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Youngevity Review – Good Business Or Scam?


Before you start working with Youngevity, it is important to get the details from a comprehensive Youngevity review. This allows you to learn all of the important information about this program created by Dr. Wallach. It also helps with determining if there is a Youngevity scam to avoid.

Youngevity review

What is Youngevity?

Youngevity is a company started by Dr. Wallach. They create products that they claim help people to “live younger longer.”

The premise of the company is to recruit people to sell the products. They are referred to as distributors. The distributors also recruit people below them to create a downline since this is a multi-level marketing company.

History of Youngevity

Youngevity was established more than 20 years ago. The philosophies and principles of the company were developed by Dr. Joel Wallach, the company’s cofounder. The company began to create products that they claim will improve people’s well-being.

This company describes itself as an omni-direct lifestyle company. Since they began, they have created more than 5,500 products.

Dr. Joel Wallach is not a medical doctor. He is a naturopath and veterinarian. The scientific method does not support naturopathy.

Are Youngevity Products Good?

This part of this Youngevity review looks at the products developed by Dr. Wallach and his company. There are thousands of products and when you look at reviews, the opinions are mixed. The products fall into the following categories:

  • Health and nutrition
  • Spa and beauty
  • Home and family
  • Food and beverage
  • Fashion
  • Services

With so many products, it is best to look at some of their most popular options to get an idea about the overall quality.

Tangy Tangerine

Tangy Tangerine is one of the most popular products. It promises to contain minerals and vitamins. The company promises that this drink contains 115 fruits and vegetables. This is not scientifically possible in just 500 milligrams of powder.

The reviews on this product are mixed. Some people swear by it while others feel there are better comparable products on the market for much less money.

EPA Plus

Another popular product is the EPA Plus. This is a blend of oils, such as flaxseed. It is similar to any fish oil supplement on the market, but far more expensive than competing brands. EPA Plus does not appear to be superior to similar products.

Osteo Plus

Osteo Plus is another option. This is allegedly a bone-health supplement that contains vitamin D, calcium and other related nutrients. Like the other products, this supplement is similar to many others on the market. Other competing products are often less expensive.

Information About Research

There are currently no reviews about the absorption of Youngevity supplements. Some people claim that they absorb better than competing products, but there is no proof of this.

How Does Youngevity Work?

When you become a distributor with Youngevity, you sell the products and earn a commission based on how much you sell. You can also earn money based on the earnings from your downline. The business operates on a direct selling/MLM concept. You can learn more about direct selling opportunities here.

To create your downline, you have to recruit new people to sign up as a distributor under you. As your recruits sell products, you earn a percentage.

How Much Does Youngevity Cost?

To earn money by selling Youngevity products, there is a $25 fee. However, if you want to have your own business where you can earn from sales and your downline, you have to get the CEO Mega Pack. This costs $499.95.

With the CEO Mega Pack, you can specialize in what you sell. You choose the category you want to sell items from. This does reduce the available products that you can sell, but it makes it easier for people to brand themselves.

When you are running a business, any of the associated costs, such as office space, business cards and similar items are at your cost. The company does not provide compensation or reimbursement for any business-related costs.

How Much Money Can Be Made with Youngevity

This Youngevity review component explores the income potential for distributors to determine how much money you can make selling the products created by Dr. Wallach.

The company does not release statements showing distributor earnings. Because of this, it is not possible to know what the average earnings are.

There are different ranks for distributors. The first is an Associate and this is where you start when you sign up with the company. At this level, the compensation plan states that any sales made give you a commission. At this level, you also get five percent of the sales generated by your downline.

It is assumed that as you increase your rank, you would have the chance to earn more money. The compensation plan does not give straight numbers regarding this.

The company itself is making money. Though is does not provide information about how it breaks down. For the first six months of 2018, the company earned $87,249,000. They say that this was an 8.7 percent increase from the previous six months.

What Other People Are Saying in Their Youngevity Review?

