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Prizerebel Review – Is This A Prizerebel Scam?

Prizerebel review scam

We spent four days testing Prizerebel so we could write this Prizerebel review.

Prizerebel is one of a growing number of online consumer survey companies. These forums provide rewards in exchange for consumer feedback. This Prizerebel review will help you decide if this a real opportunity or a Prizerebel scam.

Prizerebel review

What is Prizerebel?

Prizerebel rewards regular consumers for sharing their opinions. Any person aged 13 or older is eligible to become a member. Membership is free.

Members are provided with opportunities to answer surveys. Completed surveys are worth a designated number of points.

Points are worth a minimum of one cent. Sometimes they can be worth more. It depends on the reward being purchased. (More on that later.)

History of Prizerebel

Unfortunately, we aren’t able to include a history in our Prizerebel review. The site doesn’t include its backstory on its site.

There is no outside information readily available, either, Little is known about the company that owns it or how it got started, other than it has been around since 2007.

How Does Prizerebel Work?

First, you must sign up for a membership. (It’s free.) It only takes a few minutes. You only have to provide your email and create a password.

You’ll have access to surveys to complete right away. Some of the surveys will require you to provide information about your lifestyle and buying habits.

It is important to provide as much of this kind of information as you can. Your answers will help Prizerebel determine which and how many surveys to offer you.

You’ll notice that you’ll get numerous invitations to complete these types of surveys. Many of them will look very similar to one another and will ask the same questions.

Don’t skip over a survey just because it contains questions you have already answered. Prizerebel works this way for a reason. (It’s not a Prizerebel scam.)

The more info you provide (even if it’s the same stuff over and over again), the more surveys you can qualify for.

What does Prizerebel do with my information?

It’s not a Prizerebel scam just to get your contact information and sell it. Companies that partner with Prizerebel are looking for targeted feedback. They are looking for a particular type of consumer to gather intelligence from.

For example, a wedding planning business may be looking for feedback from engaged females between the ages of 21 and 35. A higher end wedding service may have an additional requirement that survey respondents be within an income range of $25,000 and $40,000.

These are the types of questions you’ll encounter on your initial surveys. They may ask you your annual household income, number of people who live with you, how many children you have under the age of 18, your level of education and others.

Based on the info you provide, Prizerebel will determine which surveys you are qualified to do. Not all members will be eligible for all the same surveys.

What kinds of surveys are there?

Surveys may cover all kinds of different things: specific products or brands, a general product type (i.e. soda), or general buying habits.

How long are the surveys? Surveys may take just a few minutes to complete. Others make take 20 minutes or more. The average survey length is about ten to 15 minutes.

How many points do I get for completing a survey? The number of points varies. Generally, surveys that take only a little time to fill out (say 5 minutes) are worth less. Those that take longer (say 10 to 20 minutes) are worth more.

However, this is not always the case. Sometimes you’ll find short surveys worth a lot more points than average. It all depends on the company that is sponsoring the survey and how much they are willing to pay for your answers.

Other Ways to Earn Points on Prizerebel

Take a site tour (5 points): You will be invited to “tour” the site once you have signed up for membership. You will be shown how to navigate the site and how to earn points.

Fill out your profile (5 points):

You will also be invited to fill out a profile. It only takes a few minutes (less than five).

It is highly advisable that you do this. Not only do you get five points for it, this is how Prizerebel determines which surveys you might qualify for. You’ll greatly increase your earning potential by doing this step.

Watch videos:

Simply watch videos created by sponsors. Points vary, often depending on the length of the video.

“Offer walls:”

This option may include “extra” surveys from Prizerebel’s partners, signing up to engage with a product (i.e. creating a PayPal account and making a purchase through it), downloading an app, and more. Points for these activities vary greatly.

Refer friends:

You can earn a point for every friend that you refer to the site. The person must actually become a member in order to qualify for your referral point.

Promo code redemption:

Follow Prizerebel on Facebook and Twitter. Collect promo code redemptions that are posted and get points (amounts vary).

Daily challenges:

These change every day. Reward values vary.


There are tons of little ways you can earn points. These may be one-time-only offers or may change periodically. For example, you can earn points by downloading the Prizerebel browser button to Google Chrome.

How Much Money Can I Make on Prizerebel?


Can you really make money, or is it just a Prizerebel scam? First of all, don’t expect to get rich. If you’re joining hoping that you’ll be able to earn $50 by next week, you might be disappointed.

As we already noted, every survey is worth a certain number of points. Points vary from survey to survey and for the other activities.

Considering the time that it takes to complete even several short surveys, you shouldn’t expect it to replace a regular job (even at minimum wage).

However, if you have even an hour or two a week to devote to filling out surveys, you could reasonably earn a $5 gift card within a few weeks. Possibly even faster.

Wait, what do you mean by earning a gift card?

You don’t actually get paid in cash as a Prizerebel member. Instead, you use your points to purchase gift cards. They are legit gift cards and not a Prizerebel scam.

