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Jewelry Candles Reviews – Jewelry Candles Scam or Opportunity?

Jewelry Candles reviews

Jewelry Candles is a growing company with appealing products. Is it a jewelry candles scam or is it a good opportunity? In our review, we will help you decide for yourself. Plus, we’ll look at other Jewelry Candles reviews and see what other people are saying.

Jewelry Candles results

What is Jewelry Candles?

Jewelry Candles is a direct sales company. It markets a variety of candles and spa-related products with a unique twist.

Every product has a piece of jewelry hidden inside it. Each jewelry piece is worth at least ten dollars. They may also be worth more (up to $7500 dollars).

The appeal of the products (aside from their inherent value and beauty) is finding the jewelry inside. The company’s tagline is “a surprise in every product.”

The idea is that finding a ten dollar ring in a candle that is priced $24.95 is a good deal. If you happen to find one that is worth more, say $50, you’ve made your money back and then some.

Anyone can sign on to become a sales representative for the company. The only cost involved is the required purchase of a starter kit. You make a commission on every item you sell.

(We will go into more detail about this, and how to become a rep, later.)

History of Jewelry Candles

Jewelry Candles

Jewelry Candles is a fairly new company. It started in 2012.

Not many people knew about the company or its products back then. However, the company has become more well-known since that time. It advertises mainly on Facebook.

Little is known about its founders. Their names do not appear anywhere on the website.

The company only sold candles in its early years. It has since added other products. Some of those products include scented wax tarts (for use in wax-melting lamps), bath bombs, lotion, body scrubs, wax-dipped roses and slimes (like you played with as a kid).

How Does Jewelry Candles Work?

Jewelry Candles review

A Jewelry Candles Scam or Real Earning Opportunity? As we already mentioned, you can earn money by becoming a sales representative (rep) for Jewelry Candles.

You must purchase a starter kit (more on that in a bit). You will also be given your own website from which to sell your products.

Done For You Website

The website is already created. All you must do is input your own info, like your name and contact information. (You will receive instructions on how to do this online when you sign up.) All of your orders (personal and customer) will go through this site.

No Minimums

Jewelry Candles gives its representatives a lot of freedom. There are no minimum sales requirements to meet. You can choose how you sell the products.

Two Ways To Sell

There are two main ways to sell. You can sell products either directly, in-person, or through the website.

Selling in Person

Jewelry Candles sell from home

There are a few ways to do this. You may choose to simply talk about the products with your friends and family. Those who want to try a product (or two or three) can order from you.

You may also choose to throw a Jewelry Candles party. Chances are you’ve been invited to and/or attended one of these for some other direct sales company, like Tupperware, Pampered Chef, Partylite, Scentsy or others.

You can host a similar event and show off the products from your sales rep kit. You can also ask acquaintances, friends or family to “host” a Jewelry Candles party.

The host would be responsible for inviting guests (from among her own group of friends and family). You would give a presentation of the products.

Hosts are entitled to some special bonuses for their efforts through the hostess incentives program. Incentives change from month to month. Usually, the incentive is free or discounted items based on total sales at their party.

Selling Online

Reps can choose to sell only online if they like. All rep kits include a ready-made website.

All of a rep’s sales are directed through her website. This is how her customers’ sales are attributed to her. It is also how her pay (commission) is calculated.

More About Selling

Most representatives choose to sell both in person and online. Doing both is an effective means of maximizing sales potential.

Reps will want to brush up on their online marketing skills if they want to make the most of their website. The website itself is pre-designed. However, reps have to do their own advertising.

Jewelry Candles and its reps have had marked success advertising on Facebook. Even if you don’t know how to do this, it is easy to learn. You can find tutorials both online and on Facebook itself.

How to Become a Sales Rep in Six Easy Steps:

1) Go to http://www.jewelrycandle.com/store/collections/jewelry-candles-rep-kits.

2) Choose your rep kit. You’ll want to choose one of the “Starter Packages.” There are several, ranging in price from $49.95 to $499.95. The more expensive the kit, the more demo items you get. You also get your website with the purchase of a starter kit.

Optional: Choose an add-on package. These contain scent samplers that potential customers can use to choose a scented product. They range in price from $25.00 to $102.00.

You can also choose a catalog package. Starter kits come with paper catalogs. However, if you feel that you won’t have enough, a catalog package can supplement that number.

You are free to order any other items Jewelry Candles sells, too.

3) Click on the “checkout” button.

4) Set up your account. You will need to first provide your email address. On the next page, you must provide your contact info (address, phone number, etc.).

5) Choose your payment method. You can use a credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover), PayPal or an eCheck.

6) Follow the instructions on the payment page.

Jewelry Candles will contact you once you successfully pay for your order. They will provide you with your next steps, plus the “key” to your new Website. They will also explain how their representative support system works.

How Much Does Jewelry Candles Cost?

As mentioned previously, your only initial cost is the price of the rep kit you choose (between $49.95 and $499.95). There will be some ongoing costs associated with maintaining your business. This will be mainly limited to catalogs to give to customers ( a new one is published every season) and order forms.

You are always free to continue adding products to your kit. However, this is not a requirement. It is up to you whether you want to spend money on expanding your kit. (You get a 20% discount on your purchases.)

How Much Money Can You Make with Jewelry Candles?

It depends on how hard you want to work and how skilled a salesperson you are. Reps make a 20% commission on every item they sell.

Therefore, if you sell $100 worth of product, you make $20. If you sell $1000 worth, your commission is $200.

Many direct sales companies require you to sell a minimum dollar amount each month. Jewelry Candles has no monthly minimum.

