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Intellishop Review

Intellishop review

We spent several days researching Intellishop to provide this comprehensive Intellishop review. It’s our hope that this Intellishop review will help you make an informed decision. We want you to see whether this company is legit or a scam.

Intellishop review


Intellishop is a mystery shopping company out of Perrysburg Ohio. Ron Welty started Intellishop in 1999.


Intellishop works with clients from 55 different industries including major league baseball teams.

They provide these clients with crucial feedback on customer experience. Mystery shoppers provide this feedback by doing “shops”. These shops can be in real brick and mortar stores, on websites, or even on the phone.

Video Mystery Shopping

Not only do they provide mystery shopping for the companies they contract with, they now even do Video Mystery Shopping. This is mystery shopping but the shopping experience is actually recorded. This provides even better information for their clients.

Once a shopper completes a shop, they will then provide feedback. This feedback will be about their experience with the brand.


Intellishop then collects this information. They compile the information into meaningful reports. These reports then go back to the company that hired them. They also provide actionable steps to help their clients increase customer satisfaction. Intellishop calls this system INSITE REPORTS.


Most people reading this Intellishop review are looking for information on how to work with this company as a mystery shopper. So we will focus the remaining part of this Intellishop review on this.


Once you sign up for Intellishop, if approved, you will get access to their online INSITE SHOPPER area. Here you will manage your account and find and apply for shops.



Finding mystery shops is pretty easy on Intellishop. Once you login to the INSITE SHOPPER area, you can browse the job board and apply for jobs there.

Or you can set up your account so that you’re emailed with shop offers.

There is even a Smartphone app that you can use to see shops when they become available.

Once you apply for a shop and get assigned, you’re assigned a scheduler. You must confirm the shop within 24 hours from your account in the INSITE SHOPPER area. If you do not confirm the shop and it gets cancelled, you may get a cancellation citation. You must email your scheduler to tell them that you cancelled.

There is a due date for every shop you’re assigned. You should complete your shop on our before this due date. Your report is due within 12 hours of the due date.


Intellishop is very strict with their shop guidelines so you should follow them carefully. There are several penalties that can cause a negative impact on your Intellishop account and these are:

Flake Citation

This is a penalty for not completing the shop by the due date or for not notifying the scheduler that the shop could not be performed. This has a negative impact on your record.

Cancel Citation

This is a penalty for cancelling a shop after being assigned.

Incurring these citations can affect whether you get assigned shops so it’s best to follow their guidelines exactly as stated.

Hero Citation

There is one positive citation and this is called a Hero Citation. This shows that a shopper can be counted on to perform timely and accurate jobs.


There is no cost to become a mystery shopper with Intellishop.


It’s clear that you will never make a full time income by being a mystery shopper with Intellishop. However, we were not able to find the exact amount of money you can make for each shop. We tried hard to get good information for this Intellishop review on the amount of money that can be made as a mystery shopper with Intellishop. The most we could find was other Intellishop shoppers saying they were able to make anywhere from $10 to $50 per shop.

We emailed Intellishop support several times to ask them what the average payment per shop is and they never replied to our emails.

What we do know is that if you’re paid $10 to $50 per shop, that’s not much money considering the work involved.


It was impossible to get any feedback from the Intellishop staff. So, we looked to others posting their Intellishop review to get answers. This allowed us to see what former Intellishop users are saying.

To do this we scoured several review websites.

Better Business Bureau:

The Better Business Bureau shows an A rating for Intellishop and six reviews with an overall rating of 3.46 out of 5 stars.

These six reviews all seem to be complaining about the same thing which is that Intellishop did not pay them.

We do see several comments back from Intellishop saying that the reason they were not paid is because they did not adhere to their guidelines.


On the SiteJabber.com website, the Intellishop review had four reviews and an overall one star rating (at the time of this writing). All of the four reviews had one common theme which was that Intellishop does not pay for shops even when guidelines are followed.


Intellishop has a 3.9 out of 5 star rating on FaceBook with 172 reviews (at the time of this writing)

There are many positive Intellishop reviews left by mystery shoppers. However, the negative reviews again seem to have the same theme which is they were not paid by Intellishop.

Reviewers Were Scammed By Others Not Intellishop

We saw several reviewers that said they received a check from Intellishop and then the check bounced leaving them with a negative checking balance.

Intellishop responded saying that they only pay using PayPal and that any payments by check are a scam. In fact, on the BBB website it states:

ATTENTION: BBB has been advised by Intelli-Shop that if you have received a cashier’s check from someone stating they are Intelli-Shop this is a FRAUD. Intelli-Shop NEVER sends checks, they pay their shoppers through PayPal.”

So Intellishop has warned its shoppers about this but it seems that there are still many that fall for this scam.

Another Scam

In fact, we saw one person who left an Intellishop review and they claimed that they had a check sent to them for $1,680. They were then instructed to forward $700 to two different people using Walmart money to money and money gram. Then, when they withdrew money from their account, the original $1,680 check got returned and they lost $1,400 plus NSF fees.

Intellishop responded saying this was a clear scam and that they never send checks.


On the Rip Off Report website there was one person who left and Intellishop review. This was a complaint about Intellishop. They said that Intellishop does not pay and that the company is a scam.


While we have not become a mystery shopper with Intellishop, we have tried to contact the Intellishop support through email several times.

The first time we tried to contact Intellishop we sent an email to:


This email address is found on their website here:


the email bounced back saying:

“Your message couldn’t be delivered to shopperhelpdesk@intelli-shop.com because the remote server is misconfigured. See technical details below for more information.”

This was not a good sign.

Then we completed their contact form here:


and still no response.

We even emailed Michelle Bostater found here:


and still no answer.

So we feel that if we cannot even get a response to a simple email, then how can we ever work with this company?


With this Intellishop review we would love to have been able to fully recommend Intellishop.

We saw were a member of the Intellishop staff replied to a negative comment and stated:

We were recently named one of the “Top Five Companies to Work For” by the shopper community for the second year in a row, and presented with this award at the annual Mystery Shopping Providers Association Shopper Conference.

Now this may be true, but we cannot overlook the many Intellishop mystery shoppers who say they have not been paid as promised. As we said above, this seems to be the major complaint made by former Intellishop users.

Plus, we ourselves could never get a response from the company.

Is Intellishop A Scam?

While we cannot call Intellishop a scam, we also cannot fully recommend this mystery shopping company to our readers.

This may change as we get additional information, but at this time we must give this company YELLOW THUMBS UP. This means if you’re going to work with Intellishop, then you need to be very careful that you follow their guidelines to the letter. If you do this and do not get paid or have any issues, please let us know in the comments below.

Or, if you are using Intellishop as a mystery shopper and have great feedback, please leave that below as well.


yellow thumbs up

(Learn more about our rating guidelines.)

4 thoughts on “Intellishop Review”

  1. I too received a check the end of July for $1850. They wanted me to shop at WalMart buying one item up to $50 and send two money grams totaling $1600. the money grams transaction and the names they wanted me to use was a BIG Red Flag. Plus they harassed me several times a day to see if I had received the packet. I knew if they wanted me to Deposit a check and turn around and send them money this was not legit. Today 08/20/18 I decided I would call the Bank they wrote the check off of because I use to work in the Banking Industry and I have NEVER seen a Check where the check number was the first on the bottom then there were three other set of numbers. (Normal you have the Routing # then the check or account #) Well as I thought, NO SUCH ACCOUNT EXISTS SCAM SCAM SCAM !!! If Someone Sends You a Check and wants You to Deposit it in Your Account then Send Them the Money Bank. IT IS A SCAM and YOU’RE GOING TO LOOSE YOUR A**!

  2. I hadn’t done shops with them in a while until recently. No one from the company even looked at my profile to ensure my email was registered for payment before the shop up to the time of payment which was delayed by about 2 weeks because of it. They didnt try to advance the payment or anything when I needed the money. I may never do shops with them again because of this. The lack of care and attention wasnt there.

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