Prizerebel has gift cards from quite a few different stores (both online and off) as well as restaurants and services. The list includes Amazon.com, Starbucks, Best Buy, Toys R Us, iTunes, Facebook, Cineplex, The Gap, Visa prepaid cards and dozens more. You may also opt to trade your points for money via PayPal transfer.

How Much Does Prizerebel Cost?

It costs nothing to sign up for a membership. It is also free to participate in most of the activities.

However, you’ll probably run across various offers that require you to spend money in exchange for points. These activities are totally optional. You won’t lose your membership if you don’t participate.

Sometimes these types of offers are worth spending money on, so at least take the time to check them out. Just don’t feel obligated. There are plenty of ways to earn points that cost absolutely nothing.

A Few More Things to Note About Prizerebel

We have already talked about surveys and how you must “qualify” to fill them out. Almost all of the surveys you will run across on this site come with “pre-qualifying” questions.

The site does its best to match up members with surveys they think that particular member will qualify for. However, it is the sponsoring company that ultimately determines whether you “qualify” or not.

For this reason, you will be asked a small number of “pre-qualifying” questions first. These questions almost always include questions about age, gender, employment status, household income, number of household members, ages of children in household, etc.

Pre-qualifying Questions

You will probably find yourself answering these same questions over and over again. This is because every single sponsor needs this information before they allow you to take their survey.

It will probably seem frustrating to answer the same questions again and again. However, this is the only way to get access to the surveys.

Of course, the really frustrating part is that you might spend several minutes answering the pre-qualifying questions and then not be allowed to take the actual survey. You do not receive points for answering the pre-qualifying questions.

Third-party Website

It’s also important to note that you may sometimes be re-routed to a third-party website when completing a survey (i.e. the website of the company that is sponsoring the survey). Any terms and conditions that apply to the time that you spend on Prizerebel.com may not necessarily apply to third-party sites.

Ultimately, it is critical that you read the terms and conditions carefully when you sign on as a member. It will seem tedious, but this is important information for you to have. It will prevent you from being hit with unpleasant surprises.


We had no issues with any of the terms and conditions on this site. We found them to be very similar to those of other GPT (get-paid-to) sites.

You should also be aware that most of the surveys are time-sensitive and limited to a certain number of respondents. This means that it is possible to be shut out of a survey before you finish it because the quota has been reached. Therefore, you should always finish a survey in one sitting.

Prizerebel Scam or Opportunity- What Other People Say In Their Prizerebel Review

We like to check out what other members (current and past) are saying about their experiences with the site.

Survey Police

To start, we checked with Survey Police, a consumer review website dedicated to survey websites.

The overall Prizerebel review score on Survey Police is 3 and ¾ stars out of a possible five. There was a total of 80 Prizerebel review posts.

Prizerebel review comments were varied. A few complained of not being credited points they were due. There were also a few complaints of users having their accounts abruptly terminated for no apparent reason.

Other Prizerebel review providers stated that they felt that they wasted a lot of time answering pre-qualifying questions and then not qualifying for the actual surveys. There was also some dissatisfaction with the level of customer service reporting members were provided. Some users called it a Prizerebel scam.

There were about as many positive Prizerebel review posts as there were negative. One happy user stated, “Awesome website,they have great surveys and you can cash out the same day.” This user rated his experience five out of five stars.

Another user stated, “after just a week on this site I already earned $8 for just surveys, watching videos and playing games.” He rated his experience four out of five stars.


Next, we checked with Sitejabber.com. This is a review site that allows consumers to post reviews about websites or businesses.

Here, we found 45 Prizerebel review posts. Prizerebel had an overall score of two and a half stars out of a possible five.

The most common complaint by those who posted a negative Prizerebel review regarded the pre-qualification process. These users felt that they wasted a lot of time answering pre-qualifying questions, only to be deemed ineligible to complete the actual survey. We also found more “Prizerebel scam” comments.

One unhappy user said of her experience, “[only] some surveys actually get you a reward. Other times they will take you through a long list of “qualifying” questions, in which you are actually answering survey questions. After a very long list they disqualify you.” She provided a rating of one out of five stars.

Other recurring complaints by Prizerebel review posters included earning points and not having them credited to their account, trouble redeeming gift cards they had purchased and poor customer service.

However, many others were happy with their experiences. One user who rated his experience five out of five stars said, “I am on all the popular survey sites and I have to say that this is one of the best ones around. They offer tons of money making surveys, they respond to support tickets within a 4-6 hours AND they offer a ton of rewards that are given instantly once you achieve a certain level.”


TrustPilot.com, another consumer review website, had only five Prizerebel review posts. It showed an overall average consumer rating of three out of five stars.

Comments on TrustPilot were varied. One user complained about spending up to twenty minutes filling out a survey, only to be told that he didn’t qualify (and wouldn’t receive any points).

