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Markay Latimer Review – Scam or Legit?

Markay Latimer Review

The internet has created hundreds of millionaires over the past few years, all thanks to different side hustles like e-commerce, influencer marketing, blogging, and online trading. The last model is where the most money is made and is expected to reach a whopping $18.3 billion by 2027.

So if you also want to learn to trade, then go through this Markay Latimer review first. She teaches how to trade stocks and appears to be quite successful at it but is that really the case, or is it just some clever marketing? Read on to know more:

Who is Markay Latimer?

Born in Washington State, Markay didn’t really have any exposure to stock trading even when she was pursuing her career. She did a Bachelor of Arts in Media and Entertainment from Birmingham University in 1992. She then worked in public relations and marketing for five years but realized this was not something she enjoyed doing. That’s when she stepped foot into the stock market.

Over the course of 20+ years, Markay has coached hundreds of students. Even though Markay Latimer’s net worth is not publicly available, the affordable prices of her courses indicate she makes a substantial income from her own trades.

Markay Latimer Membership Programs:

Although Markay has a range of courses, coaching programs, crash courses, and recorded webinars on various trading strategies for different traders’ levels, they’re all based on a few days. Those who are looking to go all-in on learning stocks trading should opt for membership programs that include:

Profit Zone

It’s a yearly membership where the members get access to Markay Latimer’s real-time trading masterclass, live trades, and alerts, invite to monthly mastermind calls, and exclusive updates. Furthermore, Markay created this program in partnership with Rob Booker, who’s also a seasoned trader, which further increases the chances of students’ success. The membership access is priced at $1497 for annual and $1797 for lifetime subscriptions.

1K Club

This program is designed to equip the members with the knowledge and empower them to make an extra $1k per month in income with just 30 minutes of work every day. Members also get their personal support team for any queries they may have. The initial membership access is priced at $49 per year, and if you pay $297 per year instead of $49, you get extra benefits like access to monthly VIP mastermind calls.

There are some more training programs and courses available on her website, but Profit Zone and 1K club are the most popular ones Markay has to offer.

What’s the Success Rate of Markay Latimer’s Training?

Markay leverages a wide range of strategies to find winning trades, so the students are not limited in terms of analysis techniques.

Furthermore, Markay utilizes the same techniques and strategies in her own trades, which have generated significant returns for her, as you’ll see in her ‘over the shoulder’ trading videos.

Plus, there are many testimonials from her students in which they’ve shared their big and small wins after using her trading methods. So it’s clear that her program does work.

However, just like any kind of business, stock investing is also a risky business so remember you may not always get profits.

Markay Latimer Review – Summary:

If you want to start a side hustle and have some money to invest and can bear the loss if the trade doesn’t go your way, then yes, do try her course.

However, if you’re in a tight spot right now, try to learn more about stock investing from YouTube videos, trade on dummy accounts, and when you get a sense of how this market operates, maybe then give Markay a try.

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