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Internet Scoping School Review

internet scoping school review

NOTE: their site seems to be down. We are reaching out to the provider for more information.

We wrote this Internet Scoping School review after extensive research into the program. After taking the training, we go into detail about what the course teaches. We then scoured the internet to see what other members have said. It’s our hope that this Internet Scoping School review helps you to make an informed decision.

Internet Scoping School results


What Is Scoping?

Court reporters use steno writers to record or “take down” court proceedings.

They then import their notes into transcription software. This software then translates the steno notes into English.

Once done, court reporters will then hire a Scopist. This helps them to save time in the editing process. Court reporters earn money for each page they process. This is why they hire Scopists to speed up the process which helps them make more money.

This makes Scopists very valuable to court reporters. It actually helps them earn much more!

To sum it up, court reporters use Scopists to edit transcripts. Scoping is doing the editing for court reporters.

No Degree Needed To Become A Scopist

You do not need a degree to become a Scopist. Even so, you can still make as much as people with a degree. This makes Scoping an attractive opportunity.

The problem is, not everyone can be a Scopist. You must have strong vocabulary skills. On top of that you must also have excellent punctuation and word use skills.

Takes Less Time To Learn Scoping

You can learn to become a Scopist in as little as six to eight months. This is far less than the time it takes to get a degree. It can take 4 or more years to get a degree and your salary would be nearly the same as a Scopist. (depending on your field of study)

How Much Money Do Scopists Make?

Most Scopists make between $1.00 to $1.25 per page. As a brand new Scopist you have the possibility to make $30,000 per year. As you become more experienced, you can make as much as $50,000 to $60,000 per year!

What Is Internet Scoping School?

Internet Scoping School provides training so you can edit transcripts for court reporters.

There is much more to Internet Scoping School than learning how to edit. The training will teach you how to own and build your own Scoping business. It’s a complete course to give you everything you need to become successful as a Scopist.

Linda Evenson started Internet Scoping School. Linda has been a scopist for more than 35 years so she knows the field well.

She also has been teaching scoping since 1999. Her training has been recommend by the National Court Reporters Association.

How Does Internet Scoping School Work?

You can start training as a scopist immediately from the Scoping School website. There is a free scoping mini-course and a full paid course option.

Free Mini-Course

Internet Scoping School

The free mini-course will help you discover if scoping is for you. In this course you’ll cover these topics:

  1. A complete definition of scoping. The typical day-to-day activity of a scopist.
  2. What the demand is for scopists.
  3. The skills needed by scopists. You’ll also get to test your word skills.
  4. How to find clients and how to do marketing.
  5. Learn if you need a degree to be a scopist.
  6. How much you can earn as a scopist.
  7. Things needed to get started.

The free mini-course is very basic and used only to see if you would be a good fit for scoping.

Full Paid Course

The Internet Scoping School full paid course option is complete training. In this training you will learn every aspect of scoping and how to become a scopist.

You can jump right into the full course if you wish. No court reporting or legal background? You should then take the Scoping Fundamentals training first.

Scoping Fundamentals

The Scoping Fundamentals training will help you dip your toes into the field of scoping. Take this course first if you have no court reporting or legal background.

It’s broken up into 21 lessons which include:


Internet Scoping School Scoping Fundamentals

  1. Scoping Fundamentals Introduction.
  2. Court Reporters, Steno, and Transcripts.
  3. Transcripts A-Z Part 1.
  4. Transcripts A-Z Part 2.
  5. Depositions vs EUO’s. Guidelines for Interpreted Proceedings, and Things Included in Various Types of Transcripts.
  6. The Anatomy of a Transcript. Also Included Quizzes.
  7. Common Errors.
  8. Basic Formatting.
  9. Additional Introductory Resources.
  10. Sneak Peeks.
  11. Bonus Resource Guides.

