugin. We will review if it’s worth the money and if it makes a difference.

We personally use AmaLinks Pro, so this gives us direct insight into how it works and if it lives up to its claims. We created this AmaLinks Pro review after extensive testing of the plugin so that you can be sure that the information provided comes from significant experience.

This AmaLinks Pro review will answer the following questions:

  • What is AmaLinks Pro?
  • How Does AmaLinks Pro Work?
  • What Are the Advantages and Features Associated with AmaLinks Pro?
  • What is the Cost of AmaLinks Pro?
  • Can using AmaLinks Pro Result in More Amazon Affiliate Earnings?
  • Is AmaLinks Pro Worth the Cost?

What is AmaLinks Pro?

AmaLinks Pro is a WordPress plugin with Amazon affiliate capabilities. Matthew Allen is the creator of this plugin. It was created to assist Amazon affiliates by providing them with important tools that allow them to earn more money. This is accomplished via improving their product reviews so that they have a higher conversion rate.

The primary reason people fail at earning money as an Amazon affiliate is that they do not know what it takes to create an excellent product review. They do not use the proper layout and other elements that maintain the reader’s attention and cause the reader to immediately buy the product.

There is also the fact that WordPress can take some time to learn. While learning WordPress, it is easy to make mistakes that have negative consequences for product reviews. With this plugin, both of these potential issues are solved.

How Does AmaLinks Pro Work?

As part of our extensive AmaLinks Pro review we will explore exactly how it works. Here is a breakdown of the  plugin and how to use it properly.

You Need To Install the Plugin

You install this plugin like every other WordPress plugin. Go to your plugins and upload the plugin file.

Next You Will Enter the License Key

amalinks pro

You need to activate this plugin after you install it. AmaLinks Pro gives you a license key that you have to enter. After you buy the plugin, the license key is emailed to you.

The Next Step Is To Enter the Secret and Amazon Affiliate Access Keys

AmaLinks Pro license key

Sign up for Amazon Product Advertising API prior to purchasing the plugin. Go to your Amazon affiliate account to sign up for this. You will go to the links that says, “Tools” and then go to “Product Advertising API” to complete this step.

Complete the steps necessary to sign up for Amazon Product Advertising API. Once you finish this step, you will create your secret key and access key.

Once you create your keys, go to “Global Settings.” Make sure that you set up all links to be “no follow”. That way you are fully SEO compliant when you insert affiliate links.

These few easy steps are all that you need to complete to start using the AmaLinks Pro plugin.

The AmaLinks Pro Details

It is simple to use the AmaLinks Pro WordPress plugin. Once you have everything set up by following the above steps, it is time to start creating your product review posts. This is where you find the AmaLinks Pro button. When you click on the button, all of the product information for Amazon products will be added to your post.

AmaLinks Pro

Use Your WordPress Admin to Search on Amazon

One very convenient feature of this plugin is that you can use it to search the Amazon website directly via your WordPress admin. A window will pop up when you hit the AmaLinks Pro button. Use this window to type in the product ASIN or keyword to search.

AmaLinks Pro search inside wordpress admin

With most plugins for Amazon affiliates do not have this feature. For other plugins, you have to search through your Amazon affiliate account. By being able to search through your WordPress admin, you can save a lot of time.

This is a feature of AmaLinks Pro that easily makes it superior to the competition.

Once you finish your search, you get a list of products or the ASIN.

Then, simply hit, “choose” to pick the product that you want to use. It’s really that easy.

Choose the Preferred Link Type

AmaLinks Pro link type

The next step is determining the link type you want to make. Your options include:

  • Insert Image link
  • Insert Showcase
  • Choose Text link
  • Insert CTA link

Image link

This plugin makes adding images that conform to all Amazon TOS standards quick and easy. You violate the Amazon TOS if you download Amazon product images and embed them on your website but, so many people make this mistake. This is an error that could result in losing your account. You must use the Amazon API to get images from Amazon.

With the AmaLinks Pro plugin, the images are embedded directly into your post. These images fully comply with the Amazon TOS. This means that you never have to worry about breaking any rules and putting your account at risk.

Click “Image Link” to use this feature. Then, all you have to do is pick the size and image you want to embed.

The Showcase Box

AmaLinks Pro showcase box

In this Amalinks pro review, we highlight one of the best AmaLinks Pro plugin features. Hit “Showcase” and the perfect showcase box will become part of your post. The information in the box comes right from the Amazon API. It will show these things:

  • Bullet points
  • Reviews and product rating
  • Title
  • Image

You can fully edit all of this information so that it is perfect. Your readers will get detailed information since this feature also provides current pricing, reviews and ratings from the Amazon website.

This is another way that this plugin stands out above other WordPress plugins for Amazon affiliates. This plugin uses the Amazon API to pull data that is completely compliant with the Amazon TOS. Certain other plugins violate the TOS because they scrape the website and display star ratings, both of which are TOS violations.

Text link

This type of link can be easily put into the post that has your Amazon affiliate tracking information. Just a few clicks are all that it takes to enter the link. Then, when a person clicks on this link, they are sent directly to Amazon. You get credit for the purchase that they make.

CTA link

These are call to action buttons, and this plugin makes it simple to add them to your post. Hit “CTA Link” and your post will have this button that is connected directly to your Amazon affiliate information.

