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Acti-Labs Review – Is The Acti-Labs System A Scam?

Acti-Labs scam

Acti-Labs is a beauty house that specializes in custom-blended and cosmetics and French skincare. Before getting involved with the company, it is a good idea to learn more about what they have to offer.

This Acti-Labs review will provide all of the pertinent details. Once you finish reading, you will know if there is an Acti-Labs scam, or if the company is legitimate.

Acti-Labs review

What is Acti-Labs?

Acti-Labs is a company that sells a wealth of wellness products. They do this via direct selling. People sign up to become Ambassadors and sell products to consumers directly.

Ambassadors earn a percentage of the profits that are generated from selling the products. Those who want to be an Ambassador need to sign up through an existing Ambassador.

History of Acti-Labs

This part of this Acti-Labs review looks at the history of the company. In France in 2011, the company was founded by wife and husband duo Yelena and John Miller.

When the company began, their focus was on cosmeceutical skincare, haircare, body sculpting, weight loss, and a range of treatments. They added cosmetics to the mix in 2015. These products are mineral-based, natural and free from parabens.

They started selling their products in France when the company began. As of 2018, Acti-Labs products are now available in the UK, Canada and the US.

Are Acti-Labs Products Good?

Knowing about the products and their reputation and efficacy is an integral part of any good Acti-Labs review. This company sells a wide variety of products in the following categories:

  • Cleanse and purify
  • Cosmeceutical creams
  • Pour homme
  • Body care
  • Skin-Sync mineral makeup
  • Cosmeceutical treatments
  • Cosmeceutical combos
  • Gift boxes
  • Slimming inch loss
  • Hair
  • Daily essentials
  • Dieting
  • Teeth
  • Nutraceutical supplements

The products use a lot of the common ingredients that you find in these products from other brands. Examples of these ingredients include glycerin, ginseng, antioxidants, niacinamide, shea butter, hydrolyzed collagen and plant extracts.

The ingredients they use have been shown to provide some benefits, but the science needs to be further explored. There is the potential for side effects from the products, especially for people who have sensitive skin.

While the products are natural, some of them do include fragrances which can be irritating to the skin. Those with plant allergies should read the product labels thoroughly since some products include botanical extracts.

How Does Acti-Labs Work?

Acti-Labs operates as a direct selling company. This means that people sign up with the company to sell the products directly to consumers.

Those who become an Ambassador get to choose between different starter kits, depending on the products that they want to sell. It is unclear if they can purchase more than one of these.

There does not appear to be any sales quotas that Ambassadors need to meet to stay active. The company does not require any monthly fees either.

It appears that Ambassadors send people their link when they want to purchase products from them. Consumers make a purchase through this link and the Ambassador that the link is associated with earns commission.

There is also the chance to build a downline for those working as Ambassadors. When someone from your downline makes sales, you will earn a commission from these too.

The company appears to promote selling the products more than they want people to sign up additional Ambassadors. However, doing both seems to be the best option for those seeking to earn money from selling with this company.

How Much Does Acti-Labs Cost?

When reading an Acti-Labs review, it is essential to cover the potential costs of becoming and remaining an Ambassador. To become an Ambassador, you will need to sign up under an existing Ambassador.

To get started, aspiring Ambassadors will pay a $27.50 fee. There are no additional fees associated with joining the company to sell their products. This is for the virtual selling program.

There are two additional programs people can join to sell the products. There are four additional kits that cost $59.50 each. Those who want to be a Skin-Thusiast will pay $75.00.

The starter kit prices are as follows:

  • Starter Kit: $32.50
  • Plus Hair Edition: $52.50
  • Plus Makeup Edition: $52.50
  • Starter Kit Plus Dieting Edition: $52.50
  • Plus Skincare Edition: $52.50
  • Starter Kit Deluxe Hair Edition: $99.50
  • Starter Kit Deluxe Makeup Edition: $99.50
  • Deluxe Dieting Edition: $105.00
  • Starter Kit Deluxe Skincare Edition: $105.00

How Much Money Can Be Made with Acti-Labs?