Internet Scoping School Scoping Fundamentals

  1. Commonly Misused Words. This Includes a Quiz.
  2. List of Common Legal Terms. Looking Up Medical Terms. This Also Includes a Quiz.
  3. American vs British Spelling and Other Notes + Quiz.
  4. 4 Most Violated Comma Rules in Legal Documents + Quiz.
  5. Lesson on Apostrophes + Quiz.
  6. 17 Transcript Capitalization Rules + Quiz.
  7. The Tricky World of Hyphens + Quiz.
  8. More Punctuation Rules + Quiz.
  9. The Word Skills Test.
  10. Interpreting Your Score

Paid Course Contents

Internet Scoping School review

Complete the Scoping Fundamentals course first. Then, you can start the full paid course.

The full paid course consists of seven sections. The outline of each section is shown below.

SECTION 1: Advanced Punctuation

The first section is “Advanced Punctuation”.

This part of the training uses Morson’s English Guide for Court Reporters.

In this 9 unit section you will learn all about the many punctuation rules.

You will also gain an understanding about how to read and translate numbers in steno.

What’s Inside This Section?

Section 1 consists of 1 module and 10 unit lessons. This includes:

  1. General Course Intro; Advanced Punctuation Intro + Table of Contents
  2. Period and the Question Mark
  3. The Semicolon and the Colon
  4. The Comma
  5. Dash and Quotation Marks
  6. Parentheses, Apostrophes, and Hyphens
  7. Numbers and Capitalization
  8. Abbreviations, Italics, Ellipses, Slants, Paragraphs, and Basic Parts of Speech
  9. Punctuation and Word Use for Scopists Final Exam
  10. Access Password for Notereading
SECTION 2: Notereading

In this part of the course you will learn the ins and outs of reading machine shorthand. Common briefs are also covered. You will also learn to decipher mistrans/untrans of steno notes.

This section contains 56 lessons. You will also gain access to a 59 page drill book with an answer key and final exam.

What’s Inside This Section?

Section 2 consists of 6 modules and a total of 60 unit lessons. This includes:

Module 1:

  1. Foreword
  2. Introduction to Notereading
  3. Initial alphabet, vowels, punctuation
  4. Briefs
  5. Beginning N, ending M
  6. Oo, aw, oy sounds
  7. Beginning J, M
  8. Initial F
  9. Beginning D, ending K
  10. Beginning L, ending L

Module 2:

  1. Beginning B
  2. Ending B
  3. Beginning G
  4. Beginning V
  5. Ending N
  6. Beginning Y, Ending G
  7. Ending D
  8. Combining “y” and “j”, Ending J
  9. Initial Q, Ending X
  10. Ending “ch”

Module 3:

  1. Ending “sh”
  2. Briefs list
  3. Endings “g,” “ed,” “er,” “al,” “el”
  4. Word list
  5. Days of the week; time phrases
  6. Dollars and cents
  7. Endings “st,” “th”
  8. Beginning “ch”, middle “ion” sounds
  9. Ending “sk” sound
  10. Ending “shun” sound

Module 4:

  1. Suffixes “ity,” “ment”
  2. Alternate “shun” ending, “con,” “com,” “cor” prefixes
  3. “Tious” and “cious” suffixes
  4. Tucking “y” and “er” ending
  5. “Ng” and “nk” endings
  6. “Ism” ending
  7. Prefixes “trans” and “super”
  8. Ending “ex”
  9. Asterisk as combining form
  10. Suffixes “ology,” “ologist,” “itis,” “tomy”

Module 5:

  1. Prefix “dis”
  2. “Def” and “dev” prefixes; alternate “con” prefix
  3. “Nch” ending
  4. “Rve” ending
  5. “Mp” and “mb” endings
  6. “Mple” and mble” endings
  7. “Tle” and “tel” endings
  8. “Dle,” “del,” and “dly” endings
  9. “Rsh” and “rch” endings
  10. “Erior” ending

Module 6:

  1. “Int” and “ent” prefixes
  2. “Im,” “em,” “ib,” “am,” “eb” prefixes
  3. Suffix/prefix review
  4. I can’t, I don’t, I didn’t
  5. Apostrophe/contractions
  6. Punctuation
  7. Mistrans/untrans
  8. Sample Transcript
  9. Module 2 Final Exam
  10. Access Password for Medical Terminology
SECTION 3: Medical Terminology

This next section comes from Nathaniel Weiss’ book “A Court Reporter’s Guide to Medical Terminology”.

