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Create A Profitable Online Store Course Review

Create a Profitable Online Store Review


Create a Profitable Online Store


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Steve Chou


Chou is a Stanford-trained electrical engineer who was making a six-figure salary in his field, and who also harbored an inner desire to own his own business. When Chou’s wife, who was also a six-figure salary earner, got pregnant with the couple’s first child, both wanted her to be able to stay home with their baby. However, they also felt that it was necessary to replace her income through some type of business she could run from home. They began to explore the idea of starting an online store, and within a short time, they opened up a wedding linens retail business. It only took a year for that business to reach a profit of over $100,000. Chou went on to start a blog, MyWifeQuitHerJob.com, which, today, is one of the top 100 business blogs on the Internet. He also went on to develop the Create a Profitable Online Store course based on his own successful business model and philosophy.


Create a Profitable Online Store is a comprehensive course teaching users how to launch and operate an online store from the ground up. The course, which costs $1,297, is marketed toward the average person, and its creator claims that one need not have a business degree, selling experience or Website design or computer tech skills to understand and benefit from the course material. Instead, the course teaches all of this, along with numerous other aspects of selling online. The course is delivered in a 15-module manual that is available for PDF download upon payment of tuition. (There is no payment plan available.) The fee also includes lifetime access to a library of hundreds of video tutorials on a variety of related subjects, interviews and webinars with experts in the field of selling online and related topics, a member’s forum for sharing tips and ideas, ongoing expert support and a variety of spreadsheets, worksheets and questionnaires.


The home page of the Create a Profitable Online Store website reads like the script of an infomercial. It is long on information and rife with testimonials of people who have opened their own successful online stores thanks to what they learned from this course. Although long, the home page contains a lot of insightful and important information about what the course has to offer. It is worth reading through in its entirety, especially if you are at all serious about taking this or some other course on a similar subject.

Unlike a lot of business courses available through online sources, which provide scant, vague information as to the actual content of the course, Create a Profitable Online Store tells potential users exactly what they will learn. In fact, it manages to do so in a manner that inspires confidence in the product without giving away so much detail as to make paying the tuition fee and taking the actual course unnecessary.

The main component of the Create a Profitable Online Store course is a 15-module manual. The modules dwell on topics such as how to find a profitable niche, how to source products at the lowest cost from legitimate wholesalers, how to create sales funnels, how and where to advertise your store, the legalities of owning and operating an online store, and many other subjects crucial to a user’s success.

Each module contains multiple shorter lessons on a wide range of topics related to launching and maintaining an online retail store. Lessons have been written in layman’s terminology so that anyone, even those with no related experience, will know how to access all of the materials and services required to create and grow their online store. This includes aspects such as how to create a Website in minutes without any design experience, how to find credible and legitimate wholesalers, how and where to advertise online in order to effectively drive traffic to your online store, how to make your business legal and many other related topics.

This course deals strictly with starting your own independent online store using a dedicated e-commerce Website but does offer some instruction to teach users how to sell on Amazon. However, the course has been created and designed on the premise that selling products on your own, dedicated website is easier, less costly and offers a greater chance for online retail success and potential profit.

Most of the concrete information available in the Create a Profitable Online Store is available online and in other print sources for free, or at least very cheap. However, Create a Profitable Online Store provides all of this critical information in a single place. Were someone with little or no understanding of how to start on online store to try to find all of this information without paying for it, it would be very cumbersome and time-consuming to sift through all of the info available. Plus, there is a great deal of conflicting and misleading information available on the Web, and someone with little experience would likely have trouble distinguishing what is actually true or “best practice” and what is hype, fluff or outright scam. (In other words, it’s like taking repeated shots in the dark while blindfolded and hoping for the best, versus aiming at a clear and visible target and hitting it with the first shot.)

In addition to accurate and trustworthy concrete information, it is also filled with advice from experts who have been there and know the subject from personal experience. Although users certainly do not have to follow such advice to the letter, it comes from reputable sources and its value is much easier to discern than by comparing all of the advice (much of it conflicting) that is available for free on the Internet.

On the Create a Profitable Online Store sales page it states that there are 11 myths of business ownership. These myths are then busted as you read through the sales page as Steve shows how others have been successful with his course.

We feel that this is one of the more comprehensive courses available on the subject of starting an online retail business. It covers just about every detail crucial to your potential success. The course is by no means cheap, but for the value it provides per dollar spent, we believe this is a worthwhile course for anyone who is serious about starting an online store, or for those who already operate an online store but are struggling with the business or technical aspects of the venture and not making the kind of profit they would like. (You may even be able to write off all or a portion of the cost of the course as a business expense.) It also has a great deal of value-added benefits, like its online community forum and extensive video library, among others, which we think makes the Create a Profitable Online Store one of the higher quality courses available on the subject of e-selling.

Not 100 percent sure you want to hand over $1297 to some guy on the Internet? Steve Chou, the course’s creator, also created a six-day “mini course” on the subject of starting an online business called Create a Niche Online Store in Five Easy Steps. It’s a smaller, less comprehensive version of Create a Profitable Online Store and it’s free. It is, in and of itself, full of excellent ideas and practical advice, and will probably give you a good idea as to whether or not the actual, full course is something you want to pursue.


We reached out to the support team for this course to see how long it would take for them to respond. We sent an email from their contact page at 8:00 am EST on March 15, 2017 and received a response within minutes! This is a good sign that Steve will be there to help you as you take the course.


The ProfitableOnlineStore.com website has several positive testimonials from satisfied former students, all of whom went on to launch some type of online business afterward. Of course, it stands to reason that the Profitable Online Store might be biased toward publishing only the most impressive user reviews and success stories, so we checked the rest of the Web for other reviews. Fortunately, there are numerous reviews on the Web, although many of them come from people (particularly business bloggers) who have not actually taken the course themselves. However, it was very hard to find reviews that were negative or any former students who were dissatisfied with the course or the value that they received for the cost of the course.


We give this course a BIG ORANGE THUMBS UP! It’s one of the best most comprehensive courses on the subject of creating an online store we have seen. Steve offers a No Questions Asked 30 Day Money Back Guarantee as is shown in the screenshot taken from their sales page below:

Create a Profitable Online Store Review

Their refund policy states:

If you decide that Create A Profitable Online Store wasn’t the right investment for you, you’re entitled to a full refund within 30 days after your purchase. Simply send an email to steve@profitableonlinestore.com.

So you can feel good that they will back up their guarantee.


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  1. I personally try to ask simple questions from profitable online store contact page but did not receive any reply after many days. Another review about him from other people is that his email support system is poor. So, I don’t agree he responded within minutes.

    1. Hey Carren

      I get between 100-400 emails per day on my regular email. All students get a dedicated email address for correspondence and I respond within 24-48 hours

  2. Hi Carren:

    I am sorry to hear that you did not get a response faster. I know I received a response very quickly. Maybe they were just busy the day you tried to contact them. What email address did they respond from? I emailed: steve@mywifequitherjob.com. The good thing is that they responded as some people never respond.

    Thank you,

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