This part of this Youngevity review looks at the experiences people have had with the company created by Dr. Wallach. This information is important for helping you to see if there is a possible Youngevity scam. The following websites have a variety of reviews from people who have experience with the company:

  • Better Business Bureau
  • Trustpilot
  • Facebook
  • Glassdoor
  • SiteJabber
  • RipOffReport
  • Indeed
  • Blog comments

Better Business Bureau

This company is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau. However, they do have an A+ Rating at the time this Youngevity review was written. In the last three years, there have been 15 complaints that were closed. Out of 12 reviews, Youngevity has just over three out of five stars on this website.

Some of the reviews are praising the products and the customer service that the company provides. Others say that the product quality was poor. One person says that the products reduced their kidney function.

A few reviews talk about problems with auto-ship. They say it is very hard to cancel or that they were charged more than they agreed to.


On TrustPilot, the company has three of five stars at the time this Youngevity review was written. This is based on three reviews.

Two of the reviews are positive and appear to be from people who use the products. They state that they like the products and they feel that they are high in quality.

The third review is a negative one. This person says that the products taste terrible and causes stomach upset. They do not state which products they used.


On Facebook, this company has 4.8 of five stars at the time this Youngevity review was compiled. This is based on 2,151 reviews. 189 people recommend the company.

Many of the primary reviews are positive and appear to be from people who are selling the products. However, some of the people commenting on the review threads are not as positive. One commenter says that the product that his mother took was not safe.

Some reviews say that they have had excellent mentors helping them to build their business with the company. There are several comments about product quality, and these vary greatly. Some people believe Youngevity is the best and others believe it is over-priced and does not live up to its claims.


On Glassdoor, this company has 2.7 of five stars from 24 reviews at the time we wrote this Youngevity review. These reviews seem to be from corporate office employees.

Some people say that the company does not have enough employees. This results in people having to take on a lot of extra work. Some say that the company has unrealistic quota expectations for their employees.

Some employees say that they got discounted and free products to try. Others believe that they were emotionally abused by their superiors. Some reviewers say that they do not give employees time to adjust to changes. If they do not adjust immediately, they are reprimanded.


This company has 4.5 stars on this website from 1,802 reviews at the time this was written. These reviews appear to be a mixture of distributors and consumers.

Some people say that they had a hard time getting their order after they paid for it. They say that when they tried to contact customer service, they could not get in touch with a live person.

In fact, most of the complaints are due to significant shipping issues. Other negative reviews are due to poor product quality.


There are multiple complaint reports on this website. Many of these appear to be from people who were distributors for the company. All of these complaints are from dissatisfied people.

Some say that they had to spend more money than they were initially told. Others say that when they contacted customer service with a problem, they were treated poorly.


This company has 3.8 of five stars on Indeed at the time this was written. This is from 30 reviews. All of these reviews appear to be from corporate office employees and not from distributors. Most of the employees seem relatively happy with the company.

Some say that management was easy to work with and that they felt valued by the company. However, some say that their work environment was not pleasant. A few reviewers said that there were limited to no opportunities for advancement.

Blog Comments

Several blog posts have been written about this company. There are several comments from distributors who are trying to recruit people for their downline. These comments often praise the products and try to convince people that selling Youngevity is a life-changing opportunity.

Most of the comments are negative. They talk about problems with product quality and efficacy. There are multiple complaints about products not arriving after someone paid for them. There are several comments talking about issues with the autoship program.

Some comments went as far as to say that Youngevity is a scam. This was in regards to the false promises of the products and the distributor opportunity.

Our Youngevity Review Verdict

We list Youngevity by Dr. Wallach as recommend with caution. We have concluded that there is no Youngevity scam. However, by doing the research for this Youngevity review, it is clear that the company is not open about how much people can earn selling the products. Without the information, it is not possible to determine if this is a viable opportunity. Until that happens we cannot give this business opportunity our full recommendation.


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