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Is Elite CEO Legit? Who Is Tanner Chidester?

Is Elite CEO Legit

Is Elite CEO Legit?

We live in an incredible time where anyone can become an entrepreneur and make millions of dollars online. Unfortunately, some companies will scam you to think their expensive program will make you millions. In actuality, those scams can leave you more broke and confused than when you started.


Elite Ceo seems to be one of those scammy courses at first glance. If you wonder whether or not Elite Ceo is a scam, you have come to the right place.


Knowing a little bit about the business founder can help you determine if their business is a scam. In this case, the owner is Tanner Chidester. He is the founder of not one but two businesses – Fit Warriors and Elite CEO. They both evolved into seven-figure businesses by the time he was 28. His Net worth is now $1 million! 


Following someone successful, like Tanner, is a step in the right direction to your success.

What Is Elite CEO?

Elite CEO is a program that helps online business coaches sell their coaching programs. Tanner Chidester does this through his online training program that offers several modules. These modules teach coaches from almost every industry. 


Elite CEO is for those struggling to make an income off their businesses. Tanner claims he can help any online coaching business skyrocket.


The company offers a variety of help: from online courses to personalized training from Tanner himself. You can also join Tanner Chidester’s hiring Facebook group, where you can ask all of your hard-to-answer questions. 

What Does the Elite CEO Program Have To Offer?

The Elite CEO program has a lot more to offer its customers than just courses. Here are all the bells and whistles you will receive when signing up.

The Initial Program

Let’s start with Tanner Chidester’s initial program and what it has to offer you. It comes in a set of five modules to start you off. The initial cost of all five modules is only $37. We will dive deeper into other prices later.

Here is what you will be learning in all five modules:

  1. Facebook Group Marketing
  2. Organic Messaging
  3. Messaging and Sales Calls
  4. An Introduction to Ads on Facebook
  5. How to Set Up Funnels


The initial purchase also comes with access to the Tanner Chidester hiring Facebook group. You can collaborate with other members and ask specific questions in this group.

Additional Items You Will Receive

There are some additional items you will receive along with the modules. You will receive:


  • Discounts on Elite CEO live events.
  • Tech set up by a team member.
  • A guarantee that you will be successful.

Upsells Elite CEO Offers

The upselling is where Elite CEO will start to get expensive. I’m not saying it’s a scam for this reason, but you may not have the success you want if you don’t get the upsells.

What are the upsells?


  • Clickfunnels is one of those upsells and costs $97 a month at its cheapest rate. This program will help you with your sale funnels on your website. Tanner also gets a 50% commission per sale he makes for Clickfunnels.
  • Other tools like Clickfunnels may cost around $240 a month, depending on which ones you opt into.
  • You can choose to have personal training from Tanner for almost $10,000!


Even though the initial price of $37 seems generous, many other prices will surprise you as you move on with the course.

What Are the Pros and Cons?

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of Elite CEO to see if it’s worth your money


  • You can ask unlimited questions and receive support in the private Facebook group.
  • The initial program is affordable for most people.
  • Tanner is fully qualified to teach others to be successful.


  • The overall price is expensive.
  • It’s not for beginners. Only those with an established business will find the most success from this program.
  • There are several hidden costs as you get into the program.

What Is the Success Rate of the Program?

One way to determine if the Elite CEO program is a scam is to look at the success rate among people who have already been through it. 


If you go to the company’s website, you will find hundreds and hundreds of success stories. It’s our job to dig a little bit deeper. Of course, companies will only list the success stories.


If you look at Trustpilot.com, they will show you customer reviews for tons of businesses. Elite CEO has a 4.8-star review. That’s pretty good! There are only a few bad reviews for this company, making those success stories stand out even more.  


If you are not putting in the work, you will not see good results. This program will not do the work for you; it is simply a guide.


Tanner Chidester Elite CEO Review – Is It a Scam or Legit?

After looking into several websites, good and bad reviews, and the Tanner Chidester hiring Facebook group, we have concluded that Elite CEO is not a scam. There are a few main reasons we came to this conclusion.


Even though Elite CEO’s upselling may seem scammy at first, they provide a guarantee. If you are unsuccessful, they promise to be with you until you achieve success.


There are legit reviews about the website with proof of success stories.

The founder of the business is a successful entrepreneur making him more trustworthy.

Tanner Chidester Elite CEO – Summary

Though expensive, Tanner Chidester promises to deliver, and in many cases, he has! Unfortunately, this program isn’t suitable for beginners. You should already be making money from your business; the Elite CEO can help you scale it.


This program is a fantastic investment for those with already established businesses!


There are so many options for new and established entrepreneurs to learn. It’s hard to tell if a business is a scam or legit. You can visit our business review page for more in-depth knowledge if you are ever in doubt.

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