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How did we come up with the idea of VETTED OPPS? Why did we name the site with this odd name? Let’s take a brief look at the history of VETTED OPPS and why it has become the go to source for those looking for unbiased information on business opportunities.

Trying to find good unbiased information on business opportunities is almost impossible.

Most online reviews of home based businesses are done by affiliates. Now there is nothing wrong with that. However, it seems the overwhelming majority of people reviewing home business opportunities are only trying to make money by getting an affiliate referral. They’re not really concerned with the truth.

Many times these reviewers will give positive reviews on programs that should never be promoted at all. So we saw a huge need for good, honest, unbiased information on money making and business opportunities. That’s when we decided to start VETTED OPPS.

Every review you see here on VETTED OPPS is unbiased. We vet each opportunity very thoroughly which means you can be assured you are getting honest reliable feedback.


The name VETTED OPPS was chosen because we wanted everyone that visited this website to know that every review posted has been thoroughly researched.

VETTED: make a careful and critical examination of (something).
OPPS: a business or money making opportunity.

Hence the name VETTED OPPS.


​Since our launch several years ago, we have become more than just a business review site. We have expanded to include small business guides​ on Bitcoin, paid surveys, ​private label, and even a guide on how to get rich.

​If you’re not sure what business you’re interested in, we have the largest list of business ideas online.

If you know your strengths and passions, we have our list of best businesses to start at home which will help you find the perfect business for you.


All business reviews you see on the site are totally unbiased. This means you can trust our recommendations.

For the opportunities we believe are the very best, we may participate in that particular opportunity’s affiliate program. This means we may make a commission for referring you.

While we would certainly like you to ultimately sign up for one of these programs, we have no bias towards which opportunity you choose or if you choose none. Our main goal is to provide you, our reader, the very best unbiased home based business reviews.

I hope that this site will help each of you find the perfect opportunity to make your dreams come true. Please take a moment to contact us to let us know how you progress with the venture you choose to pursue.

All the best…



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