Some people sign up to become reps simply to take advantage of the 20 percent discount. They don’t actively sell, or they may only sell to family and friends.


We wanted to check out what other reps (current and past) are saying about their experiences. Is it a Jewelry Candles scam, or a real money-making opportunity?


We looked for Jewelry Candles reviews on Glassdoor.com. Unfortunately, we were only able to find one that was written by a former rep.

(Glassdoor is a site where people can post reviews on what it is like to work for a given company. They can also rate their experience out of five stars.)

This Jewelry Candles reviews writer rated her experience 3 out of 5 stars.

She stated that she loves the company’s products. She also felt the prices were reasonable and affordable.

However, she wasn’t happy with her experience as a rep. She stated in her review, “the company kept changing its rep policies.”

This same woman also noted that the company was fairly new at the time. She felt it was possible that the company was still trying to work out its business model.

No Reviews Jewelry Candles Reviews By Reps

We weren’t able to find multiple Jewelry Candles reviews by reps. However, we found many reviews about the products. We also found some Jewelry Candles reviews about the company’s customer service.

Generally speaking, customers who purchased items, whether candles or other products, were satisfied. They believed that the prices are reasonable.

Almost every reviewer commented on the quality and beauty of the products. They were also overwhelmingly enthusiastic about being able to find a piece of jewelry inside their purchase.

No Negative Jewelry Candles Reviews

It was hard to find any bad Jewelry Candles reviews. In fact, none of the Jewelry Candles reviews we read were negative.

However, there were a few Jewelry Candles reviews that pointed out some things that got our attention. We thought it was important to point out what these Jewelry Candles reviews writers didn’t like about the company.

More than one Jewelry Candles reviews writers mentioned that the company’s seven-day return policy was a hassle. “It’s too short,” said one customer.

Others commented that the terms of the return policy were restrictive. The policy states that items cannot be returned if they have been used. For example, a customer who lights her candle and then discovers it is defective cannot return it.

Our Verdict: Jewelry Candles Scam or Real Earning Opportunity?

We have made a conclusion based on our own research, as well as reading Jewelry Candles reviews by others.

What we like about Jewelry Candles:

  • There are no monthly minimums or sales quotas to meet.
  • The company is based in the USA and its products are made in the USA.
  • The products are well-made with quality in mind.
  • The products have broad appeal. They are beautiful as well as practical.
  • We love the idea of finding a little jewelry surprise inside each product. It’s a great marketing tool.
  • Even a ten dollar piece gives a $24.95 candle purchase excellent value.
  • Customers who find a piece worth more than the cost of the cost of the item come out ahead.
  • You can sell only online or only in person or both.
  • Representatives have a lot of freedom and autonomy.
  • Commission payments are sent twice per month.

What we don’t like about Jewelry Candles:

The company’s return policy is less than impressive. It only accepts returns within seven days: “If 7 days have gone by since your purchase, unfortunately we can’t offer you a refund or exchange.”

Assuming that statement means what it says, shipping time is also part of that seven days.

In other words, if it takes four days for you to receive the order, you only have three days to change your mind.

Even seven days is not very long. The industry standard on return time is thirty days.

This policy does not directly affect representatives. However, as a rep, you might get complaints about the short return window from clients.

It may also be an annoyance when it comes to your commission. Let’s say you have already received your commission for an item you sold and gotten your paycheck.

Then let’s say that, a week later, your customer returns that item for a refund. Since you have already been paid your commission on the item, it will be deducted from your next commission check.

Also, it’s important to note that returned items must be intact and in original packaging. A customer cannot return a candle that has already been lit.

Conclusion: Jewelry Candles Scam or Opportunity with Potential?

Jewelry Candles is definitely not a scam. It is a legitimate company with some pretty cool products. (Reading all the Jewelry Candles reviews convinced us of this.) We think the premise is genius. We also like their business model.

However, we think you should be aware of a few things before signing on (these are not necessarily negatives):

  • If you hope to make significant money, be prepared to work hard. Most of the items Jewelry Candles carries cost $28 or less.
  • This means that your per-item commission is $5.60 or less. You will have to sell a lot of items to cover your costs and make a profit that is worth the time you spend.
  • Be prepared to work extra hard in your first year as a rep. It will take time to build up a clientele.However, once you do, you’ll likely begin to get repeat orders. Repeat orders will become a significant portion of your monthly commissions.
  • The company is still relatively new and continuing to evolve. Be aware that its policies may change in the future.

Jewelry Candles Scam: Exposed

Don’t confuse Jewelry Candles with other companies operating on the same concept. Jewelry Candles is not the only company that sells items with jewelry inside.

There are several, and some of them have very similar-sounding names. “Jewelry In Candles” is one such company.

Jewelry In Candles, the company, was exposed as a jewelry candles scam in recent years. This jewelry candles scam painted all of the other similar companies in a poor light.

In this jewelry candles scam, the company claimed that customers would find a piece of real jewelry in every item. It was later revealed that many of the “real” pieces were actually fake.

By the time this jewelry candles scam was exposed, many customers had been duped. This jewelry candles scam eventually forced Jewelry In Candles to shut down.

Jewelry Candles is not a jewelry candles scam. If you become a rep, make sure your customers know this. Ensure that they are aware that the company that perpetrated the jewelry candles scam is a different company.


There really isn’t much to lose by giving Jewelry Candles a try. We suggest choosing one of the less expensive representative kits to start out with.

This way, you won’t lose hundreds of dollars if you decide this opportunity isn’t for you. Plus, you get to keep all the goodies in your kit for yourself!

Remember, you can also become a rep just for the personal discount it gives you. This is a great option for people who just love the candles and other products.


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