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Affiliate Marketing for Beginners: How to Monetize a Blog

affiliate marketing

We’re sure you’ve heard of the affiliate marketing trend that is overcoming all bloggers, vloggers, and other influencers. It seems like anybody who’s somebody is an affiliate marketer. But, how do you become one?

The truth is that it’s not that difficult to become involved in affiliate marketing. If it were hard, not as many people would be doing it.

To learn exactly how to become an affiliate marketer and how this position will grow over time, keep reading. We have everything you need to know.

How to Become an Affiliate Marketer

Before we get into the future outlook and implications of the position, we should discuss how to get your name out there as an affiliate marketer. There are a few great ways to make sure that companies know that you’re interested in affiliate marketing.

We’re going to share some of our best tips for starting your business on the track to affiliate marketing. As we cover this topic, keep in mind that you shouldn’t be too eager to jump in. Make sure that you’re evaluating businesses and their products before you start slapping your name or business’ name everywhere.

1. Start Investigating Businesses You Know and Love

If you’re looking to become an affiliate marketer, you should start with businesses you already know and love. Is there a clothing brand you can’t live without or an online platform that you use every day?

No matter what kind of product or service it is, you should write these business names down. We stress that these should be businesses that you love. Don’t settle for an ‘okay’ business just because you’re desperate for the title ‘affiliate marketer.’

If you work as a creator, you may want to start with the products and services that you use to create.

Be careful with your choices. Becoming an affiliate marketer ties your name to a business. If that business goes underwater, fails, or has another negative turn, you’re going to be associated with it.

2. Contact Businesses You Want to Work With

Once you’ve pinned down your favorite businesses, it’s time to cultivate a relationship. Hopefully, some of the businesses that you’re looking to work with already have an established affiliate program.

For example, we’re sure that you’ve bought some things you love from Amazon. Amazon has an established affiliate program that anyone can join and attach to their current Amazon account. It’s that easy!

Look around at your favorite businesses and see if any of them have easy-to-join programs. If not, you can send them a quick email or direct message concerning the platform on which you want to promote their products.

Most companies are completely open to having affiliate marketers, especially since most affiliate marketers make their money based on how many sales they bring in. If an affiliate marketer doesn’t bring in any sales, it doesn’t hurt the business because that marketer won’t get paid.

3. Start Sharing Your Favorite Products and Services

Once you’ve joined an affiliate program or two (and read all of the terms and conditions), it’s time to start sharing. This is the fun part!

Pick out some of your favorite products and affiliate market away.

Usually, creators will make video or blog ideas around their affiliate products, especially when they first start out. For example, you can create a blog post titled, “Ten Amazon Products You NEED!”

As you’re sharing your favorite products and services, be sure to let your audience know that these are things and platforms that you actually use and enjoy. Your audience should know that you aren’t leading them astray.

Plus, you can use these affiliate relationships to plan a bunch of new content.

Keep in mind that your audience is depending on you for recommendations. Don’t frivolously share random products or you will lose your audience.

How Affiliate Marketing Has Grown Over Time

Affiliate marketing has only been growing over time, especially with the ever-present rise of social media and other online platforms. People look towards influencers to recommend good, quality products. In fact, most young audiences exclusively trust affiliate marketing.

Because affiliate marketing is so personal, a target audience is more likely to go for this team over a paid commercial. Plus, it’s a great home-based business strategy.

The great news is that affiliate marketing is set to continue growing. There isn’t an end in sight for influencers and their affiliate marketing relationships.

This is even better news for those of you who are looking to start affiliate marketing now. You can check these options as well, it isn’t too late!

How COVID-19 Impacts Affiliate Marketing

Fortunately, COVID-19 didn’t seem to strike affiliate marketing negatively. In fact, it may have contributed to the growth that affiliate marketing saw in the past year.

Since people are at home more, they are watching affiliate marketers more and more. This means that they’re seeing more products they want and buying more.

The outlook for affiliate marketing was fuzzy when the pandemic was first announced. It seemed like everything came to a halt. Companies didn’t have the money to pay influencers, and influencers didn’t have the time to promote companies.

However, as both parties have become used to the pandemic, affiliate marketing has continued even stronger than before. With more and more people understanding the importance of online correspondence, spots for affiliate marketers are growing in number.

So, it’s the perfect time for anyone to take on the challenge of affiliate marketing as long as that person is willing to take on the responsibility.

More Than Affiliate Marketing

Congratulations! You’re now an expert on affiliate marketing!

With this knowledge, you can go out and build relationships with your favorite brands. All you have to do is start. Once you jump in, there’s no stopping you. As well as you can check our list of incredible home-based business ideas to boost your earnings.

As you join the world of affiliate marketing, we leave you with one tip: stay authentic. Your authenticity is what will drive you closer to your audience.

If you’re looking for other side-hustle ideas, read our article covering ways to make money during quarantine. You’re bound to turn a profit!

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