The internet brings with it the ability to work online. If you want to earn money and be your own boss, you need to look at online business ideas. These are ways to start your own full-time business or even some side gigs to supplement your income. Looking at different internet business ideas will help you to see what is possible so that you can decide which type of business you want to start.

#1 – Bookkeeping

online business ideas

Bookkeepers are an integral part of every small/medium-sized business. Even in this economy, Bookkeeping continues to be in high demand. You maintain the books and can alert the company of any financial issues you find, and even better, advise them.

You can run your bookkeeping business virtually. This means you have the freedom to work from anywhere. You can manage a roster of clients that you provide services for, or you can stick to one large client – it’s up to you and your goals. As a virtual bookkeeper, you can make more than $60/hour.

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#2 – Build and Sell your work

Some of you are more hands-on and like to build things. You 

#3 – Proofreading

Businesses, individuals, and authors all benefit from the services of a good proofreader. You can work from home to go through books, documents, and similar items to look for mistakes. A general proofreader just looks for errors in spelling, punctuation, and grammar. However, you can choose to upgrade your services and also take care of the editing and fact-checking for the documents you proofread too. This helps your clients to complete their documents with one person.

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#4 – Amazon Sales

internet business ideas

Amazon is a website that everyone knows about and shops with. No matter what you need, you can find it on this site. Since it already has significant traffic, it makes sense that it is ideal for your first sales platform. You can sell anything on Amazon. Look for items that you can purchase for low-cost so that you can beat out the competitor’s prices and still turn a profit. If you plan to engage in services, such as Amazon Prime, you need to make sure that the shipping costs do not cut into your profits. Selling small, lightweight items are your best bet for this.

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#5 – Scopist

You can tackle all of the necessary tasks from home when you work as a Scopist. Your clients will send you transcripts and you will go to work editing them. You need to be able to decipher the shorthand that court reporters use for this job. You will be taking the shorthand and essentially fleshing it out so that all of the words are full words. This will make it easier for the judge, attorneys, defendant, and other people involved in the case to review what was said.

To become a Scopist, check out the Internet scoping school.

#6 – Text to Audio translation

#7 – Affiliate Marketing

Dozens of websites provide affiliate opportunities. This helps them to get exposure, so they pay you a percentage of the sales that occur as the result of people using your affiliate code or link. You can sign up to be an affiliate for free. Share your link or code with friends and family. You can also write blogs and social media posts associated with the services or products that the companies sell. Then, insert your code or link so that people can use it to make a purchase.

#8 – Transcription Services

A good transcriptionist can save a company a lot of time and money. You will listen to audio and transform it into text. You just type out exactly what the audio says so that your clients have a hard copy to refer to. There are software options that can make transcription work much easier. You should also have a pedal so that you can easily stop and start the audio you are transcribing without needing to take your hands off of your keyword.

You can learn how to become a transcriptionist by checking out Transcribe Anywhere. You can also read our review of the course.

#9 – Virtual Assistant/Consultant

As a virtual assistant, you will help people to manage their days. You will complete tasks, such as answering emails, scheduling appointments, taking care of travel arrangements, and making sure that your clients are always on top of what they need to do each day. You can focus on one client if they are particularly busy or you can work for multiple clients. Just make sure that you are very organized so that you can keep everything for each individual client in order.

#10 – Become a Youtuber

If you enjoy making videos, you cannot go wrong with starting a YouTube channel. You can do things like review products, talk about current events or provide tutorials. All you need is basic video editing software and you can create videos that are useful for the public. It is best to carve out a niche for yourself so that you can focus on creating a brand. As you get your viewer counts up, you can add some advertisements to your videos so that you can start earning some money.

#11 – Stock Trading

Trading stocks is a way to earn some money from home. You should have strong analytical and mathematical skills for this job. You also need to stay on top of what is happening in the stock market. You can do day trading from home. You need to have a proven track record before you start gaining clients. To do this, you can start working on building your own stock portfolio and working it to prove that you have the necessary skills.

#12 – Tax Preparation


Email Marketing

Email marketing was one of the first marketing types that people used after the internet became popular in American homes. It is still just as successful today and it was back then. You can start an email marketing business where you will draft the emails and the release schedule. You can also help your clients to create email lists so that you have a lot of people to send the emails to for exposure.

You will need an email marketing company that will help to collect and send emails. We suggest GetResponse and Aweber.


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