Bookkeeper Business Launch Review

Bookkeeper Launch is going through an update of the course – Our most recent 2020 review of this course can be found >>HERE<<

Bookkeeper Launch, previously known as Bookkeeper Business Launch, is a course that teaches you the fundamentals of bookkeeping and how to build a business earning over $60 per hour as a virtual bookkeeper. Is it a scam? Is it worth it?  We explore these with our in-depth Bookkeeper Launch reviews.

Bookkeeper Business Launch


What Is Bookkeeper Business Launch?

Ben Robinson started the Bookkeeper Business Launch program. Ben is a former CPA and owner of a CPA firm.

According to his website, that he has helped 4,096 people start their own bookkeeping business since 2001.

From what we could find for this Bookkeeper Business Launch review, he started the Bookkeeper Business Launch, LLC program on July 23, 2015. Ben taught people how to start a bookkeeping business even before he started this program.

How Does The Bookkeeper Business Launch Program Work?

The Bookkeeper Business Launch website is not voluminous with information. There’s a video and some info about the free classes offered.

You will need to enter your email address to get access to the free classes.

Bookkeeper Business Launch review

Bookkeeper Business Launch Free Class 1:

Once you enter your name and email address, you are taken to a page where you get access to the first free course.

Bookkeeper Business Launch course

You can see that you will gain access to the first free course. There are also three more free courses, but each of those says “coming soon”.

At the end of each video, you can access the next video in the series.

This first part of the free course is a 19-minute 45-second video.

Not In-Depth Training For This Part Of The Free Courses

It becomes very clear, these first four free video classes are to introduce you to the world of bookkeeping. They are not meant to be anything more than that. Ben says these four video classes will be to show you the perks and the perils of starting a bookkeeping business.

In this first free course, Ben goes over the income potential of being a bookkeeper.

He also talks about what a bookkeeper actually does. To do this he uses an acronym called G.R.A.B. This acronym means:

  • Gathering facts
  • Reporting
  • Analyze
  • Be there for your client

Then, Ben focuses on the 7 personality traits that a bookkeeper should have. These are:

  1. Personable
  2. Pay attention to the little things
  3. Ability to handle multiple projects
  4. Organized
  5. Hard worker
  6. Difference maker
  7. Positive outlook

In the last part of video one, Ben covers the income potential of being a bookkeeper.

Bookkeeper Business Launch Free Class 2:

In the second free lesson, you will learn about the tools and technology needed to operate a bookkeeping business.

It also covers the startup and ongoing cost of running a bookkeeping business.

Bookkeeper Business Launch Free Class 3:

In the third free lesson, you will get information on how to get quality bookkeeping clients.

Bookkeeper Business Launch Free Class 4:

The fourth part of the free lessons is not really a lesson at all. This video talks about how to get started in the actual course and allows you to sign up for the full course.

At the end of this video, you will see the GET STARTED BUTTON.

Bookkeeper Business Launch

Click this button to see the cost and to get started.

What is the difference between Bookkeeper Launch Pro vs. Bookkeeper Launch Premiere vs. Bookkeeper Team?

There are 3 versions of Bookkeeper Launch (Pro, Premiere, and Team.) See differences below

  • Bookkeeper Launch Pro

    • How to Start, register, and set up your business with tax structures
    • Bookkeeping foundation elements
    • How to attract high-quality clients and earn more
    • Systems and processes for your business including templates to help you be efficient
    • How to build your business
    • How to price your service
    • How to market your business

Bookkeeper Launch Pro also comes with

    • Unlimited email support
    • Live weekly Q&A with instructors for help on running your business
    • Private Facebook support group with thousands of students
    • Help on additional high-value services you can offer (related to attaining those high-quality clients)
    • Recordings of the tips and tricks/things to avoid
    • Lifetime access to the course (including all future updates to the course)
  • Bookkeeper Launch Premier

    • Includes everything Bookkeeper Pro
    • 8 Group Coaching sessions led by successful online bookkeepers

Bookkeeper Launch Premier offers you an even more streamlined path to success.