You can ensure that the CTA buttons match your website since you have the ability to create new ones or edit them.

We research the Advantages and Features that come with the plugin in this  AmaLinks Pro review

Use Your WordPress Admin to Search Amazon

There is no need to waste time going directly to Amazon to perform your searches. With this plugin, you can do product searches directly from your WordPress admin for added speed and convenience.

The Plugin is Completely Amazon TOS Compliant

All of the information that this plugin provides fully complies with the Amazon TOS. This means that improperly placing images, links or data will never happen. You never have to have your account banned for TOS violations. The Amazon API is where all of the information comes from so that it is within all Amazon compliance standards.

Insert Text Links

It is fast and easy to add Amazon affiliate links. All Amazon tracking information associated with you is added with a few clicks.

Add Amazon Compliant Images

Images that do not comply with the Amazon TOS is a major concern, but you never have to worry about this, or getting your account banned for it, when you use the AmaLinks Pro plugin. One-click and Amazon API images are embedded that are fully compliant. As an added bonus, you have full control over the image sizes.

Add and Create Custom Buy or CTA Buttons

It is not always easy to add buttons to your pages and posts. However, AmaLinks Pro simplifies this for you. It is easy to design, add and create your own call to action button with a few clicks. All of the tracking information associated with your Amazon affiliate account is contained in the button.

Add Eye-Catching Showcase Boxes

People are naturally visual, so an excellent showcase box is a great way to convert. A few clicks are all that it takes to add showcase boxes to your product review posts. These come from the Amazon API, so they are fully compliant with the Amazon TOS.

The boxes contain a wealth of pertinent information, such as product information, reviews, and ratings, images and links.

Works Well with Gutenberg

The WordPress Gutenberg editor and many other Amazon affiliate plugins do not play well together. However, Gutenberg and AmaLinks Pro work harmoniously together. You will also find that this plugin also works seamlessly with the WordPress Classic Editor.

Easily Create Comparison Tables

This is another visual element that makes product review posts really stand out. Use the AmaLinks Pro Table Builder to create excellent comparison tables. These are fully compliant with the Amazon TOS because the information comes from the Amazon API. These tables are also completely responsive.

Above are the main features identified in the Amalinks Pro review.

How much does AmaLinks Pro cost? We look at that in this Amalinks Pro review

ALERT: AmaLinks Pro is running a Black Friday 2019 Sale (Monday, November 25th at 10 AM E.T.  – Monday, December 2nd at 7 PM E.T.)

During this sale, you can get:

  • Blogger Plan for $47/year ($20 OFF the regular $67)
  • Premium Plan for $97/year ($100 OFF the regular $197)
  • Platinum Plan for $397 one-time payment ($100 OFF the regular $497)

This AmaLinks Pro review section explores the cost of the plugin. There are some plugins out there that cost hundreds of dollars. Many also make you pay annually to keep using the plugin.

The AmaLinks Pro plugin is inexpensive compared to many competing plugins that have fewer features. There are various pricing options to choose from:

  • Blogger/Basic: Per year, this costs $67 for one website – Great for bloggers and beginner affiliates.
  • Premium: Per year, this costs $197 for up to 25 websites (access to all features) – Ideal for affiliates with multiple websites.
  • Platinum: This only costs $397 as a one-time fee. If you choose this option, you can put it on unlimited websites and the updates are free forever (access to all features) – For power users who know value when they see it.

There is a 30-day money-back guarantee with AmaLinks Pro. This gives you plenty of time to try it out to make sure that it is perfect for your needs. There is no risk involved.

In this Amalinks Pro review, we look at whether using AmaLinks Pro Result in More Amazon Affiliate Earnings?

AmaLinks Pro does not guarantee that it will make you a specific amount of money or increase your Amazon affiliate earnings. However, its features allow you to make excellent product reviews. This puts you in a position to increase your earnings.

Adding amazing images in all of the right places, product comparison tables, CTA buttons and showcase boxes are simple ways to improve your reviews and your conversion rate.

Is AmaLinks Pro Worth the Cost to Buy?

It takes time and it is not easy to create excellent product reviews. It is also difficult to find images that are fully compliant with the Amazon TOS.

Making your own stunning CTA buttons and comparison tables is also extremely time-consuming. Manually going to your Amazon affiliate account and creating all of the links that you need is another tedious task. It also takes time to place them in your reviews.

When it comes to showcase boxes, most people cannot create professional-looking ones on their own.

However, the AmaLinks Pro makes all of this fast and easy. As an added bonus, all of the elements that you create, and use will always fully comply with the Amazon TOS. Gone are the days of worrying about having your account banned for an accidental TOS violation.

So, after all of the extensive testing of the AmaLinks Pro WordPress plugin for the purpose of this AmaLinks Pro review, the verdict is in. We can say with confidence that this plugin is definitely worth the money.


If you want to perfect your Amazon product reviews, we highly recommend that you start using the AmaLinks Pro plugin.

This plugin provides you with a wealth of features that ensure that your reviews convert. If you ever have a question or concern, the AmaLinks Pro support team provides superior customer service. In most cases, they provide an answer to your question within the hour.

Click the button below to get more information about AmaLinks Pro.

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