Acti-Labs review compensation

When you read an Acti-Labs review, you surely want the details about how much money you can make. There is no direct information available that shows how much Ambassadors made during a specific year. Their personal sales commissions break down in the following way:

  • $0 to $500 in monthly sales earns an Ambassador 20 percent commission on what they sell during that month
  • $500 to $1,000 in monthly sales earns an Ambassador 25 percent commission on what they sell during that month
  • $1,000 or more in monthly sales earns an Ambassador 30 percent commission on what they sell during that month

The payments owed are sent directly to the Ambassador’s bank account. The compensation plan states that payments are made every Friday.

Ambassador’s can also earn money from the Ambassadors that they sign up. This is their downline. When the people they sign up sell, they can earn from these sales.

Acti-Labs Review Research: What Other People are Saying

Knowing what other people have to say about this company is one of the most important parts of a detailed Acti-Labs review. This also helps you to see if there is a potential Acti-Labs scam.

The following websites have reviews on Acti-Labs:

  • TrustPilot
  • Better Business Bureau
  • Facebook
  • Blog Comments


At the time of this writing this company has four stars on this website from seven reviews. These all appear to be from consumers who have purchased and used the products.

Some of the reviews say that the products work as promised. One specific review was on the toothpaste that Ambassadors sell. She said that her teeth did get whiter as she continued to use the toothpaste.

One review said that the company was shameful, but they did not expand on why they think this. Another said that the company was bad overall, but she also did not elaborate on why she thinks this.

Better Business Bureau

This company is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau. On this website, there are 10 reviews at the time of this writing.

The consumers who purchased the products appear to be largely happy with them. Most say that the products seem to be effective regarding their intended purpose. Some reviews stated that they were glad that the products were natural and did not contain parabens.

One review stated that based on a false accusation they did not receive their products. They stated that customer service was rude when they contacted them about this matter. The review did not elaborate on the basis of the false accusation or why it transpired.


Acti-Labs has a Facebook page, but it does not have a review section. There are some comments on posts made by the company. These comments appear to be largely from consumers who are mostly happy with the products they have purchased.

There are no review posts directly from Ambassadors who sell the products. On some posts, there are comments where Ambassadors appear to be trying to sell their products on the official Acti-Labs Facebook page.

Blog Comments

Most of the information available about this company and the Ambassador program can be found on blogs. Some blogs say the company is not good while other praise this direct selling opportunity and the products.

Many blogs have comments turned on where people have left a wealth of thoughts regarding Acti-Labs and their products.

Many of the blog comments are from people who actually buy and use the products themselves. Most of the people appear to be happy with the products. They have made comments about how their skin has improved, or they believe that they are losing weight due to using the products.

A few comments make mention of skin irritation and other minor side effects. While these comments were not completely negative, they do show that it is important to analyze the product labels before using the items.

The comments talking about the Ambassador program vary widely. Many comments are current Ambassadors just dropping their personal information in hopes that people will sign up to sell the products under them or use them to buy products.

The negative comments are mostly regarding earning potential. They say that they have not made much money as an Ambassador. No one stated a specific amount of money.

A few people seem highly upset with their experience selling the products. Some of these comments stated that the products were difficult to sell because they are not different from other less expensive products on the market.

Some commenters felt that they did not receive adequate support from the company or the Ambassador that signed them up. They feel that they paid their fees and were left to their own devices to figure things out.

There are a few comments from current Ambassadors singing the company’s praises. Since most of these include contact information, it appears that this is possibly a ploy to get people to sign up.

Is Acti-Labs a Scam?

It does not appear that there is an Acti-Labs scam. The Ambassadors seem to be paid the money that the company owes them from selling the products.

While it seems that most people are not earning a full-time income, the reviews do not make mention of them being scammed out of their money.

The company does not list much information about how much people earn on their website. They also do not appear to make false financial promises to those looking to get involved with selling Acti-Labs products.

Our Verdict on Acti-Labs

After this Acti-Labs review, our verdict is to recommend with caution. This is because while the company is legitimate, you will not likely make enough money to replace a full-time job. However, the company does appear to pay what their Ambassadors are owed.

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