  • Bookkeeper Launch Team

    • Includes everything in Bookkeeper Launch Premier
    • Elite members-only community access
    • Two knowledge licenses (to allow your employees to use so they know how your business operates)
    • Inbound marketing and sales and people and process management (in addition to the systems and processes already included in Pro.

Bookkeeper Launch Team facilitates you hiring virtual bookkeepers to grow your business

What Is The Cost Of The Bookkeeper Business Launch Course?

There are three versions of the Bookkeeper Launch Course:

  • Bookkeeper Launch Pro

    • Payment Options:
      • One-time payment of $1,999
      • 12 Payments of $199 each
  • Bookkeeper Launch Premiere

    • Payment Options:
      • One-time payment of $2,999
      • 12 Payments of $299 each
  • Bookkeeper Launch Team

    • Payment Options:
      • One-time payment of $4,999
      • 12 Payments of $499 each

All versions come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

*Does Bookkeeper Launch have discounts for Military?

Yes, BL does have a 30% discount off the prices above for ACTIVE military/or SPOUSE and RETIRED military/or SPOUSE.

To prove their eligibility, a copy of orders must be supplied for ACTIVE, or DD214 (retired)

*If you served a stint (4, 5, 10 years, etc.) and are now discharged, you do NOT qualify.


What Other Are Saying Who Have Posted Bookkeeper Business Launch Reviews

Our goal is to provide an in-depth Bookkeeper Business Launch review. To do this, we scoured the internet to see what others say about this program.

Better Business Bureau

The first place we explored was the Better Business Bureau. At the time of the writing of this Bookkeeper Business Launch review, they had an “A+” rating with the BBB.

The BBB also showed that Bookkeeper Business Launch, LLC had a 5 out of 5-star rating. This is an excellent rating. 413 customers had left a Bookkeeper Business Launch review! This is a large number of customer reviews. Enough customers posted a review for us to form an overview of the company’s performance.


We then went to the FaceBook page of Bookkeeper Business Launch, LLC.

Their FaceBook page had a total of 212 people that posted a Bookkeeper Business Launch review. The rating was 4.7 out of 5 stars.


Our Experience With Bookkeeper Business Launch

We signed up for the Bookkeeper Business Launch free courses.

Within a few minutes, we received two emails. One email gave us access to the first free course. The second email told us what to expect and when we would receive access to the other free courses.

After we watched each free video, we were given immediate access to the next free course.


Sign Up For Full Course –

Bookkeeper Business Launch

After we signed up for the full course, we had access to the Bookkeeper Business Launch member dashboard.

The Bookkeeper Business Launch course contains 4 main units and 7 additional units. Each unit consists of many different modules. This is a very extensive well thought out course.

What lessons does Bookkeeper Launch teach?

In this Bookkeeper business launch review, we list everything included in each unit. This should help you understand what you will get if you decide to purchase the program.

Unit 1: A Day in the Life

The first unit is called “a day in the life”. In this section, you will learn what it’s like to be a bookkeeper and what you will be doing each day.

Unit 2: Foundational Elements

In unit 2, called “Foundational Elements”, it consists of 3 different modules. Each module covers different topics.

Module 1) Bookkeeping Basics

Bookkeeping basics contains 18 topics:

  1. Study Hacks, Part 1
  2. Study Hacks, Part 2
  3. Foundational Elements Introduction
  4. Assets, Liabilities & Equity
  5. Monopoly Example
  6. QUIZ: Assets, Liabilities & Equity
  7. Accounting Equation Introduction
  8. The Accounting Equation – Scales Demo
  9. Accounting Equation, Examples 1-5
  10. The Accounting Equation, Examples 6-9
  11. QUIZ: Accounting Equation
  12. Accounts and Debits & Credits
  13. Debits & Credits Cheat Sheet
  14. Ledger, Chart of Accounts & Trial Balance
  15. The Ledger, Chart of Accounts & Trial Balance in Xero
  16. QUIZ: Ledger, Chart of Accounts & Trial Balance
  17. Accounting Principles
  18. QUIZ: Accounting Principles
Module 2) Financial Statements, Journals & Ledgers

Financial Statements, Journals & Ledgers contains 17 topics:

  1. Purpose of Financial Statements
  2. Balance Sheet
  3. Income Statement
  4. Statement of Cash Flows
  5. How Financial Statements Fit Together
  6. Bookkeeping Cycle
  7. QUIZ: Financial Statements
  8. The Journal and Posting to the Ledger
  9. The Posting Process Demo
  10. QUIZ: Bookkeeping Cycle
  11. Repetitive Transactions & Special Journals
  12. More On Repetitive Transactions & Subsidiary Ledgers
  13. Cash Journal
  14. QUIZ: Special Journals
  15. Bank Accounts: Methods of Payments & Receipts
  16. Bank Security
  17. Bases of Accounting
Module 3) Ethics & Laws

Ethics & Laws contains 5 topics:

  1. Professional Ethics
  2. Laws & Legislation
  3. Uniform Commercial Code
  4. Business Entities
  5. Contracts: Basic Elements

Unit 3: Building Blocks

The third unit contains 5 different modules. These are shown below:

Module 1) Get Set Up

The Get Set Up module consists of 5 topics:

  1. Building Blocks Introduction
  2. Sign up for Xero
  3. Set Up a Client in Xero
  4. How to Set Up a Client in QuickBooks Online
  5. Import Chart of Accounts in Xero
Module 2) Balance Sheet Assets

The Balance Sheet Assets module contains 34 topics:

  1. Balance Sheet Introduction
  2. Cash Accounts
  3. Bank Feeds Introduction
  4. Automatic Bank Feeds in Xero
  5. Manual Bank Statements in Xero
  6. Automatic Bank Feeds in QuickBooks Online
  7. Record, Classify & Reconcile, Part 1
  8. Part 2 Record, Classify & Reconcile
  9. Bank Reconciliation Resources
  10. Set Up of ABC, LLC
  11. Import Chart of Accounts (COA) for ABC, LLC
  12. Record, Classify & Reconcile – Your Turn, Part 1
  13. Part 2 Record, Classify & Reconcile – Your Turn
  14. Record, Classify & Reconcile – Your Turn, Part 3
  15. Part 4 Record, Classify & Reconcile – Your Turn
  16. Record, Classify & Reconcile – Your Turn, Part 5
  17. Part 6 Record, Classify & Reconcile – Your Turn
  18. Accounts Receivable (A/R)
  19. The Accounts Receivable Demo
  20. Topic Accounts Receivable Associated Accounts
  21. Accounts Receivable – Your Turn, Part 1
  22. More On Accounts Receivable – Your Turn, Part 2
  23. Inventory
  24. The Inventory Demo
  25. Inventory – Your Turn
  26. Prepaid Expenses
  27. The Prepaid Expenses Demo
  28. More Prepaid Expenses – Your Turn
  29. Fixed Assets
  30. The Fixed Assets Demo
  31. Fixed Assets – Your Turn
  32. Intangible Assets
  33. More On Intangible Assets Demo
  34. Other Assets
Module 3) Balance Sheet Liabilities & Equity

The Balance Sheet Liabilities & Equity module is made up of 25 topics:

  1. Liabilities Introduction
  2. Accounts Payable (A/P) Introduction
  3. More Accounts Payable Flow Chart
  4. Entering Bills Demo
  5. Paying Bills Demo
  6. Accounts Payable Associated Accounts
  7. More Accounts Payable – Your Turn
  8. Payroll Liabilities
  9. The Payroll Liabilities Demo
  10. Payroll Liabilities – Your Turn, Part 1
  11. Part 2Payroll Liabilities – Your Turn
  12. Payroll Liabilities – Your Turn, Part 3
  13. Credit Card Liabilities
  14. The Credit Card Liabilities Demo
  15. Credit Card Liabilities – Your Turn
  16. Sales and Use Taxes Payable
  17. The Sales and Use Taxes Payable Demo
  18. Sales and Use Taxes Payable – Your Turn
  19. Other Current Liabilities
  20. Loans
  21. The Loans Demo
  22. Loans – Your Turn
  23. Equity
  24. The Equity Demo
  25. Equity – Your Turn
Module 4) Income Statement

The Income Statement module consists of 9 topics:

  1. Income Statement Introduction
  2. Revenue
  3. The Revenue Demo
  4. Cost of Goods Sold (COGS)
  5. The Cost of Goods Sold Demo
  6. Expenses
  7. The Expenses Demo
  8. Other Income & Expenses
  9. Income Statement – Your Turn
Module 5) Statement of Cash Flows

The Statement of Cash Flows module contains 3 topics:

  1. Statement of Cash Flows (SOCF) Introduction
  2. Cash Flow from Operating Activities
  3. Statement of Cash Flows Demo

Unit 4: Prepare, Review & Present

The fourth unit is made up of 3 modules. These are shown below:

Module 1) Balance Sheet Review

The Balance Sheet Review module consists of 12 topics:

  1. Financial Statements: Prepare, Review & Present Introduction
  2. Monthly Financial Statement Preparation & Closing Checklist
  3. Get Set Up
  4. Cash & Credit Card Accounts
  5. Undeposited Funds
  6. Accounts Receivable
  7. Inventory & Prepaid Expenses
  8. Fixed Assets
  9. Accounts Payable
  10. Payroll, Sales Tax & Other Liabilities
  11. Loans
  12. Equity
Module 2) Income Statement & Statement of Cash Flows Review

The Income Statement & Statement of Cash Flows Review module contains 3 topics:

  1. Revenue & Cost of Goods Sold
  2. Expenses & Other Income
  3. Statement of Cash Flows
Module 3) Present & Close

This last module of unit 4 Present & Close is made up of 3 topics:

  1. Financial Statement Presentation Tips
  2. Prepare Quarterly Financial Statements
  3. Month and Year End Close

Remaining Units

There are six other additional units included in the course. These are:

  1. To Infinity and Beyond consisting of 7 modules
  2. Bookkeeping Practicals containing 4 modules
  3. Business & Marketing made up of 10 modules
  4. Bonus Training which contains 8 modules
  5. Practical & Tactical which is made up of 1 module
  6. Bootcamp Coaching consisting of 3 modules

Customer Support

Their support team answers emails very quickly. We sent out several emails to support, and they responded within a few hours. The responsive support lets you know that they will be there for you should you have any questions.

Other student experiences

Meet Katherine, who struggled to find work. She made $30,000/year working long hours through various short-term gigs. With her husband in graduate school, she needed a more substantial, more consistent source of income.

She took this course and doubled her income within a year and further tripled her income within 2.5 years. This course just works.

There’s also Dave, who, after beating cancer, he and his wife Laurie wanted to build a business that would give them the freedom to spend more time with their family.

Through this course, Dave discovered how to build a virtual bookkeeping course with clients from all over the Country. Within 16 months, Dave and Laurie had a $100,000 business. They take Fridays off and leave work to one side whenever they want to spend time with their young granddaughter.

*Disclaimer: These results are not typical, and you may or may not achieve the same results. Success in a bookkeeping business depends on your willingness to put in the effort, your attention to detail, and various other factors.

Our Bookkeeper Business Launch Review – Final Verdict

As we did our research for this Bookkeeper Business Launch review, we found this to be the best bookkeeping course available.

This course will guide you through absolutely everything you would ever need to know to start a bookkeeping business.

Each unit features in-depth training on everything from bookkeeping basics to business marketing. There is nothing left out in the Bookkeeper Business Launch course.

If you want to start a bookkeeping business, this is the course to teach you how to succeed. Put in the effort and do as instructed, you will do well.

With a 30-day money-back guarantee, you have nothing to lose to see if this is for you. At the very least, try the free courses first.

There are very few opportunities that make us stand up and take notice. This course is one of the few that we can recommend with absolute confidence.  Learn more about this course.


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