However, another user, who rated his experience five out of five stars was happy with his results. “Yes, surveys are hard to qualify sometimes because of my demographics and other info that doesn’t match what the researcher for…. Overall quick points, good customer service, and competitive earning per survey completed.”

Overall, there seemed to be a fair number of satisfied users. However, there were also a significant number of unhappy users. Complaints varied, but the most common ones we encountered was frustration with not qualifying for many surveys or spending time filling out surveys only to then be disqualified.

Our Experience with Prizerebel

We created our own account as part of our research for this Prizerebel review. Then we signed up as a married woman in her forties with three teenage children, college-educated and with a full-time job.

Get Points Right Away

We were impressed that we were able to begin getting points right away. These points were collected by filling out the preliminary profile and taking the recommended site tours.

Then  we also took a couple of shorter surveys. We were able to amass 36 points in less than two hours.

Qualifying For Surveys Difficult

However, things ground pretty much to a halt after that. Several options for surveys appeared on our account page. When we clicked on them, though, we were often told we didn’t qualify for that survey.

Other times, we would be directed to answer pre-qualifying questions. We would spend minutes answering them, to then be told we were ineligible to complete that survey.

There were a few times where we actually got past the pre-qualifying questions. We would start the survey, but several questions (or minutes) in, we would suddenly be told we weren’t eligible to finish. We received no points for those attempts.

All in all, once we completed all of the initial tasks (site tours, basic profile questions, etc.), we had very few opportunities to earn any more points.

Although we made approximately ten attempts to complete surveys over a couple of days, we didn’t qualify for a single one.

Linking Facebook Account

One thing we want to point out is that we were offered the option of linking a Facebook account to our profile. According to Prizerebel, if a member does this, they are able to skip many of the redundant, pre-qualifying questions.

We declined to connect a Facebook account. Therefore, we can’t really comment on whether this would save time on answering preliminary questions. (It seems that in our case, it wouldn’t have mattered because we still wouldn’t have qualified for any of the surveys.)

Another thing we should point out is that we conducted our experiment over just a couple of days. It is possible that our experience would be different if we stretched it out over a longer time period.

Our Verdict: Prizerebel scam or Legit?

We have no doubts about this site. It is a legitimate site offering real ways to make money. It is not a Prizerebel scam.

Can you get rich? Probably not. You may not even be able to make the equivalent of minimum wage on this site. However, we think it’s a fun way to pass time and get some pocket cash while doing it.

To summarize our Prizerebel review, here is what we like about this site and earning opportunity:

  • The site is aesthetically-pleasing, but simple and straightforward. It is easy to navigate.
  • There are multiple ways to earn points, not just taking surveys.
  • Each survey comes with an estimated time of completion that appears to be accurate. This allows you to make an informed choice about how to spend your time.
  • Each survey tells you exactly how many points you’ll get for completing it.
  • There are many satisfied members who have made money on this forum.
  • Not a Prizerebel scam.

What we don’t like about Prizerebel:

  • It seems like many users don’t qualify for most of the surveys on the site.
  • There are a lot of redundant questions.
  • You may spend several minutes answering pre-qualifying questions only to find yourself ineligible to do the survey. You don’t get any points for answering the pre-qualifying questions. This leads to wasted time.
  • Some of their decisions seem to be rather arbitrary, like shutting down a member’s account for no apparent reason. Another example is not crediting for finishing a survey, claiming the member finished the survey “too fast.”
  • Sometimes users get disqualified from a survey even after passing the pre-qualifying screener and partially-completing the survey. (More wasted time with no reward.)
  • Some of the surveys take a long time to download.
  • Sometimes you get redirected to several different pages when attempting to complete a survey.

Final Thoughts

It’s clear to us that the sponsors on this site are looking for a very specific demographic for their surveys. From all of our research, it seems that a significant number of members don’t fit into that demographic. Therefore, they will have a hard time earning points.

Unfortunately, there is no way to know whether you will be in that target demographic without actually attempting the surveys. If you are not in the right demographic, you’ll end up wasting a lot of time on this site.

We feel confident, for all of these reasons, to recommend Prizerebel, with one caveat: make sure your expectations are realistic when you join.

You won’t get rich, even if you qualify for every single survey on the site. We also want to reiterate that you may find yourself wasting a lot of time answering questions and then not being allowed to complete surveys. Be sure to factor this in to your decision to join and about how much time you devote to it.

We advise that, if you decide to try Prizerebel, don’t spend more than an hour or two a few times a week on it. If after two or three weeks you don’t seem to be coming out ahead, you won’t lose anything by quitting.


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  1. Prize Rebel waste of time and I thought to myself why am I wasting time for points. Every survey I attempted I was not matched… could be my age 59. They are a pack of thieves. I got one survey from them that took me 45 mins to do. I don’t recommend them at all. Don’t waste your time for a prize card – bull sh…. I want the money and I have a found a site that I very pleased with although like of all them you hardly get anything. But if you like me desperate for money you give it a try.

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