You will gain enhanced research ability after completing this section.

What’s Inside This Section?

Section 3 is made up of 2 modules and a total of 33 unit lessons. This includes:

Module 1:

  1. Medical Terminology: Introduction
  2. Prefixes
  3. Key – Prefixes
  4. Prefixes
  5. Key – Prefixes
  6. Prefixes (contd.)
  7. Key – Prefixes (contd.)
  8. Suffixes
  9. Key – Suffixes
  10. Basic Parts
  11. Key – Basic Parts
  12. Pertaining to the Head
  13. Key – Pertaining to the Head
  14. From the Neck Down
  15. Key – From the Neck Down
  16. The Abdomen and Pelvis
  17. Key – The Abdomen and Pelvis

Module 2:

  1. The Reproductive Organs
  2. Key – Reproductive Organs
  3. Bones and Limbs
  4. Key – Bones and Limbs
  5. The Five Senses
  6. Key – The Five Senses
  7. The Bodily Functions
  8. Key – The Bodily Functions
  9. Physiological Process
  10. Key – Physiological Process
  11. Surgical Procedures
  12. Key – Surgical Procedures
  13. How Medical Words Are Colored
  14. Key – How Medical Words Are Colored
  15. Medical Terminology Final Exam 2
  16. Access Password for Transcript Production
SECTION 4: Transcript Production

The next section called “Transcript Production” will help you to learn a reporters’ preferences.

You will then learn the use of computer software to produce high-quality transcripts.

This section includes a 15-page quiz workbook, final exam with answer key.

What’s Inside This Section?

Section 4 is made up of 1 module and a total of 11 unit lessons. This includes:

Module 1:

  1. Introduction to Transcript Production
  2. Preference Sheets
  3. Titles, Appearances, Stipulations
  4. Certificate Pages
  5. Parenthetical/Include Files
  6. Edit Commands
  7. Editing Tips for Depositions
  8. Flagging
  9. Research
  10. Transcript Production Final Exam
  11. Access Password for Case Catalyst 4+ Software Training
SECTION 5: Case CATalyst 4+** Software Training

In section 5 you will get training on how to use Case CATalyst 4+ software.

This software is not included with the course and must be purchased separately.

This section also includes a 51 page quiz workbook, answer key and a final exam.

What’s Inside This Section?

Section 5 consists of 2 modules and a total of 24 unit lessons. This includes:

Module 1:

  1. Preface to CaseCatalyst 4.*
  2. Introduction to Case CATalyst
  3. Getting Acquainted with CATalyst
  4. Editing a File: Part 1
  5. Editing a File: Part 2
  6. Format Symbols
  7. Define and Insert Punctuation, Flagging
  8. Modifying Text: Cap/Uncap, Word Swap, Stitch
  9. Spelling Functions
  10. Altering Your Display
  11. Copying/Moving Files and Copying Update Area to Job Dictionary
  12. Using Audiosync
  13. Right-Click Menu

Module 2:

  1. Toolbars – Part 1
  2. More Toolbars – Part 2
  3. Toolbars – Part 3
  4. Global Options and Global Tables
  5. Managing Dictionaries
  6. Macros
  7. Keyboard Maps
  8. Automatic Indexing
  9. BONUS! Remote Realtime Scoping
  10. CaseCAT Software Training Final Exam
  11. Access Password for Practice Files
SECTION 6: Practice Files

The sixth section will give you access to actual files so you can practice your editing skills.

You will also get answer key files so you can compare your work to see if you have made errors.

What’s Inside This Section?

Section 6 is made up of 1 module and a total of 15 unit lessons. This includes:

Module 1:

  1. Introduction to Practice Files
  2. Unit 2 to 13: Reporter 01 to Reporter 15: Practice Files
  3. Course Final Exam
  4. Access Password to The Successful Professional Scopist
SECTION 7: The Successful Professional Scopist

The last section will teach you how to get clients. It will also teach you how to keep them.

In this section you will also learn how to do spelling research, use essential software, and more.

This section also covers all aspects of scoping included in the NCRA.

You will also get training on how to market yourself as a scopist.

What’s Inside This Section?

Section 7 is consists of 2 modules and a total of 21 unit lessons. This includes:

Module 1:

  1. The Successful Professional Scopist: Introduction
  2. Starting With a New Client
  3. Basic Marketing
  4. Time Management
  5. Professional Involvement
  6. Ethics
  7. Computer Care/ Troubleshooting
  8. Ergonomics
  9. Hannah’s Helpful Hints: What to Do/What Not to Do
  10. Reporting Terminology Glossary
  11. Bookkeeping and Taxes for Independent Contractors
  12. The Successful Professional Scopist Final Exam

Module 2:

  1. Marketing Authentically on LinkedIn
  2. How to Get Clients — and How to Royally Screw It Up
  3. Social Media Training Videos
  4. IMPORTANT WARNING on Sending Emails to Clients
  5. Marketing Techniques Quiz
  6. 4 Ways to Find Clients
  7. Things to Be Careful About + Importance of Protecting Your Reputation
  8. Building a Website
  9. Commencement

How Much Does Internet Scoping School Cost?


Internet Scoping School is not cheap. It’s a very in-depth course and you should think of it as an investment in your future.

The cost of Internet Scoping School is as follows:

If you DO NOT sign up for Scoping Fundamentals first:

  • $2500.00 one time fee

Or you can use the payment options:

  • $867.00 per month for 3 payments
  • $540.00 per month for 5 payments
  • $350.00 per month for 8 payments
  • $250.00 per month for 12 payments

If you signed up and took the Scoping Fundamentals class first you will get a discount for the $197.00 registration fee:

  • $2303.00 one time fee

Or you can use the payment options:

  • $801.00 per month for 3 payments
  • $500.60 per month for 5 payments
  • $325.38 per month for 8 payments
  • $233.58 per month for 12 payments

There are also pay as you go options. With this you can take individual courses but it’s more expensive than taking the full course.

Here are the prices for the pay as you go options:

  • Advanced Punctuationis $500
  • Notereading is $500
  • Medical Terminology is $400
  • Software Training is $500
  • Transcript Production is $400
  • Practice Files is $500

What Others Are Saying In Their Internet Scoping School Review

The Internet Scoping School website does have several positive testimonials. While this is great, we like to find Internet Scoping School reviews that are not associated with the program.

There is very little information found on Internet Scoping School. There are several websites where bloggers are posting an Internet Scoping School review.

Most of what is there is very positive. Comments left by others posting an Internet Scoping School review are also positive.


The main place we found Internet Scoping School reviews was on FaceBook. At the time of this writing there were 5 reviews and all left a 5 out of 5 star rating.

Our Experience With Internet Scoping School

We joined the Internet Scoping School course so we could evaluate the program for this Internet Scoping School review.

The course is well thought out. Each section and lessons within each section are very easy to understand.

The members area is easy to navigate making it simple to find our way around.

The Actual Course Content

Once inside the course, the content is excellent. It’s very in-depth and will be everything you need to learn to become a scopist.

Every aspect of scoping is covered so by the time you’re done, you will be ready to start your own scoping business.


We could not give their support a 5 star rating. Although they did answer our questions, it took over two days to get an answer.

That said, we followed up again and sent in a question to support and this time they answered within a day. So it does appear you will get help, but it may not be as fast as you would like.


We tested support several more times and their support team answered very quickly. As a result, we changed our rating to 5 out 5 stars.

Our Final Verdict On The Internet Scoping School Training

The more we learn about scoping as a business, the more we like the opportunity.

If you’re someone who has strong word skills, a great vocabulary, and can spot punctuation errors, scoping may be for you.

To learn to be a scopist we have found no better course than Internet Scoping School.

People spend $100,000 or more on a college education. They do this only to come out of school making around the same money you can make as a scopist.

With the potential to make $30,000 to $60,000 or more per year, this is a great investment.


green thumbs up

(Learn more about our rating guidelines.)


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