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What Is a Bookkeeper and Where Can You Find Virtual Bookkeepers

Virtual Bookkeepers

Finding Virtual Bookkeepers for Your Business—What Are Your Options?

What does a bookkeeper do?

A Bookkeeper or Virtual Bookkeeper creates and organizes financial documents for your business. Bookkeeping accounting tracks your expenses and income. When your business starts to grow, so do your core responsibilities. Business owners must be cautious, however, when adopting the mindset of “doing it all” themselves. There’s a point in your business’ development where you’ll need to call in a professional for help.

Adjusting your business to use financial concepts like double-entry bookkeeping is tricky. Bookkeepers, however, keep track of your cash flow through an accurate report of your debits and credits. Accountants provide a similar service as bookkeepers but differ in that they primarily audit. A professional hired for bookkeeping services will, instead, record the daily liquidity of your balance sheets, payroll, and invoices.

Knowing Where to Find Local Bookkeepers

Bookkeepers are easy to hire when you know what you’re looking for. If you’ve wondered how to find someone to do your books, then your business could be ready for exponential growth.

If your revenue increased the moment that keeping track of it got harder, consider staffing an accounting role within your business. Some companies find that their business grows due to fine-tuning their financial reporting. The job market of bookkeepers is competitive, so be ready to schedule interviews to get the right candidates. When you’re looking to hire a financial aide, you’ll want to consider the cost, timing, and investment potential.

Here are some details to consider when accessing a database of bookkeepers.

Bookkeepers Online

If you don’t know where to find someone to do your books, start with the internet. The simplest way for businesses to leverage more financial skills is to outsource for them. Doing books for small businesses is easier with the help of a contractor.

Outsourced bookkeeping/virtual bookkeeping is growing in popularity. The reliability of the internet over the past 30 years has transformed how labor is outsourced remotely. Online, you can start your search for a bookkeeper by deciding how much financial reporting you need. Remote labor is worth considering depending on your needs.

You can find a temporary bookkeeper and even schedule a periodic audit as you need it. The technology of the finance industry is being revolutionized by wireless data. You can find bookkeepers through things like:

  • Referrals: Technologies that use your contacts to find suggested referrals are plentiful.
  • Job listings: Use software that enables you to post your job offers to find professionals.
  • Bookkeeper networks: You should also be able to find professionals by searching their profiles, using a database of bookkeepers to browse through.

Online and Virtual Bookkeepers

The terms “online and virtual” mean roughly the same thing when it comes to remote bookkeepers. Businesses now consider virtual bookkeeping over in-house bookkeepers. With the internet, businesses can reduce payroll costs. Due to their accessibility, online bookkeepers have lower fees. Keeping an accounting expert on your staff, though it might be costly, is based on your needs. Temporary services in accounting can be used on a per-project basis.

Here’s a better look at offline and online roles:

  • Offline: Traditionally, bookkeepers create financial records that can be organized and then stored away. Storage and labor costs can be high, though, when you’re using physical shelves and open spaces.
  • Online: Not only are online professionals less costly to hire, but you also get an entire world of talent to access when using the internet as a search tool.

Bookkeeping Accounting—Bookkeeping Solutions and Software

You don’t need an accountant if you want to use the latest software in bookkeeping. You don’t even need a bookkeeper to handle your software. Just know, though, that your business will fail to find highly competitive insights without digitally monitoring your cash flow. Bookkeepers put every segment of your business’s finances in proper order. From measuring cash flows to compiling that data, bookkeepers rely on software to perfect their bookkeeping accounting.

Look for bookkeepers who have competency using one of the following programs:

  • Intuit Quickbooks: One of the best bookkeeping software for small businesses
  • GoDaddy Bookkeeping: Double-entry bookkeeping is a key feature tied into the accounting software of GoDaddy.
  • FreshBooks: An accounting professional who knows FreshBooks has the potential to automate your financial reporting.
  • OnPay: Your bookkeeper can track your payroll with services like OnPay.

Final Factors in Finding Your Virtual Bookkeepers

Your choice to hire a bookkeeper is based on the level of growth in your business. Professionals in finance are worth hiring when their fees don’t hurt your profitability.

Services that can’t maintain your financial balances or that increase them are liabilities. Selecting the right financial help requires you to know where your business needs to grow. If keeping better tabs on your cash flow is your goal, then a bookkeeper can reveal where you’re losing or where you could be making money.

Here are some more factors to consider when making your choice:

  • Flexibility for small businesses: Find individuals and agencies that are focused on helping small bankrolls. You can use the same bookkeeper for your small budget as you can with a larger one.
  • Personal traits and agency missions: Financial philosophy is something we rate financial professionals on. Sure, a bookkeeper must know the basics, but they should also have a perspective that inspires your financial outlook.
  • Upgradeable technology: Bookkeeping services are most flexible when they’re wireless. Internet use and the signals it brings, however, require us to constantly “upgrade.” Be sure that your financial professionals are adapted to the financial technology of the modern world.

A Sure Step Toward Finding the Right Candidate

Now that you know what a bookkeeper does, we can help you simplify your search for a bookkeeper or Virtual Bookkeepers.

Outsourced bookkeeping is at its best when you have access to trained candidates. Achieve success by remotely accessing a diverse group of financial skills. Contact